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Monday, September 1, 2014

Kamen Rider Drive Wave 1 toys detail and prices

Sources TokuNation
With Kamen Rider Gaim now only having 4 episodes left as of now we are starting it get some now info on the newest Kamen Rider toys for Kamen Ride Drive with details an prices for the toys (and i will put them on my Blog FaceBook with always the newest Drive toy and prices)

Drive Driver

Drive Driver (which is the name as it was rumor for some time now and also looks pretty nifty) will come with 2 Shift cars which are Speed and Max Flare and will also include the Shift Bracelet and will be priced at $74.00.
This is the Trideron the DX veacheal toy weve been getting since Fourze and will come with the Midnight Shadow Shift Car and tire for the figure and will be priced at $70.00
this is the DX Shift Car and it can hold up to 3 shift cas and is priced at $25.00 and will come with the Funky Spike Shift Car.
Finally is the TK 01 Gimmick Figure with Drive Speed Form and will also include the Max Flare tire and be priced at $32.00.
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