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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Power Rangers 2015 Toy Fair display

Sources HeroTaku

Yet another year of toy fair has come and gone again this year, and as my job as a blogger that I must inform the masses of what toys were shown at toy fair.

Dino Charge main line

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Pictures for DC main line are show with pictures of the next wave of Chargers, a new Zord armor, and 6th ranger sword and morpher (that are of course lacking in a LOT OF PAINT, but that is to be expected at this point. What many people want to see the Zords with the Packy Zord, Amonite Zord, and the Ptera Charge Megazord. Dino Charge American Kentrospiker has been finally been shown and WOW is it different from its japan counterpart, the chomping Dino Spike is something that works radically different and design wise it works the same way as the Barizun Sword from Kamen Rider Fourze (let that tsiken for a sec also given the fact that the main Kyoryuger line had already a remold/ reapint of a Fourze toy called the Astro Switch Kaban into the Jyuden Brave Box). Also added into the mix is the T-Rex with electronics, I thought it was gonna be like where it like the Gabutyra that also attach to the 2 zords and we do get our lights and sounds Megazord again, BUT WE HAVE THIS, if I carded about this more I would rant, but as it is I'am just disappointed and not wanna look at this since this looks badly painted, and also AOE Stomp and Chomp Gimlock. 





If you ever completed their not being enough villain figures (like me when I was 11 or in 2011 either way when it was in the 11 year) well this time BOA will giving us a crapton of figures with many villain figures and with us even seeing what new villains we will be getting in Dino Charge, the figures we are getting is Sledge, Wrench, Iceage, Giant Vivix Monster and more with no U.S. names.  also added into the mix is the Armored/Dino Charged Ranger, the look of them is well done and could fit with in the show design (not like sledge, like when I looked at him he does not fit with in the world of Kyoryuger design) people are wondering will we actually see this in the show when Dino Super charge (2nd half of Dino Charge) airs or ME wondering if this is cockpit footage since we have not the rangers in their zords yet.

Mix & Morph
The Mix & Morph figures are back and they are in the form of (I think DEAD) Digimon Fusion line, this is not the original Mix & Morph figures tho, if your new here are what the old Mix & Morph toys.

Black and Gold Legacy Megazord
A move made by BOA for their legacy line which pissed off MANY PEOPLE except for me for some reason, BOA instead of showing off the Legacy Thunder Megazord which many people were hoping what we did get instead was a black and gold Ver. of the Legacy 2010 Megazord which again pissed people off but not me because I'am looking forward to this (not a confirmed by from me because I proms Tigermegazord and did not promises that sorry). Ever since I was a kid I always LOVED the black repaints, I love Nemesis Prime and my favorite Megazord is the Life Force Megazord, Also BOA LEGACY LIGHTSPEED RESCUR MEGAZORD (I CAN WAIT BTW). BOA is takking suggestions from fans and are willing to make a Legacy Serpentera, Tor, or Pyramidas. It depends on what the fans want.
Instering year this year from BOA, and we saw things from BOA we would not expect.
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