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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger Review part 2

The Charters

Ryoga/ AbareRed
Ryouga is an all-around up beat and nice guy who is optimism and cheerful who believe in others, the thing that seriates him from other Rangers in general is that he has his little sister Mai who acts like a father figure to worse her which is something different and still something we haven't seen in Sentai at this point of time. His personality of him being cheerful always rubs of people and makes his team mates Yukito and Ranu and even makes AbareKiller a better in the end. Because of his optimism he is able to overcome the struggles he faces like Killer Ghost and the more powerful Torinoid in the show.

Yukito/ Abare Blue
Yukito being a very famous (even IN AMERICA) chiropractor in the beginning was more of a rich snob and just kinda of a jerk charter and does come of cynical and cold at times but this happen in a 2 prater where when he was in high school he fell in love with this girl and his dad didn't want him and her to be tougher and paid the girls family to not see Yukito again. Doesn't help where his whole life he was thought that money is the most impotent thing there is (he evens said he would be an Abaranger if Asuka plaids him like a million) and he ran away while hating his father. Tho eventfully he learns that money is not the most impotent thing there is and being more open up and more and more kind hearted too. Also this is how you write a jerk charter into a good guy near the end and not like the last 5 episode Faiz.
Ranru/ Abare Yellow 
Ranru is just like Ryouga and is cheerful and is to upbeat and she wants to protect everyone smiles tho that doesn't means she can’t get rough to, she has been shown to be pretty aggressive when the worst comes, like she almost died and got pretty rough up from just trying to save Asuka ring. She also is skilled in making devices for the team to fight Torinoid, her back story is that she wanted to be a singer but when that failed she became a mechanic.
Asuka/ AbareBlack
Asuka is technically the mentor for this show with him knowing about Dino-Earth. if you look back in a lot of the episodes he have been in he has not been in them MIA in the episodes or getting his ass kicked in the first half, besides being a warrior fighter for his people he is also into music and art which is a surprise to consider he had to kinda fight for most of his life. And also if you do look at his charter he is always kind and wise off the battle field and also rough on the field.
Dr. Nakadai/ AbareKiller
Dr. Nakadai grew up where he was perfect at everything and it all felt boring to him with no excitement, so when he did get the AbareKiller powers he treated everything like a game in his own sick ways. And of course he was more powerful than the other Rangers and was basically the valiant for the show but he also did not tetchily join Evolian (since he did fight the annoying ones that did get in his way). But little by little him opens up to the other Abarangers and did become one before dyeing as a good guy.

Support charters: the support Charters for the show is Emiri the clumsily and funnier charter, Ryunosuke the old man in charge of the dino house where the Abarangers live,  Mai Ryouga sister who helps for Ryouga charter and Yatsudenwani a Torinoid for comic relief.

 The Music
 For as good as the show is the music does sound good but not all of it, also another thing to keep in mind is I could not find all of the songs including the names so if I get all of the music on this review sorry I couldn't find it. The opening just the name of the show is rather good tho it took me a few times for me to like in the long run of things, this opening relies heavy on base and on some parts and the opening lyrics for this opening is loudly saying Abarangers (tho not as awesome as Gaoranger tho). AbareBlack Theme is more meh then anything with it being more lighter a slower type of a song but when you hear it you can't but to think it does match Asuka personally good. Abarangers Fight them is pretty awesome with it being all guitar and base for a fast past song that does rock. Abaren-oh Theme is also good overall and more drum and base orientated. Now for what you all knew what was coming Digi-Ranger Jukebox recommendations goes to Dead End Game (AKA AbareKiller's theme). with a consisted guitar riff and drum beat with a cool opening for the song, with then a serious sounding when the song mentions Dead End Games, this song does a very good job at with a feel that AbareKiller has (one of the lyrics has blood in it). And no I did not forget the song We are the ONE ~Bokura wa Hitotsuin in fact I wish because this song can well get on your nerves and get stuck in your head when you just hear it once, it is epically bad when they use this for a fight and boy does it not fit with the scene. Also would you rather hear Abaranger End theme or Yugioh Zexal first Japan theme?
The Good
The Bakuryuu Personality's
This is a person pro for me but I must say that out of the 3 Dino Sentai Seasons I think this one is probably the best when it comes to the Dinos have personalities. each one of them are not just a robot that just fights all of them do have feelings and a personality, some more than others mind you but still better than Daizyujin be an pretty dick guy and they Kyoryuger which almost all of them are Bland.

The Comedy
Most of the show is a big comedy and I must say it was pretty funny at times, and I did laugh because it was funny, I think the funny joke that I did like was the episode Abare Yellow talked English and AbareBlue talked Russian.

The 2nd Half
I'll get more into on the first in a minute but I must say the 2nd half of the show is pretty DAM good, there was a lot of good story elements with good charter to them and I w was on the edge of my seat from seeing the awesome story and writing of this 2nd half, it got really serious, really awesome, and really exciting and just overall it was awesome.
The Cursed Armor
The Cured was an very inserting sub plot for this show and Sentai in general I mean this was a powerful armor that can easily control people and pretty much make them kill people, it's like form Evagelinion like that one scene where Shinji pretty much destroy EVA unit 3. And it is like the same thing here with Asuka killed almost all of his tribe. When Junna takes a hold of it looks likes she has control of it but it went to Asuka because he desire it more and from their power and can't be stopped but the armor was still defeated in the end from Jannu. Even in the end of the show he comes back just to show the power and might this armor has, and I gota say this was a pretty awesome armor that was a pretty epic villain.
I already talked enough about AbareKiller enough at this point in the review so i wont talked to much about this, AbareKiller is by far the Best part of this show he is my favorite chatter and I love that he is frankly a villain for most of the show until the end showing how much of a good guy he is, I just love this ranger and glad we had a very unique ranger like this, by far he is the best thing about this show.
The Bad
The 1st half/ The comedy  
I can sum up almost the entire first half of the show and that is NOTHING BUT FILLER AND COMEDDY. I mean it takes forever for anything to happen even when AbareKiller appears it still takes forever for anything to happen. And with like almost all of those episodes being comedy episodes it gets tired boring and bland real quick.
The Designs
I admit that most of the designs for this show are not what you might call the coolest or badass designs ever, a lot of the Torinoid are more misses then hits there are a lot of meh designs which I could love since they combine plants animals and objects and what we did get are all meh. even the rangers designs fall into this category like the man 3 are all meh Black is better, Killer is the best design overall, and some of the Mechs are also MEH like Abaren-oh is good but distracting from giant T-Rex head, Killer-oh I do admit looks sick an hell tho and Max Ohja  is rather ugly looking without the other Bakuryuu.
Final Verdict
And being 10/10 Abaranger gets
 The Prodigious Award Seal of Approval™ 
an award reserved for only the best of the best and must be seen by all.
Despite some flaws the show have I fell in love with Abaranger and while watching it Abaranger ended up becoming my favorite sentai of all time, I love this show from the really well done charters, designs that are cool, looking, a (what I consider) awesome villain, and of course AbareKiller, the BEST SENTAI RANGER EVER! so please do watch Abaranger because this is a very fun show that you should watch.
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