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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Digi-Ranger Blog 1 year anniversary

Hello everyone and today June 21 2014 marks the 1 year anniversary I created this blog and first off I apologue that I been negating my blog for like almost a week now but I had to go and do some family business but I am now back and I will continue the rest of the things I planed I said I do. Your probably wondering "what do you have planed for this 1 year anniversary post?" well I am glad to answer that, I am basically going to give a little review/ recap of what has happen over the year since I have first done my blog.

Figuart releases
here's a funny story when I created my blog their was like no news that week so I decide to do a post on the current S.H. Figuart that was release at the time S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Armored Red Ranger which is honestly not my most favorite post I ever done but hey I was still a nub at the time. I've gotten better with my S.H. Figuarts posts like this is how I do a modern S.H. Figuarts post first senses I talk about what the toy is and the price it has, 2nd senses I give a back story and some personal option about the Figuart being release, and 3rd senses I just say what it comes with and give out a bad ending because I have always sucked at ending.

my first review I did was Kamen Rider Black review (which was also my first Showa Era rider show I watch) and its not what I call my greatest review ever, and also believe it or not but I used to review shows without giving away spoilers, it's hard to imagine hat now. My reviews are broken up into 7 sections and they are all self explain the overview giving details about the show, the show which is the review itself, the charters giving my the growth of the charters and how they are, the music and what I thought of that, the good and the bad which are self explain, and the final verdict giving my final score of the show. Now for something like the Prodigious Award Seal of Approval™ that is a special award for a show if it is really good or is fantastic in every way. While my reviews may be long I feel that how I accomplished a review if that makes sense (if you want to know how I got my ideas for reviewing here is the link And when Digimon Fusion Dub started airing I began reviewing that and when I review a movie coming up soon on this blog. And also toy reviews and just things I have to do on this blog and their not my best written posts in my option but I am sure some people likes them. Also because of my reviews I was able to create my Youtube channel (Subscribe here

The Screen of Death
for almost a year their has been this screen that has piped upped and has been on my blogged for almost half a year, your probably wondering how did that happen? I can give a simple explanation for that for I did not know your phone kept extra pictures from your blog to your phone and when I tried to delete them on my phone it deleted on my blog. the screen of death dose no longer excites anywhere on my blog anymore so that is a pulse and also sorry it took so long to do.

well that is all I have to do for this my 1 year anniversary post but this is something I am glad to do and hope your all happy with this and here's to another year of me doing this blog.

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