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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kamen Rider Ryuki Review part 2: The Plot

The Show
Episode 1: The Secret Story's Birth
The show begins with a woman get abducted by a spider monster from her mirror that then drags the woman into the mirror and then kill her "Take a Shot". The monsters for the show are called Mirror monsters which are animal/ bug themed monsters, they are just like wild beast and do what animals/ bugs survive like and eat, there really not a true villain for this show it’s more of your monster of the week show, and if I'm giving enough descriptions then that is because I only am, I'll get explanations on where these monsters come from latter on in this review. When the woman screams it is headed by 2 people hear it by 2 of our main charters for the show Yui Kanzaki and Ren Akiyama "Take A Shot" Ren is an ASSHOLE, "Take Another Shot " Ren is an ASSHOLE that has a heart of gold since he is a Rider who is doing this for his girlfriend Eri who is in a comma, and finally "Take a 3rd Shot", since he voiced  the Crab Orphnoch from Faiz (we are not even in the opening of the show yet and already we have taken an total of 4 shots, if you still value your brain cells then please stop right now). Also speaking of the opening the 4 people holding cards the kid, the woman, the old man, they young guy NONE ARE EVER RIDERS IN THE SHOW, so it seems kinda of pointless and should have had the actual riders for the show do that then. Cut to a building called the Ore Journal a building that is the news blog company that reports on the news. This is where our main protagonist Rider Shinji Kido works at with also his coworkers Reiko Momoi "Take A Shot" she's a bitch, in a latter episode she would rather let Shinji go to jail to just get a scoop on the front page, I do not care how hot she is she's a total bitch X<. Their boss who is the Editor-in-chief Daisuke Okubo, "Take A Shot" he's kinda of an asshole pretty much that kinda ordering around bossy guy and "Take another" he is an asshole with an heart of gold as I will explain latter on and then finally "Take about 2 more Shot" his actor Kanji Tsuda was Mina's Father in the Kamen Rider Faiz movie and the other role he did was also the Bat in Kamen Rider the first. Finally the last person introduce is Nanako Shimada who is just that kinda weird girl with the weird hair due that is just their and is weird also "Take A Shot" he actress Hitomi Kurihara was also the Smart lady in Kamen Rider Faiz (I THINK FAIZ IS TROLLING WITH MY LIFE AT THIS POINT). When Shinji goes on a case about some strange active he finds a deck where he picks it up which then a Dragon comes at him but is shelled by the deck. Latter on the accidently manage to Henshin (which doing an Ichigo style latter on in the show and also again he found the deck so every time he Henshin he it is not him using the deck, I’ll be generous with this and make you "Take only 1 shot") into Kamen Rider Ryuki Blank form, blank form is when the Riders do not make a contract with the monster yet and looks just plain a generating, and heck some of the cards he use are generic. I should probably talk about both the belt & decks now, the belt for is called the V-Buckle a more generic kinda looking belt but it is a mass produce belt so in that regard it make sense. The V-Buckle does nothing unless you have an Advent Deck the advent deck implies its name it is a deck because Ryuki was the first ever show to use trading cards for an gimmick which are refried as advent cards. Every single rider has advent cards some have more than others. Every single writer has these 2 same cards and advent which summons their advent monster and Final Vent which is the finishing move; they also always have a weapon which is a part of the advent monster either being called sword vent, stick vent and guard vent which are the main uses of that and also some with different names. Also since some riders do fight evil this means A CHILDERNS CARD GAME SAVING THE WORLD! Now on to the most difficult part of this is with the toys, Inoue likes putting toys just getting them out of nowhere with no explanation and this is kinda hard to do since some riders do not even live past 5 episodes and I do not want to over dose from count every single rider card that tier is I'm saying "take 11 shots basically for every single rider belt that there is" (cards are another thing). Ren comes in and help Ryuki and Ren is Kamen Rider Knight which design wise looks like THE GODDAM batman (or the Arkham Knight) if he was a Kamen Rider and fights the spider monster (a spider monster and Bat monster are the first monster in the show... HA).Ren travles through the mirrior world using the show's bike that all the riders get to use called the Ride Shooter, and the the first fight scene in the show the directing for the show is well not the best, and when I say not the beast like 90% is pretty much bad Directing. The show was directed by Ryuta Tasaki a guy that started in Agito and has had still had work to this day and even did some work on Power Rangers like Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue. His camera work sucks here since the camera is too quick, cuts so fast, and had to see some times. And by far the worst thing about his directing is THE FUCKING LIGHTS IN THE WAY OF EVERYTHING. I mean MY GOD the lights are always in the way and get too much in the way and I swear the freakin lights have more screen time than the actual actors and actors do.

