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Monday, November 18, 2013

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Toys spotted on Canada Toys R Us web site

Power Rangers Megaforce is almost close to ending with only 2 episodes remaining as of this Blog Post and this morning that to @Morgan Lamia he has found Super Megaforce toys pictures on the Toys R Us Canada website.
Basic Figures
A pictures of the basic figures that are Red, Blue (the blue looks darker then the suit), Green, Yellow, Pink, and Prince Verk. Also more info on the figures is that they are now going to be 5" now then the old 4" and we will have 5" figures of old Red Rangers, and I do hope that the villain figures are more easier to get because you have a better chance of finding the Holy Grail then the figures if you live where I live.
Training Set
 Starting in Power Ranger Samurai we have gotten which has comprise of a mask, morpher, what ever weapon, belt buckle, and the Gimmick. But like almost all of them are not great.

Legacy Greer Ranger toys
finally their was also some new pictures of the new Legacy toys coming next year, the Dragon Dagger and has chrome (not a chrome fan) and if you get rid of the chrome and it was paint it looks just like it did in the show. And the Legacy Dragonzord is a new mold for the 2013 Legacy Megazord, also everyone loves tommy BABABABA.
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