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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Otaku Sentai Digiranger 5 year anniversary

Hello, Everyone Digital-Ranger here or I guess The Teal Draco here doing a different Blog Post, a more personal Blog Post. Now today marks the 5-year anniversary of when my friends made The Digimon fans unite Facebook Group/ Otaku Sentai Digiranger YouTube Channel and for me about 4 years since I was first introduced to my best friend I have. This Blog Post will be about me going through The origins of how I first meet my best friends and a little of my experience with them. If you want to know how they form the Facebook/ YouTube Channel then please check this video.

During the summer of 2013 which had me going from Sophomore to Junior in High School, Pacific Rim Came out and being awesome, me creating this blog, and most important Nicktoons reairing Digimon Adventure episodes to hype up Digimon Fusion. At that point in time Digimon was that 1 show from my childhood that I haven't revisited since Data Squad in 2008. SO... I decided to revisit Digimon Adventure and my mind was BLOW AWAY! Like I was surprised by just how amazing this show holds up and how much this show got away with (especially back then in 1999). I was immediately hooked on Digimon and I knew I wanted more.

I decided to rewatch every single season of Digimon and after that, I decided to see some reviews, however searching for Digimon reviews on YouTube proved to be difficult with Savers being the most difficult of them all to find. But after a perilous search, I finally found a review for Digimon Savers from a guy named Ketchup Blogs on YouTube. Now he reviewed just about every single season of Digimon, except for Digimon Hunters which I thusly search for next. By some miracle, there is 1 review of Digimon Hunters and that is how I discovered the Digimon Fans Unite Group (which was later renamed to Otaku Sentai Digirangers). And what surprised me, even more, is that I found out is that it had that Blogs guy I talked about from before.

Now, these guys also had a Facebook Group which I actually thought was just a Facebook Page... But regardless I joined their group. When it was time for their 2nd-year anniversary special they had a live stream (which will never ever, ever, EVER BE DONE AGAIN!) and I was there for the whole stream which worked in my favor because they started to pay attention to me in their next video right after the live Livestream.

After that, on 1 day they asked me to join them on a Skype call because they were bored and I'd had nothing else to do so I decided to take their offer of kindness. After getting to know one another for some time they like me (or at least like teasing me) and asked me to be on Skype with them some more often with them, soon after that I became a guest speaker on there Dino Charge Update Discussion video. The more I hung out with them the more they were ok with me being on reviews, and the first review I was with them was the Power Rangers Turbo Movie Review. Pretty soon after that, they accepted me as one of their own as an Otaku Sentai Digiranger and gave me Dracomon (which him and Examon would actually end up being my favorite Digimon's of all time). And the rest is history.

I am just so lucky that I Have Friends like these since, to be honest, I always (and still to this day) have had problems with talking to people. I mean yeah sure they tell me to shut up and on a constant basis, and will never stop pulling the Ecomedy card because I miss spelled Economy. BUT... they are my best friends and at the end of they day, we are all still good to one another.

It's because of my friends that I have someone to talk to when I am down, it is because of my friends that I was able to start making more flash related things (ideas at the moment), and it was because of my friends that I was able to go to Power Morphicon in the first place. YES, we all talked about going to Power Morphicon. Although it was only me and Nathan that did end up going there I am still fine with that (if you want to know how my PMC 2016 experience was here ya GO). And because of that Trip I took I had the honor to meet my favorite Red Ranger in person, I was surprised that Farx voice actor is the amazing person, and I was even able to get a Gaburevolver and Sengoku Driver. And because of that, I will forever be thankful that I have such friends because, without them, I don't know what to do with my life. But I am glad I don't have to worrie about that.

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