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Friday, December 6, 2013

Digimon Fusion episode 12 "Treasure, Traps and Trouble - Oh My!" review

Airdate: 12-1-13

Xros Wars Episode Tittle "Sand Zone, A Great Adventure in the Ruins!"
Voice Cast
 Nick Roye: Mikey
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamon
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Cutemon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Melissa Fahn: Nene
Michelle Ruff: Sparrowmon 
Matthew Mercer: Reapmon
Michael Sorich: Deputymon
Neil Kaplan: Vilemon
Travis Willingham: Angemon, Vilemon
Liam O'Brien: Vilemon
Patrick  Seitz: Blastmon
 JB Blanc: Pharaohmon
The episode begins with Mikey, Angie, and Jeremy going to the next zone and they see these giant rocks when Jijimon pops out of the Fusion Loader and explains that the giant rocks are the zones, he keeps explaining that before the digital world was whole and now it was split up into many different zones to try and stop lord Bagra and we learn that normal Digimon can not maintain their forms in between worlds. Then the team arrives in the Sand zone and Jijimon says that their was a ancient treasure is still buried some where in this zone. When Shoutmon runs to a island he is quickly pulled with everyone else into a  sand trap. under ground we see Blastmon one of Bagra's main generals and he obsess with gems that he  eats diamonds, probably is more shiner then (insert any rapper who wears a lot of bling) and or team is meets Blastmon and run and before they are killed by the army of Skullscorpiomon they are rescue by Deputymon, and their are 2 things to talk about him and his Xros Wars counter part. 1 in Xros Wars he was silver and his guns were silver not this blue with Neon Yellow but I do understand with the censoring this because guns are not allowed on kids show. And 2 his name was Revolvermon in Xros Wars. while they are on a mine cart escaping the Skullscorpiomons and fall off the riles and dive into the water. when they escape the  Skullscorpiomons and get into the lock volt they then run away from BigMamemon just like  Indiana jones with the giant bolder, they escape and Blastmon just kills BigMamemon like he was nothing. The team then walks to the treasure and  Deputymon then explains more about the Digi Cards and they can only be used once per zone but go to a new zone and they are fully charge. Blastmon then comes but he wants to the treasure instead and falls like  wile e coyote trying to get the road runner. Then Deputymon reviles that it is pharaohmon temple and they meet pharaohmon and then Shoutmon X4 fights him but it was is the old lesion don't fight and the sword is mightier then the pin. For their good job they get the Sand Zone Code Crown and 4 new Digi Cards the Patamon Digi Card, Guilmon Digi Card, Veemon Digi Card, and it is hard to see but it is the Darkdramon Digi Card. Blastmon is now outside and seen Nene and even he is craped out by the Black Fusion Loader showing that Nene is not apart of Bagra's army and Christopher appears to with Cyberdramon, now Cyberdramon was a Digimon from Digimon Tamers and was another redesign that Xros Wars was doing, and looks nothing like the original Cyberdramon.
Overall I give Treasure, Traps and Trouble - Oh My! a 4/5 this episode gave us a lot of new information. We learn about the Digi Cards and more of the Code Crown origins, the action was good, it was a jaw dropping moment with the Black Fusion Loader info. My main nick pick was  Deputymon being censured even tho Nicktoons show Deputymon as his original colors and Blastmon dose not seems to be that much of intimated villain. Next Time on Digimon Fusion Episode 13 "Mikey, Warrior of the Light!" where we learn more about Reapmon origins, the Digimon goes evil and Blastmon is pushed to the side and Lilithmon takes over.

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