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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Digimon Fusion Episode 1 "Mikey Goes to Another World"

Episode 1
Air Date September 7 2013
Xros Wars Episode Taiki, Go to Another World
Voice cast
Nick Roye: Mikey 
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamon 
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon
Patrick  Seitz: Starmon, Blastmon
Christopher Smith: Jijimon 
Vic Mignogna: Christopher, Madleomon 
 Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn: Pickmonz
Cindy Robinson: Laylamon
Matthew Mercer: Omnimon, Reapmon
Melissa Fahn: Nene 
Digimon has been one of those shows that was been was a one shot and a booming success. after Data squad ended  in 2006 it was years before we got another Digimon Season, Xros Wars ended when Saban Bought back Disney so it would make sense that Disney would not have had shown the American. The Episode begins with a giant army ready to begin to attack and another army ready to stop the army we also see older Digimon like Veemon, Garurumon, Agumon, Agunimon, and other Digimons. but it was just a dream and we see our newest Digimon Leader Mikey know as Taiki in Xros Wars. we also see his friend Angie, and the and Jeremy from what i heard in a review of Xros wars is the retard of the season. the world starts going screwy and we see a car in a building and and people phones goes screwy too a voice tells them to move, Mikey sees a almost dead Shoutmon and Mikey then hears a mysterious voice (SPOILERS Omnimon)  and we see the newest Digivice the Fusion Loader which is model after a MP3 player and a microphone. soon after the we see our heroes are now in the  digital world  and greeted by by Madleomon soon other Digimon save our heroes like ballistamon many of the pickmon's and starmon. when we see lillymon look at her chest (GROW UP YOU PERVERTS) it is different from how it looks in season 1. And soon we see the gimmick of Fusion other Digimons fusion tougher, i seen a pattern even season of Digimons always have a gimmick Season 2 has armor digivolving and DNA digivolving, frontier had the humans becoming the Digimon, and now Fusion is like Power Rangers/ Voltron where the Digimon combine. and soon Shoutmon has the Starmon sword (what i call it) and he becomes a BADASS and makes Armored Madleomon back to normal madleomon. soon shoutmon says he will become the king of Digimon and we see in the distance Nene and Christopher. at the end of the episode their this semen where we have a analysis on a Digimon status and it is more for comedy and it works.

Overall I Give Mikey Goes to Another World a 5/5 this was a great way to start the Digimon season off right. the animation was a great step up from old seasons, the opening is great, I thought they might reuse season 1 opening like Saban did with Samurai and Megaforce but to me Frontiere will always be my favorite Digimon opening. The voice actors are a 10/10 for me we have Colleen O’Shaughnessy, Derek Stephen Prince Ben Diskin, Kyle Hebert,
Patrick Seitz, Christopher Smith , Matthew Mercer, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Kirk Thornton, Cindy Robinson,Melissa Fahn, Vic Mignogna yes  Vic Mignogna from Fullmetal Alchemist and a rapist horse form Full Metal Panic (Anime is really F**K up sometimes) Nick Roye as a new comer to voice acting also i give him props because to me he dose sound like Tie from season 1, I recommend if you want a good website knowing voice actors.

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