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Thursday, September 4, 2014

2015 Dragon Ball Z movie update 9-4-14 Evil GOKU!?

Sources HeroTaku

Some time ago Akira Toriyama announce that there would be a new Dragon Ball Z movie release in 2015 thanks to the success of Battle of Gods and ever since then many DBZ fans have speculating on the new Film could be since it had the description of “The Worst Wish" and we now have news on that and it’s going to be an Evil Goku. Goku wants to fight someone like himself so he can reach Super Sayin God (and rumored to go beyond SSJ God to reach something like SSJ God 2) and shenron creates another Goku but he will be evil (with a lot of funny scenes) but not a Villain just like a Rival like Vegeta was and they could make Vegeta SSJ God in the new movie which was hinted at the end of Battle of Gods. and that is all so far and who knows Evil Goku could look like Turles form the Tree of Might movie and Vegeta will be the hero of the movie.
Finally the movie will come out Golder Week which is in late April eairly May (hey a birthday gift to me)
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