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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Possible Zyuranger 21 years after?

Reiko Chiba posted on her Twitter To all of the fans of Toei’s tokusatsu and Sentai productions, the five of us who starred in Zyuranger will be able to announce something interesting very soon.” and that could mean that their could be a Zyuranger 20 year after spherical like Hurricanger 10 years after. Tho their are problems. 1. Bandora, those who don't know Machiko Soga pass away a number of years ago, 2. Zyurangers is not good, from what i am hearing Zyuranger is really not a great series me I have not seen Zyurangers yet so I have no real option on the show so why make a show that has so much hate on it. I do have a idea of how they could do this spoilers "hey could have the baby of Grifforzer and what ever scorpina sentai name was"". and this might be adapted into Power Rangers, the reason why not Hurricanger 10 years after because Saban vs Disney and Saban dose not give a crap about about Disney Season of Power Rangers. 
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