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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim movie scans and Kikaider crossover

pictures from TokuNation

With the summer being here soon their are new scans are starting to pop up for the new Kamen Rider Gaim movie and the main thing about this movie is that it takes place in an alternate world like the Kamen Rider Kabuto movie God Speed Love. The main telling on why that is because the charters Yuuya and Hase are in this movie (because they die in the show),one of the obvious things we see are is a Kurokage trooper leader with a Genesis Driver and Genesis Lockseed (E.L.S. 5), also their are rides in shadows (they are purple, blue, and green, so assume which fruit it might be) which might be movie exclusive riders. And this movie could first show off the Kiwami Arms before the show (which was also like the Kamen Rider Kabuto movie and may even have latter pictures with the next Kamen Ride show just like other rider movies).
Pictures from Tokunation
Gaim VS Kikaider
And another Kamen Rider Gaim crossover is also here with this time Kikaider  (from the reboot movie), this crossover will be in may and will be an 1 episode thing. My assumption is that this crossover excites is to promote the new Kikaider film coming soon (that I have not said on this blog sadly until now). But I have 1 question, in the Kamen Rider OOO's movie "Let's go Kamen Rider" it had a cameo of the original Kikaider not the new Kikaider, their will be an explication on why I am sure.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New ToQGer Scans 4-22-14 & AC Knuckles Preview

Some new ToQGer toys have been announce today thanks from Tokunation and we already see the ToQ 6 Mecha and he movie exclusive too and this years past sentai gimmick. 
First up is HD pictures of ToQ 6 Mecha called Build OH which can combine from 2 Resshas and can also combine with ToQ Oh & Diesel Oh to combine to make Cho Cho ToQ Oh (awesome name by the way) and the price is $85.00 Dollars 

We are already seeing what the Summer movie Mech will look like and it is Safarai Ga Oh which has 5 different Resshas that can transform into an Lion and a Mech and price is $95.00 Dollars.

And finally we have the Legendary Resshas which are Resshas from the older Sentai seasons but the Red Ranger Mecha is the Ressha and form a new head and body. the only ones available as of right now is from Go-Onger, Shinkenger, Goseiger and Gokaiger and they are all $17.00 Dollars.

Pictures from Tokunation
And now in some new Gaim Scans their is an Preview for AC Knuckles and he is AC PB-04 and that means he is the 4th Premium Bandai AC. OK I have a question like why are like a bunch of these Gaim AC figures are Premium Bandai Exclusives, if some one do know why then please tell me?

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Monday, April 21, 2014

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryugen Official Release

Pictures from Tokunation

Today it has been FINALLY (I BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG TO BE HONEST RIGHT NOW) that that S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rifer Ryugen has been announce and will be a mass release and will be for 3800 Yen- $38.00 U.S. Dollars and will be available in August. This has been in wait for a long time because almost all of the other Gaim Figuarts has been announce and this Figuart he is now been announce even tho this rider was like the 4th rider to appear in the show, and I HAVE BEEN A BIG FAN OF THIS CHARTER (without giving away too much he has so much charter to him) AND NOW HIM GETTING ANNOUNCE THIS IS JUST EXCITING. He comes with his main weapon the Budou Ryuhou and his motif is Chinese theme, and again I am so glad he is announce.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kamen Rider Faiz Review

