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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Digimon Appmon Offmon's AppliDrive

Sources: With The Will
A Brand new AppDriver is shown today called the AppDrive Duo and the user of this AppDrive Duo is Haru's Best Friend Yuujin. The AppDrive Duo will be released in April for roughly $55.00. This new AppDriver will also have a function like Appliarise mode, the Encount System, Applink, and finally, Collect mode. Yuujin's Partner will be Offmon who then becomes Logamon, who then becomes Shutmon, who's final form is Charismon.

But he is not the only one getting an upgraded AppDriver everyone else will get a Duo AppDriver in June (just like in Digimon Savers. for the others, they will be released in cover sets just like how the normal App Drive Cover Sets were released. The Duo Cover Sets are as listed

-Gatchmon Version- includes Gatchmon and Globemon Appmon Chips
-Dokamon Version- includes Dokamon and Oujamon Appmon Chips
-Musimon Version- includes Musimon and Entermon Appmon Chips
-Hackmon Version- includes Hackmon and Revivemon Appmon Chips

and each one will cost $8.00.

Finally here are the new wave of App Chips coming out soon enough.

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