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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Zyuohger Scans 3-30-16

Kusaka you mother fucker! I will kick your ass, you here me I WILL KICK YOUR MOTHER FUCKING AAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS! I am much better now.

Sources: Tokunation

Ok after m little episode I just and I feel much better and today we got brand new news on Zyuohger  mainly the Eagle Zyumen (who gave Yamato the Champion cube and let him become a Zyuohger) suit and his human form. The Eagle Zyuman human form is played by Kohei Murakami who also played Kusaka FROM KAMEN RIDER FAIZ! I just want to take a moment to say if he end up betraying all the other Rangers I am calling it RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! Hell the show even said the same thing I said with only -3 seconds saying that he betrayed the Zyumen (I mean -3 godDAMN seconds I mean that is a new personal best on his part really it is)!

We do have other things to talk about like Wild Zyuoh King, it’s not bad I mean the legs are bad looking though just 2 pairs of legs stack on top of each other but the chest is where it looks good. 
BUT WAIT that's is not all as well we also got Cube Mogura image which can turn into a drill (GURREN LAGANN). And that’s just about wraps it all up for this time with Zyuohger stuff.

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