Kamen Rider Faiz is declared by many of the Kamen Rider fandom to be one of the best Kamen Rider show with tones of fans for this show and the Darkest Kamen Rider show their is. It is with my full honestly if someone actually dose say this is that Darkest Rider show their is just ignore them, to be honest this is not that dark at all (their was a bit where it was a bit dark but not really to be honest) and also their are more darker Rider shows out their like Black, Kuuga, and the current Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Gaim (I really do mean it Gaim is a hella more darken then this show). The main reason why I decide to review this shoe it because it is the 10 year anniversary of Kamen Rider Faiz and since it is that I thank I should put the spotlight on this show. Is this really the best Rider show their is, dose it deserve the parse by it many fans and is this show any good, well START UP for Kamen Faiz.      
The Show
Episode 1 "The Start of a Trip": The show begins with one of our main charters Kiba Yuji and well he dies basically and is reborn as the main monster for the show called Orphnoch, the Orphnochs are all white/grey color and they also part animal and they are the next stage of humanity, and all of always blue fire on them and then turn to sand. Many of the fans do not like the Orphnochs because they are bland and don't show that much detail, personally I like the Orphnoch design a bit more then other people since why dose an enemy monster have to be multi color and can't for once can't we have for once have all monsters be the some color (more or less for once). We latter cut to one of our main charters Mari and with her she is careening the Faiz Driver and when she is attacked by an Orphnoch we are FINALLY introduce to our main Rider for this season Inui Takumi, Mari then puts the Faiz driver on Takumi and the Faiz Driver is the most practical rider belt their is since the main component for the Faiz Driver is that it has a cell phone which can also turn into an gun, how to become Faiz is pressing 555 (what is use to press before calling) and speaking of which the Faiz suite. The Faiz suite is inserting to say the least, I do like the colors Red, Black, and Silver for the main color choices, I do like a red line connecting the all around it, and overall it's simplistic and nice looking (also his head looks like his Mission Memory), his Rider Kick is a drill with cyber stuff sounding it (look it up for your self so it can be better explain). One of the things I like about Faiz is his Bike the Autovajin which is basically a transformer. When Faiz defeat the Orphnoch Mari tells him she has to bring the belt to japan to deliver the belt to he father at the company Smart Brain (the giant named corruption for the show). This first episode brought some differences from normal rider series like not introduce the main rider in the begging and shows some one else using the belt to transform (given the right rider show) and felt different over all, latter on we would meet more of our charters like Keitaro, Yuka, and Kaidou. Episode 13 "Friend of Foe?": When the charters have to fight one of the sub villains for this season called lucky clover one of their members is stopped by a mysterious rider and that rider would be Kamen Rider Kaixa. The main holder for the Kaixa suite would not be introduce until a few episodes and we meet Kusaka who for most of the first episode we see him he always his hands (more on that latter) and through out most of the show he is too a jerk and is MADLY IN LOVE WITH MARI like mega levels of creepy, and it is all just creepy to watch. Kaixa suite is inserting as in that his phone is more of a slider phone and opens from the side, I also like his suite design it's a lot like Faiz with being different. I also like his weapon too the KaixaBlaygun where it is a giant X for the base of the handle but can also be a light saber and a gun which is cool, his bike the SideBasshar is also a transformer too but dose not have an AI but it is more like a Meach and his rider kick is the same as Faiz but he kick the enemy and then the cyber drill appears. Another impotent detail about the few episodes that fallow this one is that their is an 3rd belt the Delta Driver, with white lining, has a gun for it's transformation which he also shouts "Henshin" to transform, and when it kills a Orphnoch  it leaves a trail of red fire, also the Jet Sliger is an awesome giant motorcycle also his kick is the same as the other 2 but use both feat. Surprising the first person to wear the suite is an girl. She dies just like a helpless girl and we don't see her henshining, I will give more on my thoughts latter on that and it's more or less one of Mari friends being Delta for the rest of the show. Episode 36 "Restored Memories": Now their has been a sub plot about both Mari and Kusaka school reunion about something tragic happen the night of their reunion and it has been in mystery and it is finally shown to us what it is. The lead up for this is when Mari dies (just 1 punch to the gut and instance death and it is complete BULL SHIT even if it is an Orphnoch it would just put her in bad shape) and Takumi get's so pissed off that he decides to revile he is an ORPHNOIC. And this has currently only been done 1 other time and that is Eiji from Kamen Rider OOO turning into a Greed but Eiji turned back into an human (the only other time this has also happen so far is Wataru from Kamen Rider Kiva with because but this only half counts since in the show he is half Fangire and not 100% Fangire), what happens was that when it was the night of Mari's and Kusaka's reunion all of their class mates die but those too, it was believed that it was Takumi that killed everyone and for a while Takumi isolate himself from the others and inserting arc but latter we see that it was the