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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Drigimon Tri new article

New on Digimon tri today that the source of this article comes from Chain of Ice from Tumbler and in the article translated it says

"—Please tell us what we should pay attention to in the new anime series.
I think at first people will pay attention to things like will all eight kids assemble together again or how much they’ve grown up. If you ask for any hint about this new series as a whole, then it’s in the epilogue of Digimon Adventure 02. I think certain words in the last monologue will be the main point of this series. We’ll deal with... many problems that are happening because human and digimon suddenly get close together. In other words, I want to show how human and digimon will live together. Please wait for spring."

 Fom this article it sounds like it will have Digimon and Humans coexisting tougher, and sadly enough 02 is still cannon but why they are not promoted along with the original 8, don't care about them too much to care (except for Ken only good charter) and more about the show will give with the end scene of 02.

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