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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Digimon Fusion Episode 9 "Dorulumon's True Colors!" Review

Air Date: 11-10-13

Xros Wars Episode Title: "Dorulumon, Run Like the Wind!"

we resume where the team learns that Dorulumon use to be part of  Tactimon's army and then Tactimon separate Mikey and Dorulumon from everyone else. Dorulumon try's to stop Tactimon but dose not work, and Shoutmon and the others soon retreat, also Jeremy dose the famous "I'll be back" line from Terminator, what next were quoting something from a Rocky movie next because I am a fan of Silver Stallone. We see Christopher with Mailbirdramon defeating Bagri army (no doubt trying to level up his Mailbirdramon to LV. 50) and Nene comes and says that Mikey and Dorulumon are in trouble and Tactimon has his Fusion loader. Come back to Mikey and Dorulumon in cages and we see Volcanomon and SkullMeramon are still alive and it is like "these mouks more lives then Dracula from Castlevania", doesn't help that what's kills him is Shoutmon Fiery Fastball, one of his basic attacks and Volcanomon is even worst because he fuse with a bunch of Meramon and is taken down more easier then last time. Christopher comes and decides to fight Tactimon and provides Mikey and Dorulumon were set free by the BlueMeramon. The BlueMeramon tells how Dorulumon saves his life when Tactimon was just about to destroy a bunch of his foes and he consider the his allies a small price to pay, and vanish from the Bagri army that day. the team sees the Fusion loader and SkullMeramon appears and kills the BlueMeramon and is killed himself by a basic attack maybe because he got a lot of a beating. The team is soon out and KO a lot of Meramon's and become Fusedancientvolcamon. Mikey  then takes out the Garurumon DigiCard and look at it, it says Fox Fire but in America the attack was Howling Blaster also would like a sound from him like a grunt because they have the original voice actor for Garurumon Kirk Thornton who is also voicing Tactimon. the Fusion fighters then defeat Fusedancientvolcamon, and we come back to Christopher fighting Tactimon and then bust outs his Ace in the hole Greymon. The Fusion/ Xros Wars Greymon is special in that he is more of a T Rex stance. and his color scream is revers and is mainly blue and some orange then the older ones that are mainly orange with some blue. and Greymon is awesome in his first fight.
Overall I give "Dorulumon's True Colors!" a 3/5 don't give me wrong this episode did have some nice things like how much charter Dorulumon has, I think BlueMeramon death was handle well, and it had Greymon, I am a huge Greymon fan. But what really brought down this episode was how easy the villains were defeated, it was just immersing. Next time on Digimon Fusion Episode 10 "The Rival Champions!" the team is now in the lake zone, Metalgreymon is finally shown, and Icedevimon is our next villain Yaw (said in sad sarcastic remarks).
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