bull Orphnoch that did this and gave Takumi  amnesia and made him forget what happen, to makes matters worst he is shown a video showing that he cause it (sense he has amnesia) and latter would he did not do it and latter rejoin the group. this was a first time for Kamen Rider and was something of a twits and all around enjoyable (also Takumi Orphnoch from looks really cool or I think that because I REALLY LOVES WOLFS because their are my favorite animals). How ever their is 1 flaw that I have with this, 1 I do not believe that you can not get amnesia from getting hit in your back no matter how much force it is, even by an Orphnoch. Well that is just me over think that anyways after that Takumi get's the Faiz Blaster (that is what it is called from the toy) and is Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Mode, it's just a repain of Kamen Faiz but with a jetpack/ machine gun, and to be honest the weakest design from all of Faiz. My favorite form Faiz is Faiz Accel form which I love seeing the extra detail on the chest, the red lines becoming white looks amazing, and I do like the Faiz Accel watch, final note he is super fast and that is cool (ever if it dose last for 10 seconds. Episode 50 "My Dream": In the Last couple of episodes their has been this subplot about this kid named Tereuo and latter learn that he is the Orphnoch King and if the Orphnoch King is killed all Orphnochs will die. The ending felt rushed, liked Takumi being captured and then release could have an episode on it's own and the fight between both Yuji and Takumi could have been the lead up for the final episode. (Personal complaint how did both Takumi and Yuji get upgraded forms to their Orphnoch forms?). Now the back story on how the Belts were made was that the Belts were originally made for the Orphnoch King to protect him and if you look closely at him the 3 rider design are based off his design which I thought was something inserting. In the final moments of the episode when Yuji sacrifice himself the ending makes it like all of this was a dream. Look at the Dialog what the charters are saying, another thing I have to complain about is that it looks like they are setting up a sequel for the show with the Orphnoch King still living, (which would seem like something in a crappy M.Night Shyamalan movie)and the 1 thing that I did not like at all was with Takumi saying dialog Keitaro has, that I did not like. So this ending sucked because it sorta like a dream but I do have some good things too, like the fights in the final episode were all great given the story and what we know of the charters. But this is at lease a week ending compere to other Rider show that has come before and after. 
The Charters
Takumi/Kamen Rider Faiz: Takumi is a jerk through and through and that is how I describe him through out most of the series as a jerk and also he is an Nekojita which is Japanese for one who can not eat hot foods or a wimp. but also he dose not have any confidence in his self and afraid that he will let people down. What Makes Takumi different again is that he is also an Orphnoch (it was never said on how he became an Orphnoch but what ever) this made a arc of him secluding himself throughout a few episodes and made him sorta a loner too. But to be honest it took FOREVER for me to like him mainly because of the fact that he is just a jerk and it would not until the almost final 10 episodes for me to like him. 
Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa: OK I'm just getting this out their Kaixa is an DICK. and that pretty much sums him up he is just a DICK, an example is when like Yuji was badly injured he just did nothing to help Yuji, he also kills Orphnochs even the good ones that were trying to be good and help out the heroes. And he will stop a nothing from keeping him from loving Yuri because (I AM NOT JOKEING THIS WAS FROM THE SHOW IT SELF) Mari would make a great mother for him. When Kaixa died I did not care about him nor did I sad when he died, no when that happen I was just laughing when he died (also specking of Kaixa death from clips of the Heisei Riders VS Showa Riders movie it looks like Kaixa death has been retcon but that that is for another day). Also fun fact their is a day named after him and it's called "Kaixa Day" and it is what you might think it is, a day where you act like a DICK to someone and it is every September 13.   
Yuji: Yuji out of the main 3 Orphnochs has the most charter development and shows. he pretty much lost his girlfriend when he became an Orphnoch, he was always a nice guy when we he was human. When he was an Orphnoch he always defend for himself and try and defeat the enemy (despite not being that strong). But like Near the end his charter change and he let go of his humanity and became allied with the Orphnoch which I which had a bit more built up to becoming allied with the Orphnochs. but I give him this when he sacrifice himself to defeat the Orphnoch King that was a great way for him redeeming himself.
Side Charters: for this season I thought the support charters range from good, to passable, to some bland or just not interesting charters which is an surprise even for me. And the Support charters for this season are Mari, Keitaro, Yuka, Kaidou, Mihara,and Rina.
The Music
