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Friday, March 11, 2016

A Brand new Kamen Rider Amazon movie?

Sources Tokunation
With Kamen Rider 1 the movie airing in just almost 2 more weeks we are already getting out next Rider Movie Kamen Rider Amazon. I am surprise Amazon is next I mean i am not surprise their is another Rider movie like this  I just mean like why is it Amazon their was like V3, Rider Man, X and of course I did not forget Nigo which proves my theory at this point Kamen Rider Nigo is Bulbasaur and is just always forgotten. Next Friday is when we will get more info on this movie like the suit and stuff. also I have a question when will we do the same for Sentai (ACTUALLY FORGET THAT I REMEMBER WHY LIKE IW WOULD BE HARD TO DO THE GORANGER TEAM)
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