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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Digital-Ranger Review Special, Gridman anime short

all pictures are from Stuido Triget
Hello everyone today is April 30th which means for everyone else it is just a normal day and the end of month (or waiting for 1 more day till Age of Ultron is out which by the by I'm seeing it tonight) but not for me today is my BIRTHDAY, and it is my day and is always a great day for me. And for today I want to do something special, that being I want to review something I've wanted to do for quite some time but forget to do because of time, and that is a first reaction to the Gridman anime short. I fell in love either the Gridman anime short or I forget to do a first reactions because of horrible timing that was on my plate at the time and some reviews I had as well. Some background on this, this was created for the Japan Animator Expo and that is really all the info I got on it so YAH T.T. BBBBUUUUTTTTT what I do know is that it was done by Studio Triget, the guys that did  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kill LA Kill. The reason on why I wanted to do a first reaction on it is because I loved superhuman samurai cyber squad as a kid and it was a fan favorite of mine.

The short begins a telephone line moving along and seeing a monsters in silhouette attacking the city and the tittle of the short appears boys invent great hero (basically what Denkou Choujin Gridman is translated to) and a man is walking up to a TV (more on him latter) and when he arrives their a TV goes off and the anime short begins.

A thing that I must complement on is that it recreates what is in the show perfectly in the show to a THEATH; I mean this hits me in the neoplastic spot, with some great animation. That scene when Gridman grows big, it is exactly like when I was a kid and saw servo grows huge. And a bunch more stuff is recreated like his state bar, that tube he travelled through, the background, the monsters dyeing, and his annoying beeping from his head, it was annoying as a kid and is still annoying as an adult. The rest of the short is a montage of scenes from the show like him using his final attack (and sadly does not use his sword/ shelled/ axe/ sword axe shield combo in it).

What also is next is God Zenon or just known as Zenon from samurai which does not form exactly like in the show and it is cool to watch, and in the back of the head it is a translucent block with a screw, WHICH WAS IN THE TOY NOT THE SHOW and now looking at him after so many of not looking at him I now realize he looks like Optimus prime, and when I ask that question I was told that it was done on purpose SO YAH >.> and it is great seeing him transforming into thunder Gridman/ Synchro.

The part where they recreate Dyna Dragon/ Drago is AGAIN just like in the show, and still looking badass as ever, and Phormo/ King Gridman are also BADASS.

The final battle between Gridman and Gigantic Kahn Digifer or Kilokahn (which now looking at him again looks like the shredder from TMNT look, the 2003 Ver.) and King Gridman is destroyed. But then thinks to the power of (it is either Deux Monica or friendship already calling it now even though I have not seen the show) and defeats him.

When that fight ends we then cut back to the man who is named Takeshi Todo and after seeing that he get the Henshin device that turns you into Gridman, and when he get it he shouts out "Acces Flsh" and for the first time ever never seen before until now Gridman Sigma and he looks incredibly BADASS, don't get me wrong I like Gridman design a lot BUT Gridman Sigma is badass in comparison. And the short ends with Gridman Sigma and he is going to kick some giga butt (could not help it :P) and the awesome Gridman opening plays.

Instead of my normal review ranking you know 10-0 or 5-0 I say you should just watch it, it is up on YouTube  a hair over 5 minutes and has a lot of great animation, and if you want to see Super Human samurai cyber squad for nostalgia sake it will satisfice you. Well I hope you guys enjoy this little review of mine and now I'am going to enjoy the rest of my birthday.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ninninger 3rd quarter toys

Sources TokuNation

new Ninninger scans have appeared for the 3rd quarter toys of the show (in some poorly rez scans, which NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO USE SCRENE CAPTURE?) first up is the Chozetsu Changer a changer which is basically a stick with a Shuriken which can give the wearrer heavy armor which would probably armor which is like Shinkengers and, scratch that tradition armor for 1 ranger at a time. the final mecha for het show (REALLY ALREADY SCANS FOR THE FINAL MECHA AT THIS TIME? seems a bit odd since the show has not reached EP 10 yet, and I do mean final mecha since this thing is around the $100.00 final mecha price point)  Lion HaOh controlled by whoever has the Chozetsu Changer. Lion HaOh is a giant lion mecha that (well looks like he is from the brave series, and also on that note the Chozetsu armor looks like it is something from Madan Senki Ryukendo) ShuriKenJin sit in it also help with Bison King (a mecha controlling a bigger mecha, controlling an even bigger mecha, with also another mecha apart of it, mechaception!) which it is Lion HaOh a fortress mecha. And finally when the summer time comes for the summer movie * which will kinda suck because the rider movies tend to get more attention then the Sentai movies lately, now it’s just their because they needed room) and it is an orange dinosaur by the name of DinoMaru. That also has a drill tail. Already what i assume final wave stuff (assume, and also really no DX pink Shuriken? girl rangers are really getting screw over lately haven’t they in recent years) 
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger Review part 2

