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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Guyver 1 Figma Review

I LOVE THE GUYVER, I have said that many, many, many times on this blog before and when the Guyver Figma was announce a long time ago I was excited to get this, and almost a year after the Figure have been release I finally have it and also I'am this is the first time that I'am trying out my new review station.
The Box


I have to get this out of the way right now, sadly on my figure there is a bit of paint scrape on mine. on the Abs you can see there is more heavy of paint on my figure, I have seen other reviewers and this is just on mine yours will probably not have that, 2nd on the left thy there is some more paint scratch on it which also sucks but again will not be on yours. Details on this figure for being the most part being simplistic looks very good. The main body is this nice teal color and all of it is smooth. the head and looking at the head, his head fin looks great with an excellent detail on organic bits and the red circle on it as well, we also have the century orbs in this nice silver paint sounded by the organic parts of the Guyver , they do not move but that is ok. The head beam is the small green piece that is small is well excused and below that is his control medal which looks how it should for the Guyver. I wanna talk about the eyes for a seconded because their impotent because for this figure they are a translucent dark pink color that are more larger and rounder eyes, which is how this looks in the 2005 show, in the manga and OVA the Guyver eyes are smaller and pointer eyes, I do not mind this since because I admit I thought out was the same eyes from the whole show entirely so this get a slide by me. next is his exotic vents and vibration orbs are nice looking, the figure also has 2 connectors on it to the head and that is another piece all tougher so you do not need to fear about breaking it, and finally the gravity orb on the waste is on the Guyver itself. Everything else on the figure is either smooth with shoeing organic bits in a very dark purple color. 
 The Sholderpads and Legguards

 Before I get started with the articulation I should mention this, the shoulder pads are on this ring like system and bit of rubber feel and this is there for better movement in the arm. next is the hip pieces and they are on this rubber joint so you can move the figure, also I should say don't leave the leg piece in a beddable pose for a long time since I do say it will be like that pose forever.   
The articulation for the figure is flawless, as in there is nothing hindering the movement of the figure what so ever, and the best part of the figure the hinges of the figure are not noticeable. head is on a ball joint, the head and neck can fully move forward and the best part it hips the joint and not making it noticeable, arm 360 and not blocked with the arm joint being on that ring as said before, while it may not look like it arm is on double hinge (again this figure does a great job at hiding it's joints) and finally hand is on ball joint so you can replace the hands (be warn tho since you can also take the arm joint as well). Abe crunch, and both legs are not hinder with the rubber leg piece, leg is not on a double joint but the leg can go very far back touching the thy. And finally while it may look the foot is hinder it is not and the foot has a hinge for the toes. 
 Size Comparisons
For size comparisions we have Kamen Rider Black 2.0 Ver. and he is slightly shorter. and as it is stated this figure is smaller then other figmas and it is more to be with figuarts, since this is my first and only figma this is somehting that I'am told.
Do not think that the Guyver Figma is lack luster in the accessory department because the Guyver comes with a ton of accessories.

For reargue Figma collectors the figure comes with of course a Figma bag for all accessories and a Figma stage, but I should mention that for this figure being smaller the stage doesn’t fit will in it, even tho it has a smaller piece to connect to the Figma stage, it looks I did a good job keeping the figure costly on the stage, but it quickly went down when I slightly tap it. also when you pre order this figure you got the first release bones of a display piece, I oblivious do not have it but if I want to I could have printed out some things for a display piece and also a black box for the Figma stage. With the stage you can make it look like the Guyver is flying. And a hand holder for your hands, and also a replacement hand peg.
The Guyver comes with close fist hands (which are the default hands, slightly open hands which are not to noticeable different from the close fist. Karate chopping hands, spayed open hands to recreate his signature Pressure Cannon which I admit I poorly recreated.
Next is his High-Frequency blades which are long blades and fit snug and good on both arms good.
He comes with an extra chest and He comes grippy hands, "for what" you may ask? to make his

Yes, you can even recreate the signature Mega Smasher or (the boobs of death as some people call it) and it looks great. Now while the Mega Smasher is a yellow translucent color on the box and here it is a just clear piece. I do not mind that how ever since because I have heard that you can customize it the mega smasher with LEDs, I do not know how to or seen it but I know it is doable is all. So if you know how to let me know.

And finally what the Guyver comes with is the G-unit which is another outstanding piece of plastic, even tho this does not exist when the Guyver is in well the Guyver himself you can use this for fun displays or pictures like a Kamen Rider Guyver, a Gundam Guyver, or even a Guyver transformer, and even more possibilities.
  Should you buy this?
the answer is abslouty yes
If you’re a fan of the Guyver and love the franchise just like me then you should buy it, if you want a Figma of the Guyver and could not get old Max Factory mold then get this, you should buy this if you just want a sweet Figma figure. I do consider the Guyver Figma cloest thing to being a perfect figure. Now that is a HUGE thing to say considering other figures and other types of figures, but honestly I do mean what I say that this is a very perfect figure. The articulation is no problem what so ever, even the chest you have a different chest just to the figure better articulation, there is a lot of accessories that comes with the toy, it is well detailed, I honestly could not find a problem with the figure. the only thing that i could find with it is more small nick picks, the washing on the figure is not good but that is my figure only, the blades on the arms and head will pierce your skin and probable draw blood (and from a high enough stand) and the real complaint is the Figma stage cannot go into the back peg hole but other than that I really hope everyone get this figure because this figure is awesome. I really hope this line continues so we can more Guyver Figma since there is so few of them like Figma Guyver 2, 2F, 3 Guyver Gigantic, Zoanoids and maybe even the American Guyver figures.
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