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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Impordent Update 5-29-14: 2014 the Summer of Reviewing

Hello everyone if you could tell by the tittle I am officially off for the summer now and because of school I have not been able to do a lot of things with my blog but now that I am off from school I can now stat doing more things for my blog. First from my back log of things I have I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be review (which is why I have the tittle Summer of Reviewing) but I am putting some news and new Figuarts releases that popped upped while I was not doing any blog work. First up the rest of the Digimon Fusion episode the rest of the episodes for season 1 are up and I will reviews the rest of them and also ironically Digimon Fusion episodes will start showing on NickToons, so I will work my way up to do reviews on them, next up is I will be doing a first reaction review on Pok√©mon Mega Evolution Episode 1, I been looking forward to this since this was announce and the best part I get to see the dub too, also I may or may not put a video up for my thoughts on the new Godzilla movie that has been release. Some time I will be doing a review on the Guyver OVA because I found out their is an Guyver OVA. And finally my normal series reviews and the 2 I have planed are Denji Sentai Megaranger and also Digimon Data Squad/ Digimon Savers (Which ever name you prefer.

Next I will be doing some new toy reviews like the Shoutmon Battle Mike which I have already posted on my Chanel (link to see it and the Godzilla and Muto 2 pack set because Godzilla 2014 is out. and the final thing for toy reviews is a the Kamen Rider Den-O Belt with a new Demo Video by me just because I have it so I might as well reviews it.

Now some more impotent things by my this year I am going to Phoenix Comic Con with a friend of mine and this is also my first Con I will ever go to and I am excited to because I will get to meet Austin St. John in person which is just awesome. And Now time for the big one when June 21 is here it will be my  blog's 1 year anniversary and I am excited for that and I will basically just a recap of what I have done since I began my blog and also I might do an Q&A if enough people ask me things so if you have a Question about my blog or me in general I will answer it. but I will let you all know that on June 10th I will being going on an trip for family reasons and between June 5th-10th I will not be home and not doing any blog work.
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