The Charters
Yousuke/ HericanRed: Yousuke YOU KNOW JUST the name of this guy the look of the this guy and even voice of this guy (trust me) you can tell that this guy is going to be the hot headed brash guy who always causes trouble for himself and is well is that idiot red ranger. And Yah that is who Yousuke is a very brash hot headed guy that does get into trouble for his actions. But to be fair he does have his shinnying moments like it was his idea to use angry arrow against a powerful monster, and it is only half way through the show where he was hot headed he cooled shown and was thinking more of his decisions latter on before just rushing into things. So he is a fine ranger overall, also he is not like Right from ToQGers where that that guy is nothing but an annoyance from start to finish.
Kouta/ HericanYellow: Kouta is probably my favorite charter because I can relate to him the most because he is he is like the older brother for the other 2, he is more careful and more of calmer to Yousuke. And I can relate to that because I've always been mature then most people my age and I do have quite a few brother and sisters. He’s a charter that is well rounded to say the least.
Nanami/ HericanBlue: I honestly could not find anything on Nanami and in all honestly she was just there. I’am not saying she is totally forgettable or bland or just their all I’am saying she had the lease to do. Really all o got from her was she wanted be a singer which she did at the end of the show and got a total of 2-3 episode of focus episodes.
Ikkou/ KabutoRaiger: Ikkou started out bad as well a villain to the Hurricangers because of his father and what his father wanted him to be the next Gouraijer with his brother. When he did turn good he was more open to talk and actually have friends.  He is the older brother and he is stronger and knowledgeable then Isshu is which gives him an edge when it came to enemy's like Mammaruba but when the threat came and speaking of that. It confuse me on why he did not tell anyone he was infected by scorpions, if he did not want people to worry odds are they will find out soon epically when he dies.
Isshu/ KuwagaRaiger: Isshu is the younger brother and he is the one who has the more daddy issues to say the lese. He was not as strong as his older brother so his dad decides to punch him more which did not work out well since his dad made him feel week as well, GREAT DAD AM I RIGHT. But when he finally stop with daddy wish to becoming the next ninja we see he is the one more caring for his brother and in a morality making sure he is fine, yes the younger brother is better at protecting his older brother is go figure.
Shurikenger: As said before Shurikenger is always Shurikenger and really that the type of guy he is, he is mainly come out when it is time to fight and not that much time spent with other rangers in the beginning. I court Shurikenger more as a mentor then the actual mentor we got in the show (more on that latter) since well he did teach the rangers to use the new things he gave to the rangers taught them lesions and more to becoming a ninja. Just like us the other rangers want to know exactly know who this guy is and it was a cop out on the guy was truly never given an identity but was still fine and nothing to get angry about.
Oboro: is the daughter of their master and she kinda act a bit still like a kid in with having a temper and acting stubborn, but she does act more adult and adult as the show goes on.
Hinata: he did JACK, i could not name a single thing he did he helped out like once or twice but other then that he is on od those mentors that did not help the rangers in the slighteset. 
The music 
A thing about the music is that it is full of energy and is up lifting most of the time and all of the songs keeping a more or less same kinda of beat through the whole songs and most of the songs were just pretty catch with overall, like the opening for instances. But a problem with the songs are a lot of them are in the same melody through the whole time,  there is no more upper tone of almost awesomeness near the end but that does not have to be in every song this is a personal preface. When it comes to Gouraijers it goes for more of a serious approach with sounding lot of beat, in my option the bet name of the whole sound track goes to Shurikenger Hi dee ho Shurikenger with also sounding like an old school western with some flute into it and also having the Hi dee ho in it because he does uses English phrases. Digital-ranger jukebox recommendation goes to Kaze Yo, Mizu Yo, Daichi Yo for being pretty rockining and catchy
The Good
The Plot
I love the plot for this show; I just love on how it all connects tougher from a simple journey of youths trying to become ninjas to pretty much defeating evil itself. And while all the porphyry stuff and conscience meteor showers are kinda of a lot to keep track of this show plot continues to thicken greatly and keep the watcher more invested from start to end.
The Gouraiger
The Gouraijers were something new for Sentai at the time with our first ever evil group of rangers that were not under mind control or created from the villains of the show and the best part I saw was they were not part they were not a part of the official villains for the show but doing their own thing taking no shit from anyone, my kinda only complaint is it would be villains more in the show and heroes when Shurikenger was introduce so all can be heroes, but hey that is me.

