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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim all Showa Rider Lockseeds Preimum Bandai

Sources TokuNation

The last wave of Kamen Rider Gaim Lock Seeds images have been shown and the last release is showing Showa Rider Lock Seeds for the "final wave of lock Seeds" from Kamen Rider Ichigo-J and also 3 Lock Seeds in shadows that are not shown. I personally do not believe it is the end of Lock Seeds tho just because we had new Gia Memories not to long ago so that leads me to believe that we will have more lock seeds in the future like more 2ndary riders and more final form riders. This will be priced at 14,580 Yen which equals to about $135.00 Dollars US and will be available to buy this from September 18 to January 2015 and is a Premium Bandai exclusive
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