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Friday, December 6, 2013

2014 Sentai Update official imagers and my thoughts

 Today 12-6-13 thanks from TokuNations we got our first scans of what to come for the 2014 sentai Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger. The first image we get is a picture of the main 5 rangers, and many, MANY people hate these suit designs, for me I didn't like them at first now they look very bland very bland looking and it needs something to stand out and I hope we get a power up for this sentai.

 Next we their is a picture of the mecha Tokkyuoh which has also gotten a lot of hate, their is a reason for why this mecha looks as it is because their making this simplistic compare to Go-Busters where complex and kyoryuger which the pens broke a lot. Their is also the morpher and it uses the Mecha as the gimmick for and it is a wrist changer and no word if their will be gashapon releases of the Mecha.

 The weapons for main 5 rangers looks a LOT like the Go-Onger weapons, the side arms of the weapons and the belt buckle are shown here. The morpher for this season is a wrist changer and the gimmick is using cards and also the rangers can change their colors but still keep their number, shown in the picture above. So far their has not have been any love for this sentai but it could be something inserting to watch.

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