Mammaruba I thought was great as a villain; he was the one that was the most productive with what he did. He poised 2 rangers and just about killed one he Pratley killed about a bunch of people, he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, he even clones himself in case he die, this guy does a lot in the show and I love every minute of it. and also his forms are really awesome as well his floating larva form is unique and quite cool, his 2nd stage looks really nice and menacing, and his final form I do admit is a creepy and a form to be reckoned with. 
The Bad

the final battle
I've already talk about the final battle so I won’t go over to much, it is just that if you fight the embodiment of evil itself it is a little hard to try and up the anty isn’t it.
 lack of devolpment
The biggest thing that is wrong with the show, there is really is just not that much development with the show. A good example of Namui like not that much is with here, or Oboro or the master themselves; the other charters themselves get fine development. The Worst offender of this is the villains themselves because other than Mammaruba and Sandaru are the only ones that do things in the show and we’ll all the other villains are either A do JACK or B make a very little impression. Master Tao while looking cool get absolute no reason on why he decide to take over the world in the first place or any of the others I even forgot most Sargain name till he did something, or other things like the revolver Mammoth where did he come from and even more things that I did forget because AGAIN NOT TOO MUCH DEVLOPMENT I FROGET. I know why the development is not that huge tho, it because of the really good plot and it is a give and take sourta thing really.
Final Verdict
This show is fun but it also needs more Development
Hurricangers was a good beginning into the Experimental era of Sentai. While I do wish that there was more development with pretty much everything this is again not a bad show in the slightest, I do see why people like this show from good charters (that can also act really well), a very fine plot, and also very badass villains. I do recommend this show for all that can see it because this show is good just good overall. I take pride in the fact that the Experimental Era for Sentai would improve and be more developed with the next season which is also my favorite season Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger Review part 1

Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger (Translated into Stealth Wind Squadron Hurricaneger) is a show that started something new for Sentai, if you thought Power Rangers Ninja Storm was the only type of show that began the Disney era for Power Rangers well then it’s Sentai counterpart also did the same as well then Hurricangers began the Experimental era for Sentai (for those of you inserted to know more about the Sentai eras then I have a link so you people can see the different eras of Sentai The experimental era for Sentai is an era had things like more 3 team Sentai, different hero groups and also more different colors for additional rangers, 6ht rangers, more extra heroes, more on plot building, and also more imploringly different head writer which helped the show not all done by 1 head writer like the old days where a lot of burn out of the same story happen over and over with the same story lines repeated a lot which happen a lot. Also on a side note Hurricangers is the show that slowly started the norm of more goofy stuff in Sentai which was more expanded on in Abarangers but this is the show that brought the new wacky Sentai is known for and Hurricangers have that rep. For a lot of people Hurricangers is a season that was well and it is kinda obliviously shown if you look at Sentai in after worse this season, Blue got to be in the Boukenger anniversary movie, in the Gokaigers tribute they were the only ones who fought in action with the Gokaigers, there was the Hurricangers 10 year after special with the team reuniting after 10 years, and there was also the 1 Akibarangers episode where the Hurricangers are in. So yah these rangers still come back in Sentai and even a few Camoes in Kamen Rider and probably soon with the newest Sentai right now being a ninja them Sentai and probably also Kakuranger too to do a triple ninja team. So how did the Exponential era started for Sentai, is this show as crazy as some people say, and how popular is this show for these actors keep on returning? Well then let’s move swiftly like the ninja and review Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger.
Scroll 1: The Wind and the Ninjas
The Show begins when a woman finds an alien thing that then sends out a message to space. 2 months later were at the Shinobi Valley at the Hayate Academy of ninja arts hidden away and an invisible force field and we see ninjas (in bright colors may I add) trying to get a scroll until their master Hinata Mugensai arrives and takes it away from them by using the force (YUP Ninja Jedi’s let that sink in for a sec) to show they are not that strong enough. The ninjas unmask themselves and were introduce to our 3 main heroes Shiina Yousuke, Nono Nanami, and finally Bitou Kouta, back in space a centipede fortress arrives on earth and the villains for the show are shown. The villians are called the Universal Stealth Group Jakanja, the Jakanja goal is to ultimately take over the universe, and they are led by their leader master Tao Zanto with his generals called Spear. 1st Spear Furabijo, 2nd Spear Chuzubo, 3rd Spear Mammaruba, 4th Spear Wendinu, and finally 5th Spear Sargain (I know I don't give a bit of detail on who they are but you'll see why latter on in the review). The monster of the week are referred to as Corp and they come in either robots or organic, and they can use ninjutsu as (and think of their ninjutsu as like Naruto use of Ninjutsu VIA do whatever the hell you want to do because say it is ninjutsu and that is how it works). And seen a very few times the grunts for the show are called Genin Magerappa. The designs for them are mostly bug, Asian culture, and ninja/ samurai look to them and they are on the wacky side of things like a kangaroo with boxing gloves very. Back at the Hayate Academy their teacher is lecturing them to become better and then maybe then they can become the next Hurricangers because you see the Hurricangers has excited over 200 years ago and their haven’t been any new ones since then, the Jakanja arrive at the Hayate Academy and take everyone from the school and they are never seen again (so I guess they all die) except for the 3 main Hurricangers. Their teacher then turns him into guinea pigs to try and get away but is then is captured which is when the 3 arrive and try to fight the first monster but is no match and are then transported to an underground ninja cave. another charter introduce to this show is Hinata Oboro who is there teacher daughter and a good friend of theirs, she explains that they have to go and go rescue her father and defeat the Jakanja monster, when she gives the Changers the Hurricane Gyro and tells them they are the next Hurricangers. The Hurricane Gyro is changers I like, there not that complex, and is simple looking, and also they can fire shurikens which is awesome. And also in the topic the gimmick for the changers are the Shinobi Metal, I do like them and they are nice looking just with the ranger symbol on it. The Hurricangers go into battle and they do their first battle and change by shouting Shinobi change. The Hurricanger suits are good looking and I think the reason is why that chain is male for the arms which are unique and we have not had that before (more example of the experimental era for Sentai) and the ranger’s personal colors are not too much distracting. The helmets look like the rangers animal with the animal itself on the front of the helmet, and each one of them can do ninjutsu. Now let get on to the weapons the Hurricangers have first is their unite weapon the Hayatemaru, works as a katana and gun with the holster which is practical looking, they also have the Hurricane Wingers which are glider that were used quite often. Their personal weapons is red's DryGun (hair dryer), blue's SonicMegaphone (megaphone), and yellow's Quake Hammer (a hammer), something different and givin that this was created just by one person who never leaves her home this sourta make sense on why they were design like that. They can also combine their weapons tougher form their finisher weapon the Triple Gadget, the Triple Gadget also can change the form of the blaster with the different rangers weapon being in the fort, red is a basic blast, blue can trap the monster and make them go boom, and finally yellow can summon a yellow looney tunes