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Monday, November 4, 2013

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Zyudenryu Daisyugou Zyudenchi Set DX

Today is Bandai announce on their website that their making the Zyudenryu Daisyugou Zyudenchi Set DX which is a set that will be releacing all of the Zyudenchi from 1-26 with minityra Zyudenchi and  and Zyudenchi Set De Carnival set. This is like the Super Best Henshin Belt DX O-Medal Set that was releace with Kamen Rider OOO Super Best Henshin Belt, their is one problem with this it dose not come with the Tobaspino, or the Pteragordon Deboss VER. (but hey I nick pick enough about these things). Each one of thess Zyudenchi have a metallic paint job in releace in November 16 for 9,975 Yen- $99.99 US Dollars.
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