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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Digital-Ranger Trailer Reaction for Digimon Tri trailer 5-6-15

All pictures are own by Toei Animation
Hello everyone a brand new Digimon Tri Trailer aired today and now I want to give some of my option on of this trailer. Now an impotent thing that has happen when this trailer went up is that Digimon Tri is now no longer a season but 6 movies and also the first one will not air till November 21st in Japan -_- YAH. That’s not all the original voice cast as well are getting change as well with ever hearing that Junya Ikeda and Mao Ichimichi will be voicing Joe and Kari, if the names sound familiar then it is GokaiSilver and GokaiYellow (wrap your head around that).

So the Trailer begins with a Tai and Agumon talking tougher and Tai needing Agumon’s help because of a convergence with the human world and Digitalworld.

Then a Shot of Tai goggles (THANK GOD FOR THAT AND SCREW YOU DAVIS… sorry but I do just not a fan of 02) and his Digivice. When he pick it up we then get a shot of all the Digimon and their partners and WOW I’m falling in love with this glorious animation, I just really like it a lot.

Then cut to a shot of a girl with glasses and her holding a Digimon. No clue what type of Digimon (not even from the wiki’s I found tho, some could say it is Jesmon’s in training form which could explain why Jesmon was a part of the 15 anniversary Digivice) and some people are speculating that this girl could be the 9th DigiDesten.
What fallows next is this awesomely awesome fight with Greymon and Kuwagamon which I really like since their first ever fight was well always open and for me this will be a very nice conclusion to that fight.
And we then finally see the Digimon Adventure Omnimon (Omegamon in japan) in Adventure which this is really great to see also since he is one of my most favorite Digimon like a top 5 for me, nothing could make this better except well.
SHIT JUST GOT REAL! I mean HOLY CRAP MAN this is so awesome that like WOW this is going to be AMAZING!

And then the Trailer ends with both Tai and Matt walking across with each other and then the Digimon Tri Logo.

As a really big Digimon fan I’m super excited for this, I mean it sucks that it comes out in November but that only means they are putting more time into it and maybe being a movie will help out the show’s pasting in a way, and hopping for a lot of good from this.

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