looking weight that crushes the monster. Finally they also have another attack called shadow dance where the rangers are in silhouette fighting a monster and that is somehow powerful to use. They finish off the monster when the 5 spears appear and introduce themselves to the Hurricangers (which I already did) which ends the first episode, also at the end of the episode they do a space ninja profile that describe the monsters they fought which reminds me of the Guyver which I like a lot because I’am a Guyver fan. In the 2nd episode they get their mentor back and a sad thing now he cannot turn back into a human anymore (which explains on why their mentor was a Gini pig in the show). As said before the Hayate Academy has a force field around it and preventing anyone from getting inside or outside but because of the attack from the Jakanjas the rangers can explore the world again with getting jobs, Yousuke is a temp job worker doing a bunch of different jobs, Nanami is a singer (fun fact her actress Nao Nagasawa has done a lot more of a singer as a prophetical), and finally Kouta, is a nurse for elderly. Something I do like that the Hurricangers do have jobs which Sentai kinda like to say they just are out doing things and do not care about the concept of money. When they defeat another monster it grows big from the copy giant that copy’s the DNA that lets the monster become huge (also looks like the original ironman helmet) and there is also a scroll that resurrects the dead monster. But the Hurricangers have their mechas for this season named the Shinobi machines comprise up of a hawk for red, dolphin for blue, and a lion for yellow and they designees themselves as an plain a boat and a ROLLOR COSETR, OK (if it was not oblivious yet it is an homage to Choujuu Sentai Liveman) Combine tougher they make Senpuujin (translated into whirl wind god) which admittedly is not one of my most favorite looking mecha there is, just for some reason I just do not find this thing appealing, I guess it's just kinda bulking in a sense and just kinda not my style, also it has another mode called Senpuujin hurry up, which that I do like, so much of the body is slimed and look like a robot, and it is pretty cool looking, but the head looks to big on him tho. Senpuujin can also summon weapons from his chest (which is probably why Senpuujin is so bulky) and reviles Karakuri balls, which is what the Shinobi metal is for. Karakuri ball 01 is Sword Slasher, Karakuri ball 02 is Goat Crusher, Karakuri ball 03 is Tortoise Hammer which both can combine tougher is Goat Hammer, 05 is Gatling Leo which is my favorite 06 is Squid Attacker, and both are combine tougher to form Gatling Attacker 09: Red Scarf,  Karakuri Ball 13 is Karakuri Stamp 14 is Pitatto Hitode, I actually like this gimmick a lot weapons when you really think about it and I which this was done again, and are now ready to fight the Jakanjas. This opening is well done, I like design with things like the how the Hurricangers arsenal were made, the hero’s themselves were something to see, like the realism with the Hurricangers with the real jobs and stuff, and was inserted with the station with their teacher being a Gini pig. It really falls flat for me with the villains with the lack of development from what we saw of them in the first episode, but still all really well done in the end. While the Hurricangers are fighting there is also in the show we got something else in the background 2 mysterious figures in silhouette.
Scroll 7: Thunder and Ninja
When the Hurricangers are getting use to being rangers and defeating Jakanja a new obstacle comes in, that obstacle being the Gouraijers. For Sentai the Gouraijers are the first time there were evil Rangers that were not under mind control or just some clones, they rangers that were bad and did not like the main rangers. The Gouraijers are from another school called the Ikazuchi School a school where instead of wind that they teach the students Thunder techniques, and both schools have been in rivals for many years the 2 rangers are Brothers Kasumi Ikkou KabutoRaiger and KuwagaRaiger Kasumi Isshu and yah red Japanese rhino beetle and blue Stag beetle, HA. Their design are pretty badass looking, it is just the shoulder pads on it but the dull coloring and the bug design help this design look great, and their hanger the Gourai Changer does too also looks badass.  Their arsenal that they use is their side arm is the Ikaduchimaru a staff that can also tur into a shield, and a bigger shuriken and their personal weapons for Kabuto Raiger is the Horn Breaker, and the Stag Breaker for Kauwiga Raiger, and also Kawuiga Raiger can also combine with the Ikaduchimaru and combine with his Stag Breaker, they also have their awesome bikes called Ban Thunders. The2 brothers completely dominate the other rangers while the main Hurricangers try to fight back they are no match for the Gouraijers for they are faster, stronger, more trained they are completely powerful then the Hurricangers. Their mechas the Gourai Beetle and Gourai Stag make Gouraijin (translated into thunder God, which is also the first time we ever had bugs in Sentai ever) Gouraijin is so cool and works better than Senpuujin with mainly having black and dark red and blue, it is just well done and does look evil. The Karakuri Balls it has is Karakuri Ball 4 which they stole from the Hurricangers Plant Axe and Karakuri Ball 11 Sting Blaster. While most of the Jakanjas like the Gouraijers Chuzubo is the only one that does not like the and he sets up a trap to get rid of them, for the Gouraijers they have this device that has a message and are trying to decipher it. Chuzubo plain is to send the Hurricangers and Gouraijers to an Island made up of negative energy which is also affecting earth as well by freezing the earth in the process. The Gouraijers themselves also learn decode the message from an old man that appears in a hologram with a message that goes "when the hero defeats the hero they will become the greatest ninja ever" and that means not mean defeating the Hurricangers but means one of the Gouraijer brothers killing their brother. KabutoRaiger cannot go with the direct action of killing his brother so from one of the hot spring he make himself confuse and blind to rage against his brother. We then learn