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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Digi-Ranger Reviews Power Rangers Megaforce toy line

All Pictures came from various sources from Ranger CrewRanger Board, and TokuNation
Today November 20th 2013 has now been 1 year since the Power Rangers Megaforce toys have been release in stores and I am hear to give my thoughts on it, also this doesn't count Legacy toys too, because that is different all tougher.
The Gosei Morpher is currently the best morpher we have so far and is better then the CRAPPY ASS Samurai Morpher, I can tolerate the Jungle Fury Glasses over the Samurai Morpher, but this still the best morpher that Bandai of America has made so far that looks like it dose in the show and more sounds then the Japan Morpher. But of course the Robo Knight Morpher is not great but still better
then the samurai morpher.
 Battle Gear
I admit that most of the Battle Gear for this line was not the best. Let me give the best ones are the basic blaster was a descent toy and overall a good fun one, and the Ultra Dragon Sword was worth all the money and looks better then the Japanese toy. but the Robo Blaster is not staller, the Deluxe Battle Sets both America and Japanese versions are not worth it what so ever, collectors forger the Deluxe hand gear is not great, and forget the Ultra Dragon Chest Armored because it was nice that we got that we got something that Bandai of Japan never got but it is really not worth it. Basic Dragon Sword I do think it is great that we now get to have basic and Deluxe toys for collectors and kids.
The Megazords for the Megaforce line was a hit after hit after hit. The Gosei Great Megazord was a bit better then the Japanese Gosei Great since the wings could collapse and the sword is the only difference. the Gosei Grand Megazord was more money but looked even more accurate and include more then the japan version. Gosei Ultimate all I have to say is that if the heads could detach it would be better then the Japanese Gosei Ultimate, the Gosei Wonder is more half and half since the American and Japanese ones coast the same. And the Zords each one of the header zord had a pro and con.
Now I do know the main problem with the figure line was the hard to find Vrak and Loogy figures and it would be easer then finding the Holy Grail. But beside that it was a nice line, and the Metallic figures with the corrected words on cards, and the first wave Gimmick figures was great for kids, but the Armored Might figures are a PAIN for me since mine always fall down and paint chip away. and the  Ultra Morphin Power Rangers figures are not great.  
Final Verdict 8/10
Without including any Legacy toys on this list the Megaforce Line was great. This was a big step up from the Samurai line from the Samurai line had only one great thing in the line and setting a new low for Power Rangers (with the worst Zord and Morphers ever). the Morpher was better then japan was, and all Zords were a hit. And soon the Super Megaforce toy line and hope it is just as good or even better then the Megaforce line.
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