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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Digimon Fusion Episode 11 "Ice to See You, Angie!" Review

Airdate: 11-24-13

Xros Wars Episode Tittle "Xros Heart, Burn!"

Voice Cast
 Nick Roye: Mikey
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamon
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Cutemon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Vic Mignogna: Christopher
Melissa Fahn: Nene
Michelle Ruff: Sparrowmon
Laura Bailey: Beastmon
Travis Willingham: Knightmon
Joe Ochman: DonDokomon, Icemon
Patrick Seitz: Icedevimon, Icemon
Cindy Robinson: Laylamon

The episode begins with a bunch of Icemons attacking the castle and Mikey is still unconscious which I do think is great showing that the hero dose not always back to health the next episode, and  Jeremy is leading the army to defend the castle (with Mikey Goggles because all Digimon leaders except for Marcus from Data Squad had them). We latter cut to Angie and she is sad because she miss her family doesn't help that and her phone with her family on it is starting to be erase (this reminds me of the first season of Digimon with  things like a campus not working in the digital world). Meanwhile Laylamon is unfreezing Daipenmon and she use her mirror to hypnotize Angie into believing she is her mom, but Shoutmon comes and destroys the mirror. A shard survived and Angie then goes to get the code crown which was in the statue in the first shot in the episode.  Laylamon and her army of Icemon have arrive and their power full weapon is Daipenmon (a giant purple penguin with a crank on it's head with popsicles for weapons, I am guessing right now you are laughing of what you just read) by the way when it lights glow that and you hear a noise that is the same noise as the Kamen Rider Black title card, this is not the first time amines had Kamen Rider sounds in Dragon Ball Fusion Reborn it had Kamen Rider Kuuga dragon henshin sound. Daipenmon then freeze everything, Mikey then wakes up and go to get Angie with Jeremy coming to help him (and giving him his goggles back). soon everyone meets up and Angie admits she doesn't want to stay in the Digital World and wants to go home, and Mikey says he wants Angie to stay with him because she is a impotent friend, even Shoutmon admits this even tho the arguer all the time, Angie then beaks out of Laylamon control and  get hit with the Code Crown (giving it has Fusion powers and might explain how the Fusion Loader work), and Laylamon Digi Fuse  Daipenmon, and Icedevimon (he was in the popsicles) and they are now Icedevimon-Daipenmon Enhancement and it is goofy looking as it sounds. The new monster then attacks our team but Knightmon was unfrozen and protects our team with his shield and the pawnchessmon Shield (also Knightmon has the crenst of hope) Mikey then Digi Fuse everyone to create Shourmon X4K (the K stands for Knight) this looks good with the Knight Shield, more controlled sword, and you got love that cape (I do wonder if we will get this in a toy since the Xros Wars never had this, maybe a Knightmon toy with the cape and shield come off with a sword). Shoutmon X4K then defeats with the monster with Great sword of victory (that is the coolest name for a finishing) and Laylamon getting away and of course the animation quality goes up by a 1,000%. latter Knightmon, all the pawnchessmons, and Beastmon joining Mikey on their journey and ends with Nene and Christopher talking to each other and Nene has a BLACK Fusion loader and summons Sparrowmon (Sparrow is voiced by Michelle Ruff who was Zoe In Digimon Frontier). also Shoutmon reface Be witch, if this contuses I might as well have a part know as the reface in the episode.
Overall 5/5 this episode was enjoyable. This episode had some great charter for Angie who at this point was just bland (even Jeremy was enjoyable too), Shoutmon X4K looks great, the best part is that the lake zone was only 2 parts instead of 3 which is a nice change of things. Digimon fusion Episode 12 Review "Treasure, Traps and Trouble - Oh My!" will be delayed since I am going on vacation next week, but will try and get as soon as possible when I am home.

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