the truth that the old man giving the message was their father. Many years ago their dad was trying to become the next Gouraijer but was not excepted because he was to violet and played dirty, he was kicked out of the school, which meant they tried and kill him but he survived, and on an mission to Egypt he saw a meteor shower (prepare to hear meteor shower a lot in this review) and from that meteor shower he saw a light and power and the message, from then on he trained his kids harshly with Ikkou being the more powerful and Isshu being the more weaker one, he is also the one who built them their changers mechas and weapons, their father did die tho. The Hurricangers talk to Isshu to team up with them and help him and his brother, and Isshu with the help of the Hurricangers manage to save ikkou with them making remember his past and thanks to brotherly love and UUUUHHHHH also with the help of 2 little kids (I “forgot” to mention the kids because I did not wanna mention it but 2 kids also got in the island as well and they helped, and Yah they got trapped because one of them was Nosie UUUUUHHHHHH) with the kids it kinda seems cliché without the kids this was a really good scene. Chuzubo is not to please with this so he decide to fight  both but since now that both are working tougher Chuzubo is no match and both the Hurricangers and Gouraijers at a team, epically when they combine both of their weapons to make the Victory Gated (awesome name BTW) Chuzubo grow big and both the Hurricangers and Gouraijers go in their mechas but are not strong enough until another secrete locked away in Gouraijin, 2 Shinobi metal with  Karakuri Ball 7 & 8 unlocks Furai Maru a little robot that can combine both of the schools (or in this case the mechas) and forms GouraiSenpuujin. A cool combine mecha with a wicked lion chest that defeats him and killing Chuzubo. And from this point on the Gouraijers do agree to help the Hurricangers in battle when they have to and are now part of a bigger team. This was again new thing for Sentai at the time which we did not have at the time I mean yah we have had a 6th rangers turn good before but not evil rangers from the beginning and this was a thing that did help the experimental era for Sentai, my complaint is that it was done to early, maybe like episode 10 or at least a few more episodes with the main 3 rangers and maybe like 20 or so episodes BUT HEY it's ok. However that is not the only thing in the episode Mammaruba is starting to feel weird and goes to lie down and from their he is then turned into a cocoon.
Scroll 21: The Masks and The Riddles  
Mammaruba has now evolved and is more of a humanoid form which looks awesome and this pimping looking cloak, that is just the beginning the 6th spear is introduced Satorakura  is our newest spear. And he just appears like yah just appear with no explanation really just appears really. It is because of this guy on why people think Hurricangers is a wacky show I mean his first Palin he is to turn people into exclamation marks to fuel his bomb to destroying the world, so yah you see why people would think this show is weird also more proof is given for his monsters designs. His first monster he sent to fight the Hurricangers and Gouraijers does a job on them and wreck them up good but no need to fear for back up is on their side, and he is Shurikenger BABBY. Shurikenger is the 6th ranger for the show and he is a very unique ranger since will Shurikenger is always Shurikenger as we do not know Shurikenger true identity until the end of the show. But that does not mean he is never not in suite he can disguise himself in just about anyone but he can change back into Shurikenger with his changer the Shuriken ball, but you can tell who he is with his speaking of English words. I do like Shurikenger design the golden shield on his is what makes his design stand out and looks good, and also he can take off the shield and change his helmet into Shurikenger Fire up. He is also unique in that he is not a part of a school but more or less on his own (more will be explain on that latter). His weapon is the Shurican's bat a sword that can produce fire and also when he put the sword in his sheet he can use it like a baseball bat name. His first appearance he arrives in is his mecha the Tenkuujin which is a coptor that can turn into a robot mode (also look at the face of the coptor, it seems pretty Go-Ongerish) and can combine with both Senpuujin and Gouraijin and makes TenkuujinSenpuujin and TenkuujinGouraijin, his Karakuri Balls are Karakuri Ball # 10 spin bee which looks like a bayblade, (WHICH WILL BE ONLY THE TIME I SHALE METION THAT FRANCHIESE), and Karakuri Ball #12 catch spider a spider that catches other Karakuri Balls and is used like a mace which was used like 1 time maybe?  A sub plot begins with Mammaruba infecting Ikkou body with a scorpion egg which will hatch and kill Ikkou when the next full moon arrives. Fast forewing latter to the show the full moon has come and Ikkou starts dyeing, but that is not all that happens the meteor shower comes back reviling some more info on what the Gouraijers were trying to get in the first place. 2 messages are sent the first “The warrior will defeat the warrior and then the final secrete will be born” and the 2nd is "when the human beast fill the city, the door to the final secrete will open". And that is what happens next when the 3 wolf monsters start attacking the city (and can turning people into wolf) they become this awesome looking 3 headed wolf beast the message said. The only way to save Ikkou right now is to create an antidote form the scorpion, Yousuke has the idea to infect himself in order to get a cure, that is a pretty bone headed and reckless move to make but at this point what else is there really? Yousuke does get infected which almost kill him but he did save Ikkou however at the same time Yousuke just about but he still lives (this was more dramatic in the show in the show compare to just me giving it fact by fact in this review). Shurikenger does know a way to defeat the 3 headed beasts but that requires the Hurricangers giving their Shinobi Metal to Shurikenger, and he knows where he needs to go. The 3 headed wolves is still attacking the city but the Hurricangers are in their Shinobi Metal but without their Metals