I'm not going to lie I seriously was thinking about putting the music as part of the Good on this review but their are 2 reasons why I did not do that and I will explain but right now let's talk about the main tracks for the show. JustiĻ†'s is really fantastic sense it is done by my FAVORITE Tokusatsu band of all time Physic Lover (and I will praise more of their work on this Blog) it's start off slow and built up with a lot of techno beats and I just like the Lyrics, Dead or alive for the first fight theme was a fun additive resistive song that had a nice level from the singer, The people with no name is a lot of people favorite song from Faiz and I see why and I like it too it's fast past a lot of guitar in it and a rocking beat, EGO (Eyes Glazing Over) has a nice tone, loud and the begging and jut addicting. is great to here, DELTA STRIP-White Ring for being Delta's theme I love how it begins off slow and is like nothing is their and it just stops then picks up with and the extended parts from the singer was cool but my favorite part from the song is when the singer says "DELTA". Kaixa theme KAIXA nized dice is 1 reason on why did not put this on The Good part on my review, not just because I hate him or the them, I actually did like the theme with it begging up with a organ techno drums and has a lot of different tones and that awesome guitar riff in it but I swear I never heard this in the show once and it has to be in the show to make it on The Good on these reviews of mine. And their are also the inserts song that did not fit with the show with like a country guitar in the other songs just did not fit the show, it's like the Digimon Zero Two movie  Hurricane Touchdown where the music was just out of place and hinder the enjoyment (that and also a none sensual plot that made no sense what so ever and being too long and glad the American version cuts it down). Digi-Ranger Jukebox Recomedation: Everyone's favorite song from the show The people with no name.
The Good
The 3 main Orphnoch: The thing I liked most about Faiz was the 3 main Orphnochs sense I enjoy their backstories all were tragic and sad in 1 way or another. I like the end results that each be became one would be the villain, one would die, and one would good again.   
The Relationship between Takumi and Yuji: This in my option is probably one of the shining moments for a show because you could see how both are reacting to this when 1 is sad the other cheer them up and this got even more intense when Takumi became an Orphnoch their friendship was pushed even more to the limited. And the fight scene between both of them were great and the final fight between both of them is something you should watch.
Takumi is an Orphnoch: This was a big twist for the show and it shows and it's like a giant WOW moment, I mean the Main hero is actually one of the villain is just a sight to behold.
The Bad
The Riders Losing their Belts: This is more of an nit pick but the Riders always lost their belts like a lot and it actually shows their week and not strong in the slightest. And it shows how easy to get and lose one of these belts.
The Faiz Gear: This is more like a nick pick rally where, just where did all of this Faiz gear come from like the Accel watch, the Faiz Blaster, or even the Bikes, it was implied that it was Mari's and Kusaka's step father that was sending all this stuff to him but where did he get it. What it really comes down to is just more toys more money. 
Lucky Clover: I thought these were sorta week villains because they were introduce way early into the show and they are the best of the best which they always lost 1 member a lot. And even if you have an Orphnoch that destroys everything he touches you got another one who sucks his thumb like a baby, and to be honest some were not inserting.
The Women: In my humble option these are some of the weakest written females in a Toku PEROID. My main blame is the writer himself Toshiki Inoue who treats a lot of his women like week girls who die in the most none excitable death ever. 1 thing is Mari she dies from just a punch to the gut and I do not care even if it is an Orphnoch still you should survive. Or the fact their was 2 female Deltas, the first one was describe an super powerful and OP but she dies like a week little girl and we never got to see her Henshin, and the 2nd one she is Delta for like less then 30 seconds. Also a lot of the men fell in love with Mari just by looking at her, but as a guy taking she is really not all that pretty, mainly why I say that is that all I saw throughout most of the show with her was a blank expression and an Dull Surprise.
The Charters: Again in my option these are some of the weakest charters EVER in a Toku I have ever seen and is my Option. Takumi was just a jerk and it took forever for me to like him, Kusaka was just DICK and did not like him what so ever, Mari well Dull Surprise, Keitaro I did like him but was not use that often near the end, Yuji again I did like him but near the end man he lost some charter about him, Yuka was a sad story and did not hater that much but her death (just I hate Toshiki Inoue and how he writes his women), the ONLY CHARTER I did really like and I can say is my favorite is Kaidou because he was funny, he was full of energy, I enjoy him and he is just a cool guy (also his actor Mitsuru Karahashi would latter play Juzo form Shinkenger so he get's brownie points). Everyone else I did not care for, or horrible charter, or just had no personally what so ever. It's not like Kamen Rider Kuuga where the charters are all likeable or like Digimon Frontier where all the charters were relatable, just about all of these charters suck. 
Final Verdict
To be honest Faiz is OVERATED
I'm not going to bash Faiz to much because their are a lot of Faiz fans out their so I won't coastally putting my hate on this show sense it has some really bad charters and poorly written females. If you do wana see this then go a head you may like it more then me which is probably a majority of people then go a head, but still this is not the darkest rider show their is. For alternate Recommendations if you want a Kamen Rider show that has better charters that are likeable then I recommend Kamen Rider Kuuga, and also if you want a dark and spy theme (O yah Faiz is also a bit spy theme, did not see that what so ever) then their is Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Hibiki Official Release

