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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Digimon Zero Two Review

Warning this review will contain spoilers about the show and this my thoughts on the show, also I have never seen the Japanese version and watch the American Adaption so enjoy.
8 years after the original Digidestined 3 new Digidestined and along side them Kari and TK joins them on their journey to fight against the Digimon Emperor. Digimon season 2 (know as Zero Two in japan) it not partiality love as season 1. their a number of reason why, but mainly this could be a forced squeal and maybe could have had been rush and possible the first season of Digimon may have been a stand alone season to my knowledge. What are their problems with this show?, why is it not as love as season 1?, and is it a diamond inthe rough? time to find out so let's start reviewing Digimon season 2.

Episode 1 "Enter Flamedramon" It has been a some years after the Digidestined left the Digital World (in Zero Two it was only 1 year) we see a TK is now grownup and soon introduce to our other new Digidestined Davis, Yolei, and Code with the return of Kairi, and the other old  Digidestined return to. But in the Digital World things are not well, the Digi World is now under Control by the Digimon Emperor who uses his dark Rings to control the Digimon (like the black Gears from last year) and has his Control Spire that can stop Digimon from Digivolving. when Agumon cry's for help tie and him see a Digiegg with the crest of courage on it and soon Davis, Yolei, and Code get the new Digivice called the D-3 (it always look like a old school walkie talkies) and Davies is suck into the digital world and he meets his partner Veemon and Yolei and Code will meet Hawkmon and Armadillomon and Davis can use the Digi egg to Armor Digivolve and later in the show we learn that this was a older way of Digivolving. Episode 21 "The Crest of Kindness" When the Digimon Emperor creates Kimeramon and causes destruction it is up to Davies to stop him using the Digiegg of Miracles to turn Veemon into Magnamon to defeat Kimeramon but really it was Wormmon that finish off Kimeramon and he use the last of his energy to help Magnamon finish off Kimeramon and Wormmon is dead after that but comes back to like soon after since he is made up of data after all, and Ken (the Digimon Emperor) goes back to normal again. And soon the team try and destroys the of the Control Spires and the new Digidestined are able to Digivolve now. Veemon becomes Exveemon, Hawkmon becomes Aquilamon, and Armadillomon becomes Ankylomon. Episode 27 "Fusion Confusion" now we have new villains for the show Arukenimon and Mummymon that both have a human form and Digimon mode. Now Ken's old base is about to explode but the team get's their and try and stop them but Arukenimon can create Digimon just by pulling her hair out. an in the heat of the battle Exveemon and Stingmon can DNA Digivolve into Paildramon and the team stops the base from exploding, soon Izzy explains that the older Digidestines Digimon gave us their power to Digivolve into their Ultimate from so the Digital World and the real world can be separated (not to mention where dose continuity play in effect, because at the end of the original show Apocalymon destroys the crest, and In here it is apply that they gave up their chest) and latter the other Digimon can Digivolve, Gatomon and Aquilamon can fuse into Silphymon (which is super cool because it has a Kamen Rider Ichigo Belt and can do a Kamehameha), Angemon and Ankylomon can DNA Digivolve into Shakkoumon (which years latter would be a Yugioh card called Orichalcos Shunoros). Episode 30 "Ultimate Anti-Hero" Arukenimon after losing her first battle she soon decides to create a new Digimon called Blackwargreymon who is super powerful, he doesn't even use any attacks he just use his fist. He also spent most of this time trying to destroy the destiny stone (not to much impotent so wont motion) to try and fine his rival and when he dose and just away till the end. This charter has a, this charter is a example of Free Will or fate set in stone he was created from evil the Control Spire and he question if he has free will or not. Episode 39 "Dramon Power" at this point in the story Digimon from the Digital world are now in the real world, Azulongmon has the power to give the older Digimon to Digivolve into their Ultimate form and Paildramon can Digivolve into Imperialdramon and has a fighter mode. The final villain Oikawa and he give a spore to many of the children so he can go to the Digital World, we also see Oikawa was a old friend of Cody's Dad and he was the one who helped the Digital world, and we see he created  Arukenimon and Mummymon which intern created Blackwargreymon and Blackwargreymon dies latter and he seals the world between the real world and Digital World. Episode 50 "A Million Points of Light" in the episode Oikawa have finally been able to realize his dream of going to the Digital world but is in a world between the real world and Digital World and in a twist Myotismon come back to life. and he is now Malomyotismon . The ending was a satisfied ending enough but their is one part that I think would Piss people off. Spherical mentions in this show we learn that their is more Digidestined and that dose sounds like a great thing and we see this in a 3 parter episode called Digimon World Tour.