Shinji try and fight back but his sword is broken and Ren defeats the monster, the Dragon comes and shoots at them and they escape. Opus my bad I mean Ren escapes and shinji does a derp moment where he cracks the window even tho it should have had made no sense breaking the mirror and just gone back to the real world. Yah this show really loves mocking shinji and it get really old really fast, he is basically the butt of every joke it can be and making everyone else look superior in comparison. Shinji is at a café (and Yui anut also works with her in the show) and Yui ask him does he know the name Shiro Kanzaki ("Take A Shot" his actor Kenzaburo Kikuchi was in an episode of Kabuto) Shiro is a mysteries figure throughout the show spoiling it now he is the creator of the decks and he lives in the mirror world pretty much putting the ones he gives the decks to the Riders he have chosen. And "Take A Shot" he is pretty much an Asshole because so many people die from this, innocent people and it is not just from the mirror world monsters, and hell he let an murder go to so he can fight in this war of his, but he is also doing this for Yui "Take A Shot". When Shinji goes back to help fight with Ren with the born again spider monster Yui gives him a chance to use the seal vent and seal the Advent monster or let it become one with him and become a Kamen Rider. He does the obvious option and becomes a Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Ryuki. Ryuki design is both the combination of a knight and Dragon and is both cool at times and meh at times, I think for me why it is only meh is the shoulder pads, it gets worst when they start sliding down the arm more and more through the show goes, and all of the riders have these connection ports on them which is all unite like for them, the riders also have a card reader as well to use the cards. after when Ryuki destroy the monster a ball of light from that monster appears just so the advent monster can eat it and so the Rider will not be eaten, When Ryuki save Knight, Knights repays him by beating the shit out of him for not good god damn reason "Take A Shot" O but the real reason and you will enjoy this, Knight say that Riders cannot coexist with other (ONLY FROM THE MIND OF TOSHIKI INOUE WOULD THIS MAKE SNENCE). And the fight is stooped when Yui stops it herself and also speaking of which if a Rider is in their for too long the rider will die from disappearing and their is a time limite when the riders go into the mirrior world, later that night Shiro meets up with Shinji and tells him their can only be one rider left and that last person shale get a wish, so basically it is like hylander just with a lot less head chopping heads off. The opening 2 episodes are rather ok, I mean YAH there is a ton of Inoue’s tropes that were obvious in just these 2 episodes alone. I did like how shinji does have a job which I talked about in my Hurricangers review and not to many Toku shows do that these days, and I also was on board designs that were something different looking in Kamen Rider. And yah Ren was that typical Inoue ASSHOLE charter that he puts in all of his shows (even tho he would have a purpose to fight for latter on in the show). I know this part was super long and longer than normal then my typical reviews BUT TRUST ME from this point forward it is pretty much an cake walk for the rest of the show

Episode 5: The Monster's Antique Store
From this point to episode around episode 34 are relatively the same introduce a new charter, that charter is more or less an asshole and then some stuff about Yui or more on the show. Like episode 5 and the appearance of Kamen rider scissors and he is and asshole "Take A Shot", he is a drug dealer who killed his partner, "Take another Shot” he is irredeemable and he also killed Reiko (DAMN). When he and Ren fought Ren kills him says when some info on the decks, there are a total of 13 decks and 13 Riders, all of them and the fight that is going on right now is the Rider war (UUUHHHHH I got a chill down my spine just now).

2 episodes latter we ae introduce to another charter Shuichi Kitaoka Kamen Rider Zolda "Take A Shot" he is an asshole since he is a lawyer who well thinks of himself through most of the show  "Take another Shot " he is an asshole with an heart of gold for saved a kids mother by paying for her operation. He’s charter basically boils down to Gai being Jetman, while I have not review or seen Jetman I have heard from people and seen reviews as well. Both of them are realest, are self-center, both are assholes, and finally both are womanizers falling for the pretty woman of the show. Don’t get me wrong though I do personally like Zolda and consider him one of the better charters in this show that I do care about. He is also accompany by his assented with Kitaoka Gorou who will be the bee in Kabuto "Take A Shot" and also in Kamen Rider Gaim (I WISH I WAS WATCHING GAIM RIGHT NOW THAT IS AN ACTUAL GOOD SHOW?

