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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kmen Rider Chaser and Dive Type Tridoron

Sources TokuNation

Kamen Rider Drive Shingou Axe
New forms on the way from Drive with more showing of Drive Type (and TK figure is 09)Formula which we’ve seen before, but in real new forms are Drive final form with the  Shift Tridoron Shift car to make his final form Drive Type Tridoron. The Tridoron Shift car has an special LED light in it and power being Tire Kakimazeru (Kakimazeru being Japanese for mix up) and use all the tire koukans, and TK figure TK 11. Now on to bigger news  with the revile of Kamen Rider Chaser and well as you can tell Chaser is chase, I would say SPOILER ALERT BUT YAH, the weapon chaser went from being a knuckle gun weapon to an AX (OK not the most graceful evolution of weapon charger but better than just your basic sword or gun) called the Shingou Axe and comes with a new Signal Bike that looks like his bike (that is cool (but I which Kiriko was Chaser when I get to drive I will say how that will happen) that can go into the Mach Driver. a new vehicle is the  Ride Booster Red and Ride Booster Blue and they are go karts (let that sicken in for a minute) that can combine with Tridoron. In some final news there is going to be a new Drive TK 01 figure that has light up eyes or statue (sorry I cannot read Japanese) and Proto Drive Shift Car from the Proto Drive special (which coming from a guy that has watch it really added nothing to impotent to the show what so ever).
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