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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kamen RIder Decade CSM Decadriver news 10-23-14

Sources HeroTaku
new info on the Kamen Ider Decade CSM has now poped uped and first a video on this belt

 The CSM Decadriver Ver will have LEDs on the sides of the driver and two show BGMs programmed on the driver.  Main Rider cards in show accurate English print Attack Ride (Illusion, Ongekibou Rekka, Blast, Invisible, Auto Vajin, Strike Vent, Clock Up, Ore Sanjou)Final Attack Ride Cards. and the Complete cards are Final Form Kamen Ride Cards, Final Kamen Ride, Cards Showa Kamen Ride, Cards Kamen Rider Skull Kamen Ride CardsBlank, Kamen Ride CardAttack Ride Cards, Sealed Kamen Rider Cards, Form Ride CardsFinal Attack Ride, and Final Form Ride. also it is said that you can also play Kamen Rider Decades Henshin songs on on the Driver (so you can here this and this while using the Driver) This does seems to be like one instering set with this Driver having, and maybe i can hope to see a CSM Kuuga Driver.

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