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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kamen Rider Chaser and Starninger Identity reviled

Sources TokuNation
It was reviled today the full suite image of Kamen Rider Chaser and it looks like Kamen Rider W Fang joker, I mean just look at it has the purple and white, doesn’t help that half of the helmet is purple and the other half is white. It’s just really MEH.
Source TokuNation
Moving on to Ninninger stuff is  the final identity of the 6th Ninninger, Statninninger named Kinji Takigawa, he is an ranger who came from America and wants to become a ninnja when he meas the last ninnja, aka the Ninningers grandfather.  We see the suites of Rodeomaru & Bison King which both look pretty cool, and finally some shameless self-promotion with the Shurikens, with one of Ninja red and hurricane red for the 3 ninja crossover episode in episode 7 of Ninninger. Speaking of shelf promotion, and speaking of shelf promotion my Hurricanger video review will be up come April 3rd.
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