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Monday, March 28, 2016

Could Barbamon be in Digimon Tri?

Hello everyone Digital-Ranger/ The Teal Dragon from OSD here doing a quick post here because I was writing my Tri determination review I was think of adding this part in but left it out because I fell that I could expand a bit more of my thoughts on the matter here than just limiting myself by only 1 paragraph. Keep in mind that this is just my crazy theory here and there will be spoilers a head so if you have not seen Tri or Adventures 1 or 2 you have been warn.

So I first thought up of this theory and why I even thought up of this in the first place is this poster of the 3rd Tri movie where it has Meicoomon in its Ultimate level I am assuming because its limbs are much more in length then how it appeared in the film. And then I saw it’s like long scarf decal on the side of its body and it remind me of something, that familiar image being Barbamon for those of you who do not know Barbamon is a part of the 7 great Daemon Lords (AKA the 7 Deadly sin) and Barbamon is Greed. And this theory became a more true when Izzy was readying the text from the movie “The 2 sides of the universe are like 2 sides of a coin. Those who desire power and must go beyond the Darkness, and Beyond". I mean come on that is obvious like greed right their! So I thought about it more and then decide to just forget the idea since like someone pointed out to me that is a big what if, and so I did. UNTIL I found out this!

Ifound out in the Digimon Cyber Sleuths game that Barbamon can Digivolve from Myotismon! I know only now but still keep up with me. Maybe Myotismon saved a bit of himself somewhere like incase of emery data just like before and probably again here. And that little piece that infected Meicoomon could have had been from his data so in a way that is sourta how and why he looks a bit like Barbamon with his clock. Now how he can turn into like Barbamon, easy he could be set back to his rookie form and then Digivolve and if we seen anything from Digimon before he could Digivolve into a different line like he did before.

My theory on how he survived is this he put some of his extra data like the Black Ocean (somehow just roll with it) and both him and Damon were waiting for a perfect time to return and with Ken’s Digivice being related to the Black Ocean they may be used like magic to hack the Digivice and bring Ken back to the Dark side once again. Hell thinking of it now I think the message Izzy got could be a reference to the Black Ocean.

Well at lease that is my theory anyways and I like what I came up with I know a spear of the moment thing I know and a lot of Ideas not flatten out but still I like what I came up with and eager to see if I was right. And also eager to see if we really will ever have Ogudomon ever in a Digimon Anime. If you have your own personal theories then please let me know then. 

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