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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive April episode list


April is apon us which means (it's almost my birthday)and that means that we will have new spidoe guies for both Kamen Rider Drive and Ninninger. also something imporent to talk about is that Ninninger in episode 7 will have yousuke from Hurricanger and Sasuke from Kkuranger, so the other 3 reds are making a camo with ninninger for a triple ninnja crossover.

Shinobi no 6 : Ninjutsu chukanshiken (Ninjutsu midterm exam) – april 5th
For this new test to determine the skills of our young ninjas, Takaharu will have to fight his cousins. But Fuka gets captured…
Shinobi no 7 : Kakko kara no shisha (Emissaries from the past) – april 12th
Who better than a confirmed ninja to train young recruits ? Tsumuji (Takaharu and Fuka’s father) calls Sasuke (NinjaRed) and Yosuke (HurricaneRed) for help !
Shinobi no 8 : Ani to ane (Brother and sister) – april 19th
Nagi and Fuka infiltrate a high school…
Shinobi no 9 : Hoshi no shikaku (The star assassin) – april 26th

Kamen Rider Drive

Episode 24 - N/A (4/5)
Kiriko continues to secretly harbor Chase while an impatient Gou tries to rush Mach's repair.

Episode 25 - N/A (4/12)
Shinnosuke's father, a member of the 1st Division, pays a visit that leaves an unpleasant taste in the Special Unit. Meanwhile, a Roidmude targets Hayase, Shinnosuke's former partner.

Episode 26 - N/A (4/19)
A new device is created as a countermeasure against the Special Unit's and the Riders' enemies. The man that Heart spoke about appears before Chase and Shinnosuke.

Episode 27 - N/A (4/26)
Gou, unwelcoming towards Chase, decides to help a woman without his aid. Meanwhile, Brain appears in front of Shinnosuke in an unexpected form.

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