Also fun fact Kamen Rider Ryuki was one of the influences that helped the creation of Gaim). Also something to talk about Zolda, he’s dyeing, and he knows he’s dyeing but he just denies it and live life to its fullest. Yet another Rider is introduce Tezuka Miyuki Kamen Rider Raia who will be Kamen Rider Ichigo in Kamen Rider the First/ Next "Take A Shot". He is one of the few charters is not an asshole and is probably my favorite charter. In this show that is likeable and you do root for him; he became a ride because his friend who was going to become a famous piano player but had an accident that made him stop doing it. Kanziki gave him the deck and the power to get hand back but he denied it and his friend was killed, and from their Tezuka promises he would take verges on that monster (which he did latter on in the show) to put his friend to rest (and that also means whenever he Henshin he is not the true rider so “Take about 8 shots” because that is how many times he did Henshin in the show). And by far one of his decisions in the show I did like is he does not want any rider fighting each other and that is also Shinji promises as well to stop the rider war and make peace with the other riders to fight as one.

BUT WHY WOULD WE WANT LIKEABLE AND RELATABLE CHARTERS NO, NO, NO, NO, NO WHAT WE NEED ARE ASSHOLE CHARTERS LIKE Shibura Jun Kamen RIder Gai who is nothing but a complete ASSHOLE who is nothing but irredeemable "Take 2 Shot". He wants to kill everyone by uploading a video around the world and make people play this videogame that kills them in real life, all because he is board and it makes him happy. And before anyone says “well isn’t AbareKiller from Abaragers your favorite season like that”? well yes but there is a big difference that was AbareKiller life just boring and always did good at everything and when he did have the chance to have something increasable in his life he miss it. It was by pure dumb luck that he was given his powers, THIS ASSHOLE WAS GIVEN HIS POWERS AND WOST OF ALL KILLED HIS OWN FRIENDS AS WELL!

The Final the new Asshole charter introduces in the show for a while is Takeshi Asakura Kamen R  Ider Oja and as said before is an asshole "Take A Shot". BUT HEY I accepted since it’s done that way on purpose since I count him as the asshole villain that is only in it in for himself and kill for the pure fun of it "Take A Shot". Speaking of which out of all these Riders in the show Ryuki, Knight, Zolda, and Oja are the ones that are in the show the most and they will be the most talked about when I get to my charter analyzes. Going back what I said before him killing because hell of it this guy kills like about most riders in the show, fist killing off Gai and when he kills Gai his advent monster rampages fee and trying to kill Oja and when Oja is meet with the advent beast he traps him and has an contract cad and now has Gai and his cards (never explain where he got that contract card "Take A Shot". Then he kills Raia (again killing off good charters just to keep the Asshole charters) and too getting Rai cards from him with another never explain where it came from Contract Vent "Take A Shot".

I’m skipping a head of myself but latter on he has another card with no explanation how he got it called unite vent ”Take A Shot" which allows all 3 of his monsters to combine into 1 to form Genocider which looks wicked. From that Ren goes final form (YAH Raia got a Survive Vent card which gives who ever use it their final form from Raia that got it from Kanziki and it was never explained where it came "Take A Shot") Knight Survive is pretty awesome looking with the added gold and blue to the suite and his cape more primate instead of activating a card to do it and all of Knights cards are upgraded to be basically to fit within the survive theme look to them. Now for some actual plot that does happen in the show happen Yui finds out that her brother was moved from Japan and went to go and do some studies (IN AMERIC) and 1 year ago he died. AND THAT IS THE ENTIRE PLOT YOU GET IN 32 EPISODES. OK I'm doing a lot of paraphrasing here but that is more or less happens in the show (like I said cake walk). The only other thing of importance that did happen in the show was the introduction of Kamen Rider Odin (favorite design of the whole show) and he is there just to troll with the Riders  because and in his first episode introduce he basically does a clip show X<.

 But Granted the show does at lease do something different than the usual clip show with shinji having the right idea to note everything down so he know when he is at the point back when Odin appease again Shinji knows where to attack him and the show does make Shinji more smart and a more better rider overall. Odin can teleport which he uses to just pimp slap the other riders that make them fall on the knees easy and never have an true identity just a puppet Kanziki controls and the guy voicing him also voices the advent card reader, and then leaves for no adequate reason and only the final rider may fight him. This part of the show got really reparative really quick; I mean a lot of the time and they it became a job just trying to watch this show instead of me just watching this show. It does not help that they killed one the only charter that was a good guy (which remind you did not have enough screen time) and keeping the Riders who are just pricks. And every time the show introduce a new rider I just did not care about them except for Tezuka (which I wish stayed longer). Knight getting his survive mode was not handle well either with him just getting it and absolute no build up what so ever and felt more lacklusterness to continue watching the show. I still continue to watch this show just to review it but at this point there was really nothing to much of a sniffiest reason for me caring. UNTIL WE GET TO EPISODE 34!