At last it has finally arrive the S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Hibiki is now getting an official release in August for 5,400 Yen, $54.00 U.S. Dollars. It has taken forever for Hibiki to finally get a release since their has never been an old version of this figure using the old Figureart mold before. He comes with 2 Onigekibou Rekka with 1 pair connect on the back of his belt, 1 pair freely use, an effect park for them, his transformation fork, and 3 of  his disk animals.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Digimon Fusion Episode 24 "Monitamission Inpossible" Review

Airdate 4-6-14
Xros Wars Episode Title: "Dropout Monitamons, Do Your Best!"
Voice Cast
Nick Roye: Mikey
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamons, Pickmonz
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy, Caturamon, Asuramon
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Cutemon, Shoutmon X5
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Patrick Seitz: Starmon
Travis Willingham: Knightmon, Musymon
Melissa Fahn: Nene
Michelle Ruff: Sparrowmon, Babamon
Michael Sorich: Monitamon Elder
Steve Kramer: Shurimon
Kirk Thornton: Kabukimon
Neil Kaplan: Samudramon

Now when Digimon Fusion has been someone I been meaning to talk about and that guy is my favorite Digimon Voice Actor Derek Stephen Prince who was the annoying Demidevimon, the complex Ken from Zero Two, the BADASS Beelzemon from Tamers, in the beginning of Frontier as Grumblemon and the end of Frontier as Dynasmon, he was never in Data Squad ( if you know why please let me know on my social media sites), and now he is Jeremy in Fusion. His acting ranges from screy and angry to being calm and low (both well shown in Blue Exorcist)   his work in Fusion I personally think is under using him since he has only done Jemery and like 1 other voice (if season 2 of Fusion get Dub then I want him to voice some of the Death Generals like maybe Dorbickmon or Splashmon) The Episode Begians with the Fusion Fighters learning about that Musymon is betraying them when they get the Code Crown Jemery Volunteers to go and coming with him is Dorulumon, the Star Sword and 3 Monitamons, while Mikey and the others are a distracting the other Digimon.  When Jemery finally arrive in the castle he fights Musymon so that the princess can get away, before Jemery dies he is saved by Nene and her Fusion Loader turns from black to pink and she then DigiFuse 3 Monitamons to form Hi-VisionMonitamon (also I amsurprise   that the Star Sword has been tougher this long since DigiFusing last only 30 Minutes) the episode ends with the Musymon and his grunts being defeated and the worrier zone is free an Mikey get's 3 Monitamons of his own.
Overall I give "Monitamission Inpossible an 3.5/5 I like this episode, plane and simple. I did like Jemerys Never Give Up aditude, Nene being good is a nice I liked it, so likening Derek Stephen Prince did more then just 1 role this episode. I personally did not like the dialog between the Monitamons and just no from me. 

Next Time Digimon Fusion Episode 25 "Showdown in Shaky Town! A Zone Collapses!" and I know what will be in the next episode.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

New ToQGer scans 4-7-14

Pictures from TokuNation
Some new ToQGer scans has poped up today and we have the first we have the first at Toq6's 
And this is already look the Summer movie mecha Safari GaOH with a gold repaint of Russia 1 that is also the other weapon for the main team.

And here we have the Legacy Russhas where are Russhas that are model after previous sentai made into the Red Sentai Mech. their are previous sentai mechas from Go-Onger, Shinkenger, Goseiger, and Gokaiger
And this is already look the Summer movie mecha Safari GaOH
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Digimon Fusion Episode 23 "Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown" Review

Airdate 4-7-14
Xros Wars Episode Tittle:"Shinobi Zone, The Comical Ninja Battle!"
Voice Cast
Nick Roye: Mikey
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamons,
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Cutemon, Cute Shoutmon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Patrick Seitz: Starmon
Laura Bailey: Balubeastmon
Melissa Fahn: Nene
Michael Sorich: Monitamon Elder
Travis Willingham: Karatenmon, Musyamon
Kotemon: Liam O'Brien
Richard Epcar: Etemon
Cindy Robinson: Chibickmon
Michelle Ruff: Sparrowmon
The Episode begins with Mikey and the others bringing Nene to the Warrior Zone (pretty sure this ninja zone) and they are greeted  by the Monitamon Elder who explains that this is where a lot of Monitamons who train here and also their castle was captured by the Bagra army. They are then threatening by Shurimon to get the Code Crown or else they won't see their princess back. Now the highlight of this episode is when Etemon is introduce and the reason on why I bring that up is because he reprise by his original voice actor Richard Epcar, I gotta say that blew my mind away when I saw blew my mind that we got an voice actor from an older Digimon season reprising his role. And Richard Epcar is still as how he was in Adventure being an Elvis impersonator with some funny 1 liners and it is great seeing him back on screen, if theirs 1 complain I have is that his voice sounds deeper like his Myotismon voice since Richard Epcar voiced both Myotismon and Etemon but that is more like an nick pick then a real complaint. When they arrive where Karatenmon is they try a lot of different funny things to make him laugh this sequence hade some actual funny moments and some not so funny moments. When they finally get the Code Crown Etemon reveals he is talking the Code Crown for himself but stopped with a joke DigiFuse and the Episode ends everyone going back to the Worrier Zone.
Because Richard Epcar is reprising his role as Etemon in this episode I give this Episode an 4/5 their wasn't a whole lot exciting in this episode but their was some good things I liked. Again Richard Epcar reprising his role as Etemon is  great and should be loved by many, I did enjoy the comedy that was intend. But to be honest their was not a lot in this episode.
Next Time Digimon Fusion 23 "Monitamission Impossible". Jeremy get an focus episode to himself, Nene turns good, and some more new combinations.
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Toy Review: Digimon Fusion Digi-Action - Shoutmon X4

