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Friday, December 27, 2013

Digimon Fusion Episode 15 "Trouble in Paradise" Review

Airdate: 12-22-13

Xros Wars Episode Title: "Heaven Zone, The Trap of Paradise!"

Voice Cast
Nick Roye: Mikey
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamon
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Cutemon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Patrick Seitz: Starmon, Pegasusmon
Chris Smith: SlushAngemon
Joe Ochman: DonDokomon
Matthew Mercer: Beelzemon
Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn: Shakkoumon
Michael Sinterniklaas: Lucemon
The episode begins in a colosseum with a bunch of "air theme Digimon" when we see the Sky Zone President SlushAngemon about to punch a small Digimon. We then come to Mikey and the others arriving in the Sky Zone and surprise to see Beelzemon and proems to protect Mikey and says their something fishy about this zone, and he can go to different zones. My guess for this is that  Beelzemon was part of the Bagra army and he has that power since Digimon not in the Fusion Loader get erase. Dondokomon then meet up with some Digimon playing music and when he plays he get's in trouble with the Piximon and in comes with Lucemon (the final villain from Digimon Frontier) who try and stop them from arresting them but is stopped by Gargoylemon and hit Lucemon and leave. Lucemon explains that in the Sky Zone the rules are harsh and strict and Lucemon wants to try and become the new president (and why he has that heart on his chest) try to be less harsh on the people, also Lucemon proms to get the Sky Zone Code Crown if he wins since it is super protected. Latter when the team is looking at art in the Sky Zone when a piece of art breaks Gargoylemon accuses Dondokomon of breaking it but Mikey and Shoutmon says he is innocent but  Dondokomon, Mikey, and Shoutmon are taken away, and latter that night Angie and Jeremy try to break them out but are stopped by SlushAngemon and put all of them in jail. in the morning   SlushAngemon is about to kill them but Kyupimon admits to breaking the statue and Mikey want's to save Kyupimon and he then summons Shoutmon X4 but has little effort on SlushAngemon but  Beelzemon then saves and with him Mikey then Digi Fuse Shoutmon X4 and Beelzemon to make Shoutmon X4B. Now Shoutmon X4B is weird since their is no indication with Beelzemon being a centaur I would like it more it was just wings and a gun, (but that is the combination with Sparrowmon) but I do like it because it is unique. Shoutmon X4B defeats SlushAngemon, Kyupimon is set free, and the episode ends with Lucemon being the new president of the Sky Zone.
 Overall I give "Trouble in Paradise" a 3/5 this episode was good but I have 1 complaint. Michael Sinterniklaas dose a great job at being Lucemon, it would be nice if Mona Marshall reprise her role as Lucemon but I do feel this helps this make the Fusion Lucemon and the Frontier lucemon different as we will see later (on a side note both Michael Sinterniklaas and Mona Marshall are both working on b daman crossfire), I am glad that nothing was censoring to an extend, and it is fun to hear Gargoylemon. but what I have a problem that I do feel that the worries of light subplot was in the Sky Zone. Next time on Digimon Fusion "A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone" Lucemon reviles his true form, Mikey and Shoutmon are cripple to do anything, and the premier of Axeknightmon, yes you read that right AxeKnightmon.

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