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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger StarNinja revile

Sources TokuNation & HeroTaku

With Shuriken Sentai Ninninger being premiere being delayed until the 22nd (reasons being VERY COMPLICATED that I will not get into in this blog post) and with that said let's talk about the 6th Ninninger StarNinja.  StarNinja is gold first off and design wise he is an ALL AMERICAN LOOKING RANGER, just looking at him he does look like a very American looking design he looks like a cowboy with his helmet looking like an cowboy hat, his chest has a tassels designs (BECAUSE you have to have tassels on your design if you’re going for an American look, like Super 1), and just realizing it now he has red white blue like the (AMERICAN FLAG) and his morpher is a cheese burger, A CHEASE BURGER and a cheese burger originates IN AMERICA. Overall I do like his design (just realize, he is an American ninja, mind blown). He morpher is again stated a burger (which reminds me of the food droid from Fourze) and called The Ninja Star Burger and is $40.00 and release in may as well as his  Star Swordgun for $45.00 and it is a guitar, like the Ninjamisen from Hurricangers). Now his mecha, his mecha is the Bison King! The Bison King can turn from a ATV (called the Bison Buggy), and comes with RodeoMaru a little robot that can rid him. combine with Shurikenjin it creates King Shurikenjin, design wise I like both, epically King Shurikenjin, it makes Shurikenjin a lot more proportional in size I mean YAH it combines with the lazy add arms and legs but it looks good and BETTER then Cho Cho ToQ-DaiOh, and more thought and uniqueness then Raiden Kyoryuzin. Finally a new Auxiliary Mecha called SurferMaru A purple submarine that can transform into a surfboard that forms to make Shurikenjin Surfer lot a great looking thing in this catalog shown and it will be great and it will be exciting to see if he will have an American name like Bob or Steve.

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