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Monday, June 29, 2015

Kamen rider Blade Review 2

The Charters
I'm saying this now because this is the truth all the charters in week in the charter development like all of um.
Kenzaki/ Kamen Rider Blade: Kenzaki does not get any development what so ever until like almost at the end of the show. All that we do get in the beginning he is your generic nice guy that protecting everyone because that is his job, and when he was a kid his parents and sworn to protect others and that is about it for Kenzaki for the development department till almost the end. When Kenzaki does get development is just again not much (not even really that much on his charter on the Kamen Rider Wiki). And since he is not even a Badass like Carter Grayson from Power Rangers Lightspeed rescue (in face he gets his ass kicked a lot in the beginning) then it is even more not alright that he has not charter development. But his shining moment was from him Turing into a joker and giving up his life for the sake of others and so that another man who has always been an undead can live with humans now.  And just by default that makes him my favorite Rider, and also more reason as we go on in this list. 
Tachibana/ Kamen Rider Garren:  Tachibana is an asshole and a bigger DUMBASS most of the beginning of the show is about. Most of his struggles because he is scared of becoming a Rider (which I said already was the belt itself) and also his lover who sadly die very early on. BUT here’s the thing Tachibana is tricked by members of B.O.A.R.D. and it get old that he keeps not learning so that just makes him really, really, really Dumb in the process. And he always betrays his friends at the drop of the hat just to work for B.O.A.R.D.  Do you see why people sourta stopped at the beginning of the show when it is about this guy? But hey he get better as the show goes on he is better and he also dies offer to help Mutsuki before he back stabs him, we will get to that soon.
Hajime/ Kamen Rider chalice/ The Joker Undead: Hajime is another asshole as well sadly but he is the 2nd best charter (in my option) in the show. He began out life as a loner and not being partner with the other Riders and doing this all for the family he killed for and this is his way of making up for that. He is unique for also being a Undead a monster of the show which people have called him a cold blooded killer in the show and just a monster (and that is coming from the monster of the show). But he does solowly become more human and good near the end and that is a real good thing for him and he has had earned it. And again he is a monster just the appearance of a human.
Mutsuki/ Kamen Rider Leangle: Mutsuki is the biggest Dick out of all the 4 Riders. I'm not the only one that also hate this little ass, as a Kid he was abducted and then stuffed into a closet and he has had still have never gotten over this. HECK in the beginning you actual start to like this guy since when he starts becoming brave he decides to use he powers for good and protect people and their smiles. but once he is controlled by the spider he stats becoming a DUCH, he pretty much treats people like crap, he keeps saying he is the best there is. BUT HE IS NOT, he raptly keeps getting his ass kicked by everyone. he starts becoming a bit better once he is no longer controlled by the Category Ace Undead but I lost respect for him when he decide to slap his woman.
Supporting charters: all of the other charters just felt well just kinda there, none of them had any really that much of an impact on everyone the other Riders and just there to basically fill in the charters for the show, disagree with me if you want I completely understand.

The Music
I know I don't talk mostly about the insert songs but the insert songs were really bland, one song sounded that it was from star wars (Hologram/Binary Sunset sounded a real lot like one of the insert songs). Then that brings us to the normal music and it is good for the most part. Blade is the only Rider series to do 2 Openings, the first opening I'm not a fan of, the beet for me is just not all that fawn of, same for tempo, I'll give the opening this it has a lot more piano in it which I do consider it nice. And I know I do not normally not talk about the opening sequence but they are just doing nothing and all just looking like 1 big advertisements for the show. Now for the 2nd opening Elements is really very better, starts off slow and then a up road with a very consisted flowing beet. It is otherwise just more fun to here this then the first opening, and also the opening scenes are better too even tho a bunch of charters give a the other songs are used in not a good timing, both Jack's form and King's form are used a few episodes early and hell some of them are not even used in an action scene all tougher, they used Jacks form just riding a bike which reminds me of Ryuki all over again. But the normal songs are all good and catchy and a delight to here. Digital Ranger Jukebox recommendations: Rebirth moves at a very fast paste, good vocals and has this weird sound in it but helps the song.

