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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Power Rangers Dino Charge and more Super Megaforce toys

Some time ago thanks to @razzle1337we have some new images of Dino Charge toys and some more Power Rangers  Super Megaforce toys. First the 10" figures 6 pack (which looks a bit weird in the arm area) but instead of Kyoryu Gold we have the Kyoryuger villain Dogold which makes sence and it might be next year, also the 6 pack will have an exclusive weapon the Kentrospiker, also an mask for the training set. For Super Megaforce we have Ultimate Legendary Megazord which has the Legendary Megazord, the Q-Rex megazord, and finally the Turbo Falcon all in an 3 pack. And the final thing that was announce was the Legendary Morpher with the 20 ranger keys, originally it could have been the Morpher with all red keys bu it have an set with all main rangers of Mighty Morphin, Samurai, Megaforce, and Super Megaforce. Lots of new stuff to come latter this year and SDCC will be here soon. 

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