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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Power Rangers the movie 5" figures

sources RangerCrew
With the help thanks to @razzle1337 on twitter for finding info on that there was going to be movie figures from the Power Ranger movie and now we have in hand picture of them and I got to say they all look MEH. In case you do not know there was movie figures from the first Power Rangers movie just metallic paint job to figures we have gotten, and now it is nice to see figures in a 5" scale. The movie designs areal right I like the coins on their chest but they look off, it are a combination between bulky and leather suits compare to the simile spandex. And they will also come with their blade blaster colored coded to their respective ranger with Pink coming with their wipe. No word on white yet and possibly knowing Bandai their might as well be a green version in movie suite too because TOMMY.
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