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Friday, October 10, 2014

Kamen Rider Den-O Den-O Belt (Super Best Henshin Belt Ver.) Review/ Demo

It has been a long time since I have done a review on something and I have a new review/ demo this time and this is my first none Digimon review. This is the Kamen Rider Den-O belt from Kamen Rider Den-O and yes this is the super best Henshin version and not the original one but since they are the same this is still the same belt release in 2007 just with a different box that is more how Kamen Rider belt boxes look like today and some more cards, anyway enough of me rambling on let’s get into the review.
 The Den-O Belt comes in a total of 4 pieces + the cards, this is a type 2 belt  where the only 1 side of the belt comes off and the other side and also a back clip for the belt to cover up the belt and make the belt more secure and it comes with the Rider Pass. 
(Fun fact this is the same belt that the Decadriver has from Kamen Rider Decade)
Here are the 5 cards that the belt comes with the blank card, Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, and finally Ryotaro with them having the correct card that was on the show. And all of them have the same back with all of it being glorious (but on the Super Best Ver. it says Bandai 2013). All of the cards have a reflective and shiny folly pattern on them.


The Rider Pass is a black Brick that is model after a ticket holder that house your ticket (ironically is the ToQGer belt would be the same thing) this is where you can put the blank (or any of the 5) cards in to make it look how it does in the show and then flip it over where these translucent clips clip it tougher and you can see their is a big slot where that window goes well that is where you slide in and out the card.
Now the belt itself and the belt looks rather simple looking belt compare to what happen last year with Kamen Rider Kabuto and the ear after Kamen Rider Kiva, this thing looks like a square on top of a rectangle. on the right side of the belt it have 4 buttons for the different forms Sword, Rod, Axe, and gun, and as you can see right next to it is a type of caution sign (I thought it was like the Den-liner train if you look it at a front view), the left side has a small red arrow to clip into the belt and a bigger arrow in blue with glorious metallic blue paint. In the middle is Den-O logo which I do not know what it means (If you people know what Den-O logo means tell me) in a shiny chrome plastic it's not diecast that can also come off to put the Kairos phone, and a clear LED light that looks like a shatter mirror effect and on top of the Den-O belt it says Den-O Den-O System and the on/ off switch.
Now how this works is that you first do is push one of the 4 Buttons the right side then put the Rider Pass in the middle of the belt (or any magnate should work fine, this is a very similar thing that the OOO's Driver would use later on) and if you press the red button it says Sword Form blue is Rod, yellow is Axe and Purple is Gun (purple is both red and blue combine so in person you can see red in the LED and in some of my photos/ Video it looks like blue). but that is all it says because of the fact after it says the sounds it has the same noises for all of them and when you put the pass on the belt a 2nd time it says "Full Charge" and has the same noises for all of them.

Demo Video
Should you buy this?
I say yes you should buy this and I recommend the Super Best Henshin Belt Version more over the original release. this would be the end of an era for Rider belts (and to extent Sentai Changers see the Geki Changer from GekiRangers with Den-O and then see the Go Phone form Go-Ongers) and the Gimmick would be added for the belt itself, this is a simple belt that i not in a bad way and is an overall nice toys and I do recommend it the Super Best Henshin Belt Version more because you can get easier, come with a few more cards and cheaper on the aftermarket.
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