Leave it to Bandai of America that we the people in the U.S. to get something that Bandai of Japan did not get and this is the battle action gimmick figure that is usually in the Bandai of American line. With a lot of these Gimmick battle figures their is at lease 1 glaring problem with them and this one is no exception and to be honest I bought this guy for 3 reasons 1. it was on sale, 2. I been really wanting the Shoutmon X4 card for my Fusion Loader, and 3. I wanted to make another Youtube video (I am honest). time to take him out of his box less package and see should you buy him.

As you can see this is a new model of Shoutmon X4 and you can tell just by looking it looks incurability off, the reason on why is that the arms are way more bigger then they need to be and the same can be said for the chest to (I do want you to Google search Shoutmon X4 now to see the correct proportions on this figure) now comes to the other obvious one the sever lack of paint. it is missing paint on the Ballistamon head with just being white and not silver and his eyes are not painted in, and on the Dorulumon side he is missing the gold on his gold on his horn, and his eyes (but to be honest it makes it more show accurate since in Shoutmon X4 Dorulumon don't have eyes) and his legs is missing the gold paint on the drills and his legs and the black on the Star Sword (but I will get on why their is none on their latter). and his Star Sword that is both all red and gold and his sword is flimsy safety plastic and can bend.


The Articulation for this figure is severely limited for this figure, on his left that is angled a bit down worse his soldier and arm have a swivel (and his hand is presently left open) and on his right it has a bit of what looks like a ratchet joint on it but dose not lock in place. His waste can only move to the right and can't stay in place or turn to the left. Finally his head can turn left and right and his right shoulder pad can go up and down.


How the Gimmick works on this toy is that you take your thumb and put it on the back of the thing that makes it go back and go back and forward. And that is all! also it can glow in the dark.

He comes with his Digimon Fusion card DF-010 
Demo Video

Should you but this?
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Digimon Frontier Review

