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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Digimon Tri voice cast announce


April is getting more and more closer which means for me it will be my birthday soon, but for everyone else Digimon Tri. And today Toei Animation has release a new picture with all of the DigiDestines on the train cart from the end of Adventure. And also the cast for tri has also been announcing as well for the Digimon.

Agumon voiced by Chika Sakamoto
Gabumon voiced by Mayumi Yamaguchi
Piyomon voiced by Katori Shigematsu
Gomamon voiced by Junko Takeuchi
Palmon voiced by Kinoko Yamada
Patamon voiced by Miwa Matsumoto
Tentomon voiced by Takahiro Sakurai
Tailmon voiced by Yuka Tokumitsu

If you check the voice actors you will see that all of the original Digimons are voided by their original actors, which that is BEYONED AWESOME. finally the opening is Butter-fly is going to be back in the show and song by Kouji Wada also added is Ayumi Miyazaki doing Brave Heart. A lot of nostalgia Critic news for this show is coming back and I'am more ready for this.

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