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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Digital-Ranger PMC 2016 experience

Sorry that this post was late but I had some ear problems when I got back from my trip so I had that taken care of so that’s all good and done with.

Power Morphicon 2016 was probably was one of if not the best experiences I have had in my life so far. YES for those of you that did not know either did not catch up with me on either social media or just not seeing this in the first place I went to Power Morphicon 2016 and really all I have to say is that it was just so awesome. And really that is how I just feel like ending this blog post with me just saying it was awesome. But I have to go into detail why it was so awesome in the first place.

On Friday at PMC 2016 I got to meet my awesome friend Nathan (AKA the Silver Knight) from the Otaku-Sentai Digiranger Podcast in person. Which… YEAH that just made my experience going even more awesome. Since both me and Nathan are a part of a podcast we talk to the guy who gives us our passes and what is also cool is that Riz (AKA the Blue Commander) from the podcast, and he got both me and Nathan press passes (so now I really can say that I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who to get me press passes in early at a con HE HE). Getting into the con early we saw there was this cool big Dino Charge Megazord their which was a cool looking display base which was pretty cool. 

After that we mostly bought toys the rest of the day I mean we meet some cool people and also but mostly buy toys all days, :P. I’ll go into more detail when I get into the meet people categories and also haul as well but yeah wait on that.

Now on Saturday that is when the awesome happen because both Me and Nathan did so many cool things. I mean when he went to go see ASJ (I waited for him since I saw him yesterday) so I went to the Dino Charge Ninja Steel Panel which was so awesome seeing. I absolutely love seeing all the Dino Charge cast with the bloopers. Speak of which I really miss the bloopers at the end of Power Ranger episodes, like it was so fun to watch (my personal favorite as a kid was the Psycho Rangers speaking Spanish). What made going all the better was seeing the Ninja Steel cast (which I will make a future blog post after this one so stay tune for that) and seeing Koda’s actor Yoshi Sudarso brother playing Ninja Steel Blue is just the best and same for Koda’s expression was also the best. After that we got to do a bunch of interviews of some Ranger actors. I was his camera man so I will make a separate blog post for that and also Nathan was the one who interview the actors I did not 1 bit since I suck being on camera I mean look how much I studding in the podcast reviews.

Actors/ Famous People

I mean to start off with the first person I had a chance to meet E.Z. Rider and it was not even 10 minutes I mean WOW that is how you start a con right meeting a person. 

After that I meet Data Base Ranger who was a cool guy meeting him in person, now while i did not get their pictures because i had stuff to do and they had things to do I meet like Bruno from MMPR Toys and John from Mr. Weenie Productions I like did meet them, really I did, BELIEVE ME, PLEASE?

Then from there I meet ranger actors I meet Yūta Mochizuki in person. I meet an Sentai actor now in person, can cross that off the bucket list.

AND, and had both Him and ASJ sign my Power Rangers Super Mega force figure I had when that came out. let it be said that I have had meet both ASJ and Yūta Mochizuki in person now.

I was super happy to meet FREAKING Sean Cw Johnson from Lightspeed, and since Light Speed was my favorite season there was this was an honor meeting the Indian Jones of Power Rangers, oh yes that is what he thinks of himself, and I also got a sign picture of him as well, It's hard to see but it this was the most badass picture of him because Carter, he’s awesome plain and simple.

Speaking of Lightspeed I meet Rhett Fisher who was Ryan from Light Speed and he too was awesome. He let me hold the Titanium Ranger helmet (I almost fated when that happen (no joke).

The last person I meet with a picture with was Dan Southworth AKA Eric and wow I did not believe my friend Nathan when he said he was awesome, after I meet him Nathan was right he was awesome, he was really awesome, HE WAS FREAKING AWESOME, HE WAS THE HYPE! SO TO SAY I enjoyed meeting him is an understatement. I meet Nel Kaplen who is just a seal Guy, and who it's ironic to hear the voice of Diaboligo from his actually somewhat light sounded voice it's like WOW.

 I think the actor I enjoyed meeting the most was not any of the rangers but Eddie Frierson, I mean wow is he just such an awesome guy, I mean it he really is cool and I am so grateful that I got to meet him in person, and I do mean this whenever you have a chance to meet him DO because he is so Awesome of an guy like words cannot describe hum, like just meet him in person is all. And SO SO SO regret not getting a picture with him now. maybe next time. 

ALSO we got one of those Dinosaur cosplayers which yeah that was a thing alright.

The Haul

Now to like the toys I got a bunch really and i spent like not a too, too, too much I think. also please forgive the bad lighting, my old camera for toy reviews died, and my phone was the only ting I had on had with me.

Displaying 20160820_222256.jpg
first off the stuff that I did get the at the con that everyone go (I was silver ranger pass)

For Sentai and PR, first off the Abarekiller’s sword the Wing Pentactwhich I got because I love Abareranger so much I had to get something from the show and this was awesome and best part only 20 bucks so getting that was awesome. But what's even more awesome then that a Gaburevolver, I’ve been really wanting this thing for such a long time. After messing around with it for some time and it's as great as everyone says it is and like it feels really good in the hand with me having big man hands. I only got 3 Zyudenchie yes but I was saving my money as usual (I could just get all box with all the Zyudenchies).
My last PR/SS item the Zenth Carrier Zord, like I always loved this thing and this design has always like and I never had a chance to get it but I got it and like the best part is that it was only $25.00 dollars. I mean yeah it has a bunch of scrapes, a piece missing and missing all the mini figures but considering that this is how it looked like in the show for the most part I don’t care really all that much.

Moving away from PR/SS to Kamen Rider I finally got a Sengoku Driver on the cheap, 55 with orange lock seed. Now I always wanted this thing and finally glad I have it I mean it has no Baron face plate or lock see and trying to find that will be hard but still glad to have this thing but since my favorite Rider is Zangetsu that will be had to get a Zangetsu face plate.

Now for Lockseeds I got the Kuuga Lockseed because Kuuga is #1 baby and the Ahnk Lockseed because well it's like a commendation of both me and Nathan relationship as friends and this proves it as well, I would say I got the last one but there were a total of 2 and 1 left after I got this :P.

Believe it or not but I found some Pokémon and Digimon stuff as well, I got the DarkKnightmon vinyl and a Kabuterymon sticker and a Japanese Mewtwo with Master Ball and keeping him in the box yes I am that guy that keeps all his toys in boxes and have fun at them just by looking at them.

Displaying 20160820_221317.jpg

Displaying 20160820_221300.jpg
Singed stuff from both Sean CW and  Neil Kaplan

And finally my most prize things at PMC 2016 this. I had everyone from Power Rangers Time Force sign my Time Force VHS tape I mean wow just wow! this like all day Saturday to do but it was worth it I mean all day long just getting everyone to sign this (including Neil Kaplin because he was the voice of Gluto and I know I forget that monster name too) but this was pure awesome. and the best part when I had Erin Cahill sign my VHS last he has super happy and gave me free candy (yeah for some reason the Time Force rangers got candy so that happen) and I got a free hug, and it's a bit mind blowing since Jen was this super gruff and tough person when in reality she is super sweat and nice.

So over all this was probably the best time I had ever I mean this was just awesome meeting more PR fans and really I can't express how much fun I had their. SO, will I go to PMC 2018? OH HELL NO! this was a super expensive on my part and also my family, were not really that rich you see and this was a 1 time thing, and even then I lost a lot of my own personal money, I mean for God sake this was a birthday Christmas birthday gift you see I don't have a job is the thing so because this was a 1 time thing that is why i spent as much as I did. But I did have fun and whenever my next con is I hope I will enjoy it.

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