Digimon Frontier is when one day when a boy named Takuya is on board on a train to the Digital World and then meets other people like Koji, Tommy, JP, and Zoe and must protects the Digital World by becoming Agunimon. Now Digimon Frontier is well consider the Black Sheep among the Fandom, what I mean is that instead of the humans having Digimon they become the Digimon themselves, also among the fandom they call this the Power Rangers of Digimon because this is similar to both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. This is also the season where it is declared to be the worst season their is, and also I the ink the ratings were so low that it ended for a while and did not become revived till Data Squad re started the franchise (Also 1 impotent thing is that many things suggest that Digimon Frontier is a PREQUAL TO ADVENTURE, I MAY OR MAY NOT COVER THAT ON MY BLOG 1 DAY OR NOT BUT YOU CAN'T DENIED THAT THEIR ARE A LOT OF SIMULITERS BETWEEN BOTH ADVENTURE AND FRONTIER). Is Frontier the worst season their is, why is it bashed owned, and also is this idea of humans becoming Digimon a bombed, no time to stop all aboard for Digimon Frontier review (I wished I did this in video format so this could be slightly funnier).    
Episode 1 "All Aboard!": The series began with out main leader for Frontier Takuya running to the Train station from his phone saying go to the train station for your destiny (and latter in the season we would learn that it is Ophanimon) when Takuya arrives at the train station he is to chose which train he needs to take, when he choses the train we are then introduce to our other main charters JP, Tommy, Zoe and a bit latter on Koji. Their cell Phones that they have become their Digivices for this season called the D Tector, for me the D Tector is the most bulkiest Digivice we have to date and Design wise it is my least favorite just because it looks bulky and a bit on the ugly side of things, faction wise it absorbed the data from Digimon them self's which is inserting. When we are in Frontier's Digital World we then see (their are a lot of trains, like no joke you could see some of the trains being like an arm for Toq oh) their are these 2 Digimon called Bokomon and Neemon (who would serve more for our comedy relief for this season) and when they are under attack by a Digimon Takuya finds the sprite of fire and he is able to transformer into an Digimon Know as Agunimon. When he defeats the evil Digimon he "Purify" him by taking back his data with his D Tector and taking his evil Data and Turing him back into an Digi Egg, and give back the data that was taken by him and that is how they do it for just about most of the enemies for this season. After that Bokomon and Neemon then explains that their was a grand battle between the Human Digimon and the Beast Digimon but stopped when an Digimon named Lucemon and stopped everything but when he gone crazy with power it was up to the 10 legendary spirits of Fire, Ice, Wind, Wood, Earth, Light, Darkness, Thunder, Metal and Water, who imprison until  Led Cherubimon (it is inserting seeing a villain from the Digimon movies are now in the show it is a bit of What since near the end of the show he was just being crying over a miss understanding and controlled by Lucemon). When Cherubimon took over the Digital world he took the Sprites of Metal, Water, Earth, Wood, and Darkness and they would become their generals Mercurymon, Ranamon, Grumblemon, Arbormon, and Duskmon. And the Sprite of Fire, Light, Ice, Wind, and Thunder (Agunimon, Lobomon, Kumamon, Kazemon, and Beetlemon) to defeat them, and this is where the show goes for a while with exploring this zone and learning more about it and the only other thing is note worthy is everyone getting their sprite Evolutions. Episode 33 "Ne'er The Twins Shall Meet": As I said before one of the sprites that was corrupted by Cherubimon was the sprites that was corrupted was the sprite of Darkness who is Duskmon (who is super OP) we latter learn about this charter that he is a human named Kouichi and he is Koji's Brothers (which you should see the episode where they found out about this because I can not do that scene justice) now an inserting part about this is that Darkness is not just evil just because but is corrupted (this is one of the unique things that Frontier that Darkness is not obviously evil but corrupted). when Kouichi proves that he is pure and shows that he good his original sprites of Darkness (Duskmon and Velgemon) turn pure and become Lowemon and JagerLowemon. Now inserting enough this also plays with Koji as in since they are brothers their sprites show it too, like both are animals Koji is an Wolf and Kouichi is an Tiger they both have 4 legged animals sprite Evolutions. With Kouichi power his both Takuya and Koji can Hyper Sprite Evolve with Takuya combine the sprites of Fire, Ice, Wind, Wood, and Earth to form EmperorGreymon (who is basically the Chuck Norris of Digimon, seriously he is super badass and awesome like he deflect a giant shot from Cherubimon like it's nothing) and the sprites of Light, Darkness, Thunder, Metal and Water to form Magnagarurumon (who is so armed to the teeth you want to see him fight Kamen Rider Zolda) and they defeat Cherubimon and that leads into are final arc with the Royal Knights who would get more recitation in Data Squad. Episode 50 "End of the Line": Now in the after Lucemon have been revived from the Royal Knights taking all the data from the Digital world Lucemon then decides to go the Human world and rule their. The ending for Frontier has been a bit of and rushed ending, without giving away to much it was just to quick and need to be some more things in it. Also the animation went to crap with it pictures in the final scene. But their is a really good moment with Kouichi and is worth the watch.

The Charters
Takuya/Agunimon: Takuya (the leader for this season) is a hothead guy like tie was from Adventure was, but as a leader he is a bit more strong headed and a bit punchy. I mean he mostly the same throughout the season. a very strong episode with him is in Episode 22 "Home Again, Takuya Returns" where he became a Digimon human hybrid called Flamemon and he dose find his purpose on why he was sent to the Digital World. If his voice sounds Frailer that is because he is voiced by Michael Reisz who you might remember as Matt from Digimon Adventure.   
Koji/ Lobomon: Koji is a lone wolf (funny since he has a wolf motif as his main costume) he is not involved with everyone else at first and is kinda distant from everyone else but he dose. He dose become more involved and friendly as the show goes on, and when Kouichi came into the story he became more attach to him and in the final scene with him and Kouichi is great to see. He is voiced by Steve Staley who also voiced River in IGPX, and was also Rio in Tamer.    
Tommy/ Kumamon: Is an Experience charter I say that because he has gone through a lot in the show. Beginning like TK, crybaby who is like afraid of his own shadow to going through his experience and becoming more brave. He gets experience of this from looking up to Takuya as a big brother role and what also helps is his sprite Evolution giving him power. He is voiced by Brianne Siddall who was also Takara from Blue Exorcise.  
JP/ Beetlemon: JP (I do not know if we ever know his full name correct me on that if I am wrong) is obviously fat and has a gut which is an first for Digimon, but he is also funny and bit of a goof ball who dose magic. He wants to be tommy brother figure and admits he dose has a crouch on Zoe which is something we can all relate, he also in an strong Episode 24 "Alone but Never Alone admit" he have never had friends before but he gets friends from this experience and become more stronger. Now if you don't mind me getting a bit personal now I relate to JP the most since I too have been a Large person and before my 3rd year of high school really never had barely if any friends before so I can relate the most to him. He is voice by my FAVORITE voice actor of all time Steve Blum who has done MANY, MANY fantastic roles that I can not mention.       
Zoe/ Kazemon: Zoe is more different from the other girls we have had in the past, she is more sassier and a bit lay back then other females we have in the past (also in the American Dub she talked Italian, which dose make her more different just a bit). Their is not a lot to talk about her in honestly. She is voiced by Michelle Ruff who is currently voicing Sparrowmon in Digimon Fusion, and speaking of that she is the main voice actress for Lopmon in Tamers and Frontier.       
Kouichi/ Lowemon: Kouichi is more scared charter since he was originally a bad guy and then turn back into a good guy, he doesn't get to sad over this which is good and be more a loner as the show goes on. He is voiced by the AEWSOME Crispin Freeman who was a badass as Alucard in Hellsin Ultimate.
Other Charters: The other charters that make up our show is Bokomon and Neemon who is more our comedy charters.

