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Friday, November 8, 2013

Digimon Fusion Episode 8 "Meltdown in the Magma Zone!" Review

Air Date 11-5-13
Xros Wars Episode title: "Fierce General Tactimon, Close In!"
Voice Cast
Nick Roye: Mikey
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamon 
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy, Gotsumon
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Cutemon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon, RedMeramon
JB Blanc: Volcanomon
Matthew Mercer: Prairiemon, RedMeramon, Reapmon
Doug Erholtz: SkullMeramon
Krik Thorson: Tactimon
Sam Riegel: BlueMeramon
Bryce Papenbrook: Bearmon
Bob Klein: RedMeramon

This Episode of Digimon Fusion was shown early then usual because Digimon Fusion and Nick other Show Wild Grinders were having a marathon (I have seen wild grinders and I do like it I think it is a nifty show, but my favorite modern kid's cartoon is The Amazing World Of Gumball. It is a stupide carton but enjoyable, I may talk more about that show if you guys want). The episode resumes back with the team being trapped by Volcanomon and he wants Mikey Fusion Loader and Mikey gives Volcanomon a fake Fusion Loader and made better since Volcanomon has never seen the Fusion Loader before, I assume Tactimon or someone told him about the Fusion Loader but couldn't bother showing him a picture. The team is then put in a prison and  while in their Shoutmon has a new move called "Boom Blaster but fails, also Ballistamon dose the Ed McMahon Hiyo joke. After a speech by Mikey the team starts to dig out, tho logic is the trapped Digimon could have had a secrete tunnel and cover it up when the guards came. The team is out but also have to fight some Meramons and SkullMeramon. Volcanomon comes out to get the real Fusion Loader. Shoutmon X4 is summoned out to fight but even that is still no match for Volcanomon. Mikey then uses the Agumon DigiCard and (who ever did the voice of the 3 Agumons is super close to the original voice actor Tom Fahn, just is a bit higher then the original) even that doesn't work. The team find the only way to stop Volcanomon is to plug his volcano hole, it works and it is believe to have had killed Volcanomon. And the episode ends with Tactimon in front of our team and Tactimon reviles that Dorulumon use to be partners.
Overall I give "Meltdown in the Magma Zone!" a 4/5, this episode was cool. the twist of Dorulumon being partners with Tactimon was great. Shoutmon X4 being defeated show that not all formers in the begging are the powerfulness all the time, more charter on Mikey which makes him a selfless and brave leader, my only complaint would be no one show Volcanomon what the Fusion Loader looked liked. Next time on Digimon Fusion episode 9 "Dorulumon's True Colors!", we see more about Dorulumon's past, the team gets the Garurumon DigiCard, and Greymon finally premiers in the show for more then 5 seconds.

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