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Friday, March 11, 2016

Kamen Rider Ghost Ghost Change GC11 Grateful Damashii Images

Sources Tokunation

What is up everyone Digital-Ranger here giving you all the news of the newest Ghost Change Figure Kamen Rider Ghost GC 11 Grateful Damashii. Grateful Damashii is the 11th figure in the Ghost Change figure and will be a lot like the Kamen Rider Gaim Arm Change figure with having a form of it's base from come off. It looks like a very cool design with all the black and gold and reminds me of Alphamon, I mean you can see it in the solder pads. Digimon Tri 2nd movie is coming very soon and I am just excited is all for that. and just can not wait for it is all. Finally he will be a total of $40.00.

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