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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ninninger Villains and opening reviled

Sources TokuNation
In just about 2 weeks the new Sentai Shuriken Sentai Ninninger will air and no more ToQGers will be on J and we are already getting more new info about the show and that being the villain designs and the opening. The villains for the show are called the Yokai Army Corps with their commander Fanged Demon Gengetsu and the foot soldiers are Hitokarage. The designs re really awesome looking with their foot soldiers having ninja samurai hats and the one with the gold and black Samurai looks so badass looking, and more better looking than the ToQGers villain designs (DID ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE SHOW?).    
We also have access the opening as well and it is a pretty cool opening (and again better than ToQGers opening) Still not to long before the show is in action and I’am excited to see this show.

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