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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Power Rangers Super Megaforce final episode "Legendary Battle"

It has been announced that Power Rangers Super Megaforce final episode will be called the Legendary Battle adapting Gokaiger episodes 1, 50, and 51. I want to tell people who never seen Gokaiger now the Legendary Battle did happen but it was called the Legendary war but it was only in the first episode for less then 5 minutes, and the Gokaiger vs Goseiger movie. In Megaforce i hope it will be like it be for 5 minutes. It will be conformed that the returning cast will appear in the final episode, if you don't know  we have Tommy-MMPR, TJ, Cassie- In Space, Leo -Lost Galaxy, Carter, Dana- Lightspeed Rescue, West-Time Force Casey- Jungle Fury, Jayden, Keven, Mike, Emily- Samurai and the picture is from JDF Facebook page. To me i hope that the Episode before this will be a build up so that it it wont be rushed. Tell me how you fell about this are you ready for this action pact episode, comment below, come back for updates and have a nice day.