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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge Dino Drive Mode + extras

Sources from @nightmere10 on Twitter
Because of the DUMBASSERY (is DUMBASSERY even a real word?) that is Nickelodeon Dino Charge will not come back until flipping AUG, the time for me ranting on Nickelodeon will come soon when I review Samurai/ Super Samurai (because my overview will be me doing nothing but me ranting about Nickelodeon and them being the most dumbest thing ever since Takaharu from Ninninger), well anyways speaking of Samurai  the Dino Charge Drive mode are just like Samurai with the battle armor in the Megazords, which I heavily do not like both in Samurai and here as well. what could have been an awesome power up in the show is just reduce to Megazord footage only, and that is pretty week just to sell toys (I know that is the point of the show to sell toys but they did this already and it was a thing people complained about in Samurai). design wise OK not that impressive with it but it is just OK, it's just not my thing is just saying. Ok enough negative from me time for some positive things to come from my mouth let's talk about a ranger team up that is happening. as of now it is not been like announce if it is the Dino Charge Rangers with the Mega Force team or  ALL 3 Dino Rangers doing the crossover, it will be good regardless just for the fact that Judd Lynn as the writer and already in just 8 episodes Judd Lynn has made those episodes better then the last 4 years of the Neo Saban Era so already I can tell it will do good.

And in the extras part of this post we have some very nice sketches on a lot of the Dino Charge things like Sledge ship, the Dino Café and more here as well. new things listed here and some old things listed here but still cool Dino Charge things none the less. 
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