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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge First impressions

Power Rangers Dino Charge Episode 1: Powers From the Past- Adapted from no episodes of Kyoryuger

Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce were shows that I was hype for when they first aired from the dissepiment that was samurai the year before, and well SMF was a letdown overall. and now he are here to talk about the newest Power Rangers season Dino Charge, I have been keeping my expectations for this season at an all-time low even when Judd Lynn was announce to return as the writer.
We begin IN SPACE with a small ship escaping from behemoth sized ship attacking the small ship. We are then shown our villains for this season fury (Dogold in Kyoryuger), wrench (Aigaron in Kyoryuger), Poisandra (Candelilla in Kyoryuger), and finally our first PR exclusive villain since Tenaya 7 from RPM Sledge (underwhelming name I know, now Sledge is our replacement for High Priest Chaos, kinda obvious why he was replace but that is my reason on guessing). Now design wise he is ok, not something I really call Badass like Lord Baron from Gaim, but not bad either but his gun is kickass looking tho, and the foot soldiers of the season of the season Vivix (called the Zorima in Kyoryuger). the mange to attack the ship and the ship fall to earth and we then hearing the opening and MY GOD IS IT FREAKIN AWESOME I mean for the past 5 years it has just been "Go, Go Power Rangers" and DAMN it the opening just REALLY GOOD just listen . Also the rangers did not shout their name when we saw there tittle faces, this just shows you how the show has been improving. on the prehistoric earth we see the Keeper, now a lot of people were disappointed in the fact that this is not Torin and yah I'am underwhelm buy this guy design overall. The Keeper is greeted by a t-rex and the keeper then tells the T-rex to go and get more dinosaurs to give them the Energems (in Kyoryuger the Energems they were batteries from the dead sprites of dinosaurs which make sense here as well). But wait we see the Keeper has only 10 Energems, where will the other Energems come form, in the 4th Episode the rangers will have there bikes, only 2 way that can make sence is either 1 they make there own Energems or the Keeper had more. Fury then finds the keeper and believes he is dead he is about to make sure that he is dead but then finds the Energems and take it back to his ship. Back on his ship there are cell blocks holing Sledge bounty and I gotta say that is a great way to do the monster of the week idea making more sense because we usually don't do that idea, it's like Time Force in a way so that the convicts would not revolt against slug. Also Sledge is holding up bounty pictures and we see Monkeywi from jungle fury which raises a LOT of questions. furry returns to the ship and it's a bomb, he could have checked the container first but nope, the bomb goes off and sends fury back to earth and sends sledges meteors to earth as well which shows that this is how the dinosaurs die (and I assume one of those rocks had super powers on them which is how the events of Dino Thunder took place (and it adapted from the BEST SENTAI EVER!). We cut to modern day earth at a museum called the amber beach dinosaur museum and we see our main rangers for the show Tyler and Chase, (there is a café called the dino bite café HA :| ) Shelby, and finally Koda (Koda is said to be a cave man but he is already awaken from his prison as we see already). The only ranger we do not see in the first episode is the green ranger Riley but instead who we do see instead is Kindle, Kindle is rumored to going to be the purple ranger for the more proof is given with in one of the promos she is making the dino charger. Tyler then goes to the volcanic cave (because it is in his dad's journal more on that latter) and he is attack by the monster (it was not stated in the episode who he is but the PR Wiki said he is iceage, so I will call him by the name), he get away from the Iceage and then finds the T-rex Dino Energems. Earlier hid on a truck to a dig site and then we see Iceage get the pink Energems, then Tyler appears and help her out, there is a bit of actual comedy here when Tyler is about to get his shovel but instead get a banana and his underwear. Also love that instead of heroic fighting they are questing what to do and how to fight the monster which i do like, the monster. Both Tyler and Shelby are WELL..... but the Energems unfreeze them which make sense in a way given power and energy, then they get there morpher that suddenly appears, and when Tyler uses it for the first time Shelby says “Nice Shooting Tex" straight from Ghost Busters, they then turn into the rangers, also this has to be one of the first times the rangers did not have a morph sequence and the rangers were in, cloest you get to is in space. They then fight off Iceage in all American footage and it's a pretty cool fight scene too and the Fight ends with the T-rex Zord appearing and throwing Iceage (from what I heard Dino Charge has a more higher budget then the last few seasons.  Tyler then tells Shelby about how when he was 10 his dad left (GEEZ a family member missing NEVER HEARED THAT BEFORE IN A JUDD LIN STROY BEFORE, NUGE NUGE WINK WINK) and the first episode ends with Furry appearing and going to get the Energems.

Overall 4/5
A really different begining
That is really how I feel about this first episode this is something completely different from well something we’ve seen in the neo Saban era. Really the opening episodes in the neo Saban era is mostly give out “who these charters are” and then ACTION, ACTION, ACTION. Here tho here tho more development on the villains and the origins of this world, then on the charters, then finally all American fight footage. it's not perfect mind you since for starters the CGI is really, REALLY BAD, a PS1 game is better, and also how did the Keeper talk to the dinosaur and the dinosaurs is able to understand, and finally the acting is WELL let just say this place does take place in New Zeeland come. but other than that I really did like this opening a lot for starters the villains are all inserting and can't wait to see more of them, Fury and Sledge are the ones I'am most inserted in, I can say the same thing too for the charters as well, Tyler is a adventures guy looking for his dad, Shelby is a cute derpy but do wanna see more of, Chase is your cool guy Kindle is this smart and in charge woman, and Koda is Koda, and that fight scene was good. I'am now having hopes for the show as a whole now and now excited to see more of this show. Come back in 4 week where i will do my first impressions on the 39th Sentai Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.
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