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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Digital-Ranger freash thoughts on: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger epsiode 1

*Before I begin this review I would like to decanted this review to Leonard Nimoy and his life accomplishments, Live Long and Prosper Mr. Nimoy*

I'am starting out with saying this I really did not like ToQGer, I'll keep it simple and say the show was just bad, I thought it was bland boring and probably had the worst red ranger is Sentai history to date, but were not here to talk about ToQGer, NO where here to talk about the newest Sentai #39 Sentai Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. My first thoughts about this Sentai was, Ninjas AGAIN REALLY TOEI are you starting to run out of ideas? But then I decide to wait till the premier of the show aired before I made my final judgment on the show. The shows begin with our red for this show named Takaharu Igasaki walking to his family ninjutsu dojo, when he is then is ambushed by grunts of the Igasaki clan that destroy his family dojo. Takaharu transformers and fights off the grunts while the opening theme song plays and MAN does this opening KICK ASS, just listen to this increasable opening plays. While the opening is playing this fox looking monster steals this golden hammer. When red finished off all of the monsters we are introduce to our white ranger Fuuka Igasaki his sister, and their dad appears saying he is the one that called him and here to meet up with him while red was training for years and prating his ninjutsu to become a ninja. We are then also introduce to our other rangers for the show blue Yakumo (cloud) Katou who has been in England and study magic (AND Hairy potter reference), yellow Nagi Matsuo, and finally pink Kasumi Momochi, now blue, yellow, and pink are their cousins and make this Sentai team is a family Sentai which the last there was Magiranger. Red and white's dad tells them that long ago there was a war in the Sengoku period and their granddad Igasaki Yoshitaka he was called the last ninja  defeated  general Kibaoni Gengetsu and in 444 years he would come back again and today marks 444 years have come. And the Dad (no name yes but I guess I will call him Mr. Igasaki) Mr. Igasaki then gives everyone easel their swords but everyone declined it and says it's not real and it's fake, if they wanted to red can transform and turn into his suite is all I'am saying. They then go to the tomb of the general which was seals using 48 shuriken and the fox like monster we saw from before (which some people have said looks like kyubimon, more proof is given from the fact that the color scheme is yellow white, and purple) with the golden hammer and that shuriken she has releases the general from his tomb. When he is revive he then spreads his grunts to go and spread fear around a nearby city, with the sealed shurikens that imprisons him now used for being a part of monster of the week is summed by a shuriken hitting a an object, the first monster is called Youkai Kamaitachi and its ancient legend animal + object that = the monsters for the show. Everyone arrives and only red is the one that takes on the monsters, while everyone is hesitant at first the other go ahead and join with red, but they forget their swords. But Mr. Igasaki brought the swords with him, and then the 5 morph and I gotta say I REALLY LOVE THESE DESIGNS, but given the fact that that the suites last year were horribly bland looking and might as well be the worst looking in Sentai history just because they are really bland this is just leagues better, who know when I review the show I might as well give the designs on the GOOD part of my review. Now I wanna talk about their arsenal, their main changer and main weapon that they use is the Ninja Ichibantou Sword which I really like, it's a sword as a weapon and that is something we have not seen before, the main collectable/ gimmick for the show is the Shuriken and they work the same way as the Lock Seed Via the gimmick itself make the sounds and the Henshin device makes none, the secondary weapon they use is the GamaGama Juu which is a frog gun and no matter what you say your answer is invalid. The Ninningers have a good outing for their first fight and it was an odd moment when ShiroNinger slips on a banana peel, I was like "WHAT did Lord Baron Return and seeking revenge" or something like that. Anyways the Ninningers defeat their first monster and with the shrunken the fox monster then grows the monster where the rangers are then thrown, they then get another Shuriken and this one summons the mecha for this season and I like them all a lot, also been a while since we had something new and not just all the same. They are all different looking and all awesome looking defiantly and unique and there is reason why they are all different looking and that is because it is Sentai 40th anniversary. While this is not Sentai 40 this is the 40 year Sentai aired with red being the humanoid looking mecha, dragon being mythical, dump truck being equipment (which is strange since there has not been that much construction vehicles in Sentai), pink being trains (and better looking than the ToQGer train, and wolf being animals. The mechas have a nice one on one fight (which we will barely see in the future I can already tell) and they form Shurkijin and it's an awesome looking Mecha, very creative and unique but my only complaint is the chest, YES it has grown on me but it just looks so off, and I love the cock pit it being colorful and love how it is design. The Ninningers defeat the monster and then they see the shuriken is now back to normal when they defeat the monster. The episode ends with the ranges meeting their granddad and they find out that he is not because, well no one found his body so they assume he die, and gotta say living for over then 444 yeas, looks nice for his age :P

Overall 4/5
This was a good first episode
I really felt that this first episode that handle good but it is not perfect. The main problem was the pasting of the show and it being too fast past we do not know the names of the villains yet and it felt way too rushed with showing all of the new toys to get, and my other complaint is the age of everyone with that 444 year thing. But this first episode did have a bunch of highs, I liked that the rangers did not agree in the beginning which I kinda like showing they are not at first inserted, I do like these charters and their personalities, the designs are all really cool looking, and the comedy was priceless, I laugh a lot. I do high hopes for this show because Sentai REALLY needs a win because a lot of the stuff in the past has been more miss and hits really.