they are not that strong to take on the 3 headed, beast. Over to Shurikenger when he puts in the 6 Shinobi Metal into the locked sealed he gets a new weapon called the Ninja Guitar (the ancient ninjutsu ROCK). Shurikenger comes back and plays the ninja guitar and summons the Revolver Mammoth a giant that release the Karakuri Ball and also combine with the main mechas, O LOOK a carrier mecha that has a prehistoric motif, HA. OK something I should bring up about Hurricangers is that when Shurikenger shows up in the story there are quite a few references to kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger like the coins for the changer,  with the 6th ranger being green and a gold shield and just being there for the battles in the show and not being with the team. and similar on how the green ranger mecha combines with the other mechas, and them having the recover Mammoth a carrier Mecha and a prehistoric looking design, the reason on why this was done was because this was the 10th year of Zyuranger and the sniffiest of Zyuranger is well the beginning of Power Rangers also added into the mix is 1 writer from Zyuranger was in Hurricanger and that writer is THE GREAT Naruhisa Arakawa. They manage to defeat the 3 headed beast, and also KabutoRaiger defeats Mammaruba, in a very anti climatic way, and he comes back the next episode because he had a clone of himself, AGAIN anticlimactic to this what I assume was supposed to be pretty dam epic moment. When he comes back he starts putting neckless around people necks that suck the life force out of people and he even put it on the Hurricangers themselves, when the eyes of the neckless opens more the person will die. Mammaruba demands that he has one last duel with and the Gouraijers on? For a 3rd flipping time the DAMN  meteor showers comes (T.T I know it) and gives Mammaruba so much knowledge that it transformers him into a monster and I’am not gonna like looks very creepy the first time I saw it, and that is because of the it's the eyes and teeth that makes it creepy looking. In his new monstrous state he eat the Gouraijers and let them sit in his stomach while they melt in his body from his body acid, and just like a fatass when he eat he then falls asleep. While lardass is sleeping the Hurricangers are trying to ride the Gouraijers bike to try and get into Mammaruba while they are getting their life sucked out of them so it is a race for their life, not just the Hurricangers dyeing but also before the Gouraijers are eaten alive. The Hurricangers do manage to rescue the Gouraijers and while they were doing that Oboro and Shurikenger were working on something new, 3 new Karakuri Balls 15, 16, and 17 making the Tri condor (you know ninja storm had the right idea of calling this a fire bird because the last time I checked a condor is black not white) which allows all 3 mechas to combine and form the epic awesome giant that is Karakuri Giant TenraiSenpujin is a very grand looking mecha that just looks mighty (also if you look inside the cockpit with all the rangers inside the mecha on the side it has the google chrome logo before google chrome was even invented). They use their finishing move called the Ultima Storm that works by sending the enemy up into the air by killing them, so it works how mega man uses the air cannon from smash bros, and then they finished of Mammaruba and the 3rd spear. This was an arch that was good  did a good job of identifying the a very strong villain and more on charters, what bought this down was the conscience messages and meteor showers but this is not the end yet for their is still one final story arc to go.
Scroll 39: The Seventh Spear and the Mysterious Stone
The final spear arrives and he is named Sandaru and his design is a shark cyborg ninja which is one of the scariest things that could have ever been imagination and is also probably one of the most badass designs. Sandaru thing for the show is make the Jakanja be more like a team and work tougher which is a good thing to see showing villains being stronger as one; also he can summon a giant land shark to attack people. It’s not all happiness with the Hurricangers and Gouraijers, they finally start asking Shurikenger about all this stuff like the ninja guitar and him knowing skills that belong to the schools or the fact that why he will not show to them his true identity to them, and they just had enough of the secrets, but Shurikenger does not answer them. Sandaru comes and shows off his main thing by using a rock that absorbs the anger of people which turns the rock into the Angry Arrow medal, (yes I said medal I will get to that latter) which he got from a plant he destroyed. Sandaru also explains that he needs the other metal sad bow and when they have both that the Jakanja needs is the sad bow Metal or called the (NO JKING GUYS) the dark stone, (REALLY). Sargain is the only one that is not to fawn of Sandaru so he decides to create a new robot called Gaingain which looks pretty awesome and uses angry arrow as a Karakuri Ball into an awesome weapon (and I which Bandai of Japan could have had made that, Bandai is known for that they could have had made this TRU exclusive and later on in the show Senpuujin does use it in 1 episode). He pretty much kicks all the Ranger asses but they do manage to defeat Sargain then combining TenraiSenpujin and the revolver mammoth + all the Karakuri Ball to defeat him where Sargain is defeated. But he does not from the rangers but dies from Sandaru in a pretty brutal way and teats him like a bitch when he dies while killing him. Shurikenger realizes that the Huricangers and Gouraijers are ready to meet Shurikenger boss (and their master boss as well) his majesty and we will find out his majesty is actually a girl, with a pretty a sad childhood. You see a 1,000 ago (BECASUE NOTHING EVER GOOD HAPPEN 1,000 YEARS AGO) when she was just a little girl basically her entity family was killed and her home was destroy was even more sad is that in her little girl body contains the dark stone, and whenever she cries she loses her powers aND O MY GOD I'AM HAVING SONIC 06 FLASHBACKS NOW! It's a hell lot better here tho given the fact that she isolates herself from everyone and not emotionally attach herself to anyone (also the design of that stone is the same symbol as Shurikenger