The Good
The Humans Becoming Digimon: Now for many people this is the aspect that people won't watch Frontier but to be honest this was a pretty cool idea. This was a cool idea and something insetting and I really do love the design of the human Digimon, my favorite would have to be Lowemon with all the black, red and gold, I would love if in the Dub Takuya said "It's Morphin Time".
The Music: To be honest I thought the music for Frontier was something that got stuck in my head and enjoyed it. Fire was a sweet opening, With the Will (also the name of an internet group form) has a bouncy of really cool and I did think it was a cool insurite/ fight song, the charter songs were a mix bag with Blader being really cool with a bunch of guitar in it, The Last Element was great and awesome to listen too. And now the American soundtrack is different from the previous 3 season, and the American opening is what I declare to be the best American Digimon opening. As for the indurate songs for the American soundtrack I did enjoy them a lot too for being different. Digi-Ranger Jukebox Recommendation thought choice since again the music is great but it would either have to be between Blader or The Last Element. 
The Asian Mythology References: I think I may be the first one who notes this (correct me if I am wrong) but their was a lot of Mythology in this show. Like how if you look at Sakkakumon his design is model after the Tree of Life, Susanoomon is was inspire by the ancient Japanese Shinto God Susanoo, even his sword is called the Zero Arms Orochi is referencing the 8 headed dragon Orochi. even Lucemon is referencing Lucifer (AKA the Devil), his Chaos mode is referencing the Ying and Yang, but how dose his Satan mode look like a giant purple dragon I do knot even know. their are a lot more and I could do even more, try and fine some yourself.
Kouichi's Back Story: This was an fantastic back story and is something well written. being the brother of Koji and not knowing it and seeing it was great and Kouichi is in honestly is dead. he is almost dead coming the digital world and it was a sad moment and it was sad when de died to protect his brother. Even his voice actor Crispin Freeman dose an fantastic job and if you are some how reading this MR. Freeman I just wana say you were awesome. 
The Charters: To be honest I feel like the for this season are one of the most relatable charters I have seen in a Digimon series. Are you fat, have you no friends, have you had trouble with with your brother, and do you have no friends, well all of that is covered and makes this feel like realistic and even more realistic then Tamers in my option. 

The Bad
The Beast Spirit evolutions: A lot of people do not like the Beast Sprites because their too monstrous and dose not look anything form the normal sprite Evolution. I agree with this and they look just different, I do like a lot of their design but design can only get you so far with me.  
The Team get their ass easily kick: Many people have say that Frontier is the weakest team their is, epically in the final arc where the team lost every single time and this got respective and boring and just a waste of time.
The Pasting: to sum it up it takes forever for anything to happen in this show which was majorly dragging. Why do you think I put only 3 total Episodes on this review, and that is where Frontier main problem is it just takes forever for anything to happen. 

Final Verdict
I was suspires that I really enjoy this season   
I am admitting this Frontier is not a season for everyone and I do believe their are some people who will enjoy this season and some that will not but for me I thought that this was an untreated season. But if you want a Power Rangers season Digimon season or at lease something new and insetting then give this season a watch. For Alternate recommendations, if you want a back to basics style of Digimon then I recommend Digimon Adventure. And since this dose have a bit of sentai I fully recommend Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger just because their are a bit of similar things between both shows.

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