The Good
The Card Powers
I really enjoyed on how the power of the cards is used here then Ryuki in Ryuki you just got weapons and sometimes a nifty effect, but here it is all on effects and how the rider uses their skills. It’s cool that all the Riders can use all the other cards as well and also 1 card can be slected for a weapon attack, punches and kicks, and you can even combine other attacks as well, it is a shame that we did not see a lot but what we did see was really cool. Even the bikes can use the cards power which is awesome.

Hajime struggles
The struggles for this guy is real, it was a big high light of the show. A man who has always been Undead and starts living with humans and also slowly becoming a human I think is good. I know at a few times he came off a bit Emo at times but it is understandable. And again with that ending.

The Undead
I really love the Undead I cannot say that enough. The Undead are cool since they are all savages and pretty fight everything to make sure they win, and a lot of them are smart too with some forming alliances, some stay in the back ground to let others fight and they can be the last ones to fight, or even just wanting to rampage. And I even loved how they were release just a guy trying to bring back his love one.
The Final Form Use in the show
The Use on how the Final forms for both Blade and Chalice are done rather. how they are used in the show is cool with Kenzaki using his final form which then creates a domino effect of Hajimai then being turned into his Joker form again and him getting his final form and Kenzaki is slowly becoming a Joker in the process, it is good that final forms have a bit of consequences when using them I'm really glad to see that.

The Ending
the ending is just well... just I really have to say is just...

The Bad
The Directing
O GOOD GOD THE DIRECTING IS just atrocious. I know I have been harping on the directing in the whole review but that only because it is all of it is just bad. I mean even in some shots there is no light until one of the Riders Henshin. I was able to tolerate the Directing in Ryuki but here it gets no excuse what so ever. It just sucks and to flashy. The worst it got was episode 7 where you could not see any of the riders. In fact the camera work is so bad it is almost seizure levels of bad.

Everyone Not Working Tougher
It took till almost all of the Riders to work tougher and that is a real big letdown even more when you consider that IN H+THE 2ND OPENING ALL 4 RIDERS ARE TOUGHER AND PUTTING THEIR HANDS LIKE THEY ARE ALL BUDDIES! But at lease all 4 did work tougher at one point instead of making them all not and a lot killed early on. 

The Gray area
The Riders Arcs
I have nothing wrong at all with the Idea of all the Riders having their own arch in the whole show but there are 2 big problems with this. 1. Only Kenzaki is the good rider you care about and he does not get any charter development till episode 30. And 2. All the other Riders are ass holes; I do mean that like Kenzaki is the only good charter to care about, cloest 2nd you get is Hajimai, and the other 2 you did not give a crap about. But the Idea of this is a really good each charter get their own arc in the show  here, maybe this idea could have been better in a different show and in a different media?

Final Verdict
this show is really good and that's all I have to say

Digital- Ranger Favorite Rider list
I put Blade on a very high spot on my favorite Rider list because I thought this was just good over all, Sure it had a lot of flaws but did also do a lot of good in the show as well and again that ENDING. Blade is a Kamen Rider show I feel like more people should watch and should be more talked about. True the main charter does have no development till almost the end of the show and everyone else is kinda of an asshole but looking bypass the flaws theirs a lot of good here. I do recommend it for all who have not seen it and also this is not a bad start into Kamen Rider if you want to get into the franchise.

Now I must all inform you all on something, I have had recently graduated from High school and starting college and so I will be taking a brake form reviewing and also this blog because I have had not a vacation and need it and more Life things are going to happen in my life as well, so sorry but I'm taking all of July off I will of course still up load things on the bold of course. But come back in August for that is when I review mirror Sentai time ranger, YES the Sentai EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE AND CAN NOTSEE IT, and I have connections to see it.