logo). She also goes on and says that the stone she has is what created ninjutsu, um sure yah ok I guess? And this is what both schools were fighting over those many years ago. Sandaru has a plain to get the dark stone by getting them out the rangers with copies of the rangers which the only way they really they could escape is the help of her majesty but Sandaru then get control of the rangers and make them fight her majesty. She do not want to fight well let's call it like it is her friends but Sandaru takes her and then steal the stone from her insides which then kills her. All of the rangers are pissed at Sandaru and want to take him down for his crimes he has committed to her majesty. Her Majesty was charter at first I admit I did not like so well because order Shurikenger instead of helping the rangers she told him stay back and not intervene. But I would be lining if the back story was sad and a charter that was understandable to be honest, it was sad when she die, being alone for a 1,000 years and everyone just wanted her powers. And she did became likeable and a good charter, but it is now on to the finally of the show.
Scroll 51: The Wind, the Water, and the Earth
In the finally of the show we finally learn who Shurikenger is, he was a part of the Hayate school as a student but 10 years ago he left and that is where he meet her Majesty and she give him the power of Shurikenger, IF he would sacrifice his face and identity who he is in order to get his power. The very last meteor shower (THANK GOD) and we finally see what the meteor showers lead to what the Gouraijers father saw and that is the ultimate evil or just called “That”. Tao Zanto orders Satorakura to go out and collect energy from people in order to have enough for the great evil to arrive. The rangers go to fight Satorakura but he absorbs more of that collected energy form himself but when Sandaru comes and pretty much harshly defeat Satorakura and heavy injures Shurikenger and take the absorb power for himself. Shurikenger put a tracking device on the thing so they can know where to go and find him but Satorakura is still alive and grows Shurikenger tells the others to go and defeat the Jakanjas, and Shurikenger goes and fight the now large Satorakura but the only way to defeat him is Shurikenger sacrifices himself and he die (he's not really dead tho he comes back in the Abaranger V. Hurricangers movie). So the rangers arrive at the Jakanjas base of operations to get both Angry Arrow and Sad but it is to late master Tao goes into his ultimate form he uses both Angry Arrow and Sad tougher the and uses it to open up a vortex that starts summing the ultimate evil which will completely destroy the universe and the Jakanjas will be the rulers of everything. That is until Sandaru and attacks master Tao in the head and reviles that his motivation all along was to just get up the ranks so that he would be the ruler of everything instead of master tao, the rangers then fight Sandaru with GouraiSenpuujin and the Revolver Mammoth but it ends in a draw when Sandaru summons his shark destroying the revolver Mammoth and maybe Furai Maru (I THINK? as you all know Furai Maru comes back in Gokaigers so he is still alive somehow). it looks like Sandaru is gonna win but the Gouraijers then go ahead and take Sandaru out with them and they sacrifice themselves and it looks like they have had die as well, more death come when it sounds like Mrs. Oboro and her dad die as well the chaose that is happing in the world. The Hurricangers realize that the only way to stop this is if they go into the vortex itself and shoot angry arrow and sad bow from the outside, and they are willing to do this not just for the earth and everyone living on it but also because they are keeping the memory of everyone that has die inside their hearts and know it will be enough to defeat the evil. GEESE it is as if caring for your dead love one can motivate someone to have enough strength to have enough will power to defeat an evil force hun?
The Hurricangers go in the vortex and when they get both angry arrow and sad bow they then see “that" and it is the EMBODYMENT OF EVIL IT SELF. Which they then use the arrow and defeat the evil itself, but then master Tao comes back and he is still alive the Hurricangers manage to defeat him but at the cost of their mecha being destroy. But it is altight since the Goraijers are still alive because that's why, and Mr.’s obora and her Oboro and her dad are alive as well, also with him now back as a human because he remembers how to change back into a human again. Bu that is not also who is alive, the as well the spears are alive as well but the rangers do manage to defeat them as well, and then Tao comes back but AGAIN but the rangers defeat him AGAIN in a quick second. 2 months latter it is graduation time and the rangers are where they first started in the show and that being eating an apple and passing it around and reflecting on their accomplishment they have done and they are sad that it will be a while before they see each other again for a long time. their master have their graduations papers and they try and get it from them while we also see what they are doing with their life’s, Yousuke is doing more odd jobs, Nanami is being a world singer, Kouta is helping out the elderly, and the 2 brothers are doing some more heavy lifting jobs, and also when they see all the people Shurikenger has turn into they see he might not be dead. And the show ends with the Hurricangers saying bye bye and thanks the audience for watching the show. The ending is ok, this is a very anticlimactic final battle when you get to it since they pretty much fought the embodiment of evil itself then, the their master as a giant then the7 spears, and finally Tao controlled by the evil itself, I felt like if they reversed it and have the Hurricanger fight the 7 spars then Tao then giant Tao controlled by the evil itself would have been better. Also that since villains were revived that would also explain how the Gouraijers, Oboro, and their master could have been revived. But the end scene with them doing their jobs and reflecting all that has happen is well done enough to make me say I like this scene.

Best episode 31: very intents and excellent use of charters
Worst episode 14: completely filler