Present Day/ Revenge Of  Diaboromon
this was a just their, the main plot of the movie is a kid name Thomas is running away from Cocomon and Kari and TK are now trying to ask him and soon the other come and stop Cocomon. This movie felt like a episode from the show and I in my option I would like if this was a 2 or 3 prater in the show but overall nice and we saw Magnamon and Rapidmon gold mode, and overall has a bitter sweet ending. Revenge Of Diaboromon was a awesome movie, Diaboromon has come back and is out for revenge and it is up to Omnimon to stop him again but fails so it is up for Imperialdramon to step up and defeat him while Kuramon are roaming the town. this was a just enjoyable flick, how Diaboromon comes to our world is a realistic approach because how this world works, some of the cons were that it played the Digimon Frontier theme and plays the season 2 theme but hey it is the Frontier and I do love it a lot, and another con I see is that is has very little charter development on the older charters but this was Disney that did this and they left in the Japan logo to and get most of the cast. also look at Omnimon after he loses his arms I think it is a tribute to EVA Unit 01 when he is in Berserk Mode from Evangelion.

Davies: how do I describe this charter, Annoying beyond belief. he is not like Tai who was cool, and a great leader and close with his friends. Here no one and do mean no one gives a crap about him, he is always made fun of, super dumb and just head strong. He gets better near the end but he just got horrible. He is voided by Brian Donovan who really is known for Lee for Naruto (also he announce the to be contained in Digimon Tamers).
Yolei: Yolei is a bit like Davies being annoying but she is a bit less annoying. she dose have brothers and sisters but we get little of that epically near the end of the series. She is voiced by  Tifanie Christun who has not done to much work at voice acting at all.
Cody: Cody doesn't have much devilment but he is kind good hearted and he is not annoying. he is voiced by Philece Sampler who voiced Mimi from Digimon season 1
Kari: Kari sadly dose not do much and to me still bland but she was the first one to see the  dark ocean and she dose seem energetic. still voiced by Lara Jill Miller.
T.K.: T.K. is cool, from being a whine little brat to now being awesome he is now braver take charge and also not annoying, to be honest I which it was him leading the new team being a veteran leader with new inexperience chose ones. He is voiced by Doug Erholtz who was Izumii from Durarara!! and Asuma from Naruto 
Ken: Ken is the one that has the most charter development since he was the Bad guy for the first arc of the show and in Episode 23 "Genesis of Evil" we learn that he had a brother and it was hard for him to get over it. he was also the shy and still fells regret for being the Digimon Emperor and in the end proves he is kind hearted and nice. he is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince who was Lin from Cowboy Bebop and Elgar from Power Rangers Turbo/ In Space.
Support charters: the support charters are the Digimon them self's all of the old cast except for Wendee Lee (for obvious reasons) and some stars for our support cast is Robert-Axelrod (lord Zedd) and Neil Kaplan (Diabolico from the best Power Ranger Season ever).  

Music: The is a lot of the is a repeat of the first season and we have a AMERICAN SOUNDTRACK and know how little that happens this is something to note. and don't think the Japanese sound track is lacing because the Opening theme Target is on my list of favorite anime openings. Recommendations Let's Kick It Up.
2nd half: the 2nd half of Digimon Season 2 is a huge improvement over the first one. Their was better charter development and their is a far better feeling watching the show.
Blackwargreymon: Blackwargreymon is one of the best things this season had to offer, he had the most development, he was powerful then the others even if he was half dead, and this is a personal reason he is voiced by Steve Blum who is my favorite voice actor.

The Dialog: I don't know how the Dialog was in the Japan version but in the American one it was Horrible. I mean some of this Dialog made Davis even more of a asshole then he was already. and it got stupider, stupider, and just stupid.
The Writing: the writing for the show was bad, we had things introduce and then things atoned in the seconded half, their was badly written moments and it fell apart, and did a huge retcon in the first season that made no sense in the seconded season.
The Demon Core: These guys suck, they were introduce latter on like halfway in the show and they did very little to effect the plot. It was inserting to see the Digimon partners try and kill them in the real world but was wasted.
Final verdict
This was a lame sequel season. It could have been so much but fell flat and it could been so much better. but near the end it did became what Digimon is know for and was a lot better. For alternate recommendations I recommendation another sequel serious but not that well of a sequel but a bit better Power Rangers Zeo, and also recommend Digimon Tamers for having better things. 
I hope you enjoy the review, Come back for updates fallow me on twitter, like me on Facebook, and have a nice day