Episode 34: Friendship's Battle
Another new charter is added to the show named Megumi Asano "Take A Shot” SHE IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE! I mean WOW JUST WOW, at first she seemed like that innocent girl that Kitaoka broke up and could understand with, NOPE! She just wanted attrition from Kitaoka.  She faked a sickness that mad her seemed like she was dyeing but she just low blood sugar, and that this was all in only just 1 episode and honestly that cannot be forgiven from me "Take A Shot” (and I found out that it was toshiki inoue what wrote this, and this was the moment I realize I just do not like his writing. Also “another shot” she was in the Kabuto movie). OK with that said out of the way I really do thank that this is where the show got better, the main reason why I say this is because from episode 34- to the final episode (except for 4 episodes) were all written by Kobayashi. Some actual plot does happen with Eri’s health starts becoming worst and worst by the minute and Ren is not too happy about this. While at an amusement Park spending the day with Yui and Shinji, Shinji to fight Ren now so that his wish will be granted, he know that what he is trying to do will not work in time since there are 2 more riders left but he know that and DAMN it that does not mean he’s not going to try. Then Ryuki uses his Survive Card (AGAIN JUST HANDED TO HIM "Take A Shot”) and Ryuki Final form Ryuki Survive is un lock and despite some gripes I had with the original design the Ryuki Survive form looks very nice (fun fact if you were a part of my blog from the early begging you would know that this was my original banner for my blog because I did really like this, and because I was huge into Digimon for some reason it reminded of Omnimon with the red sword and blue gun just reverse, and now looking back on it, I do not see it that as much as I originally though). After the fight between the 2 no one really won Ren just wanted to let out his anger and try and feel better, they both know they will have to fight again in the finals but for now they are being friends. Latter Eri actually is awaken, but the thing is she is still going back into a comma because she is still week (and another unknown reason) but Ren is like screw it and takes her to the beach where they have a very sweet moment before she is back into her comma. Now I thought this was handle very well done and I did start caring about most of these charter more, this was very human and very excited. This is an element that Kobayashi always seem to excels in in a bunch of her writing for an example like ankh form OOO’s (I mean yah sure she did ToQGer and I make it no secret that I think ToQGer is the worst Sentai I have seen but still she does a good job still and I she why she gets work still).

fans of Axecop will get the joke
Shinji meet 2 people that know how to seal the mirror world and both are Riders, introduce the first one is Satoru Tojo Kamen Rider Axe and "Take A Shot” because HE IS AN HUGE ASSHOLE like Micchy from Gaim or Kusaka from Faiz level of bad (Kusaka is still by far worst in the end, but he is really bad). I mean he talks about being a hero but really he is just a dick, he basically killed all his friends and allies because that is not what an hero is he thinks he knows better and know what it means to be a true hero and (wow, just...just WOW never before have I've seen what it means to be a hero from a dick that thinks he knows what it means to be hero since Kamen Rider Taisen slow CLAP, CLAP, CLAP) also there are 2 more Tiger decks and never explain where they came from "Take 2 Shot”.
And the other Kamen Rider Alternative Zero (that looks a lot like some kinda of Kamen Rider Ichigo, and unique with a mat black visor instead of clear plastic) named Hideyuki Kagawa “Take 2 Shot” he’s an asshole but an asshole who is doing it for his family for his a wife and son named Yuuto  (and I wish I watch more of Arc V so I can make a proper Yugioh reference instead of I have is 2 forced Yugioh abridge series joke, UUUUHHHHHHH.....). But what makes him an asshole is the fact that he would let his family die instead of giving up his deck just to prove an point to Shiro and he is superior then him (“Take A Shot” his actor was in 2 episodes of Kamen Rider Kiva) (O YAH there is also an Alternative but he was like in their for 2-3 episodes only and not that much to say about him). The 2 assholes do know how to close the mirror world once and for all but it will cost them something, and that is Yui (They know that Shiro is doing this all for his sister Yui and there is an answer why, Yui is starting to disappear. It started happing a while ago and really not metion to much well till the latter parts of the show). When Axe, ALTZ fights Ryuki and Yui, Yui starts controlling the monsters and make them fight Axe and ALTZ, are fighting Axe has his hell turn and then decides to kill Alternative Zero because he does not have his beliefs on what a true hero should be in his own belief and just shut the fuck up AXE! Like seriously it get annoying fast that this asshole believes being an hero meaning lose everything and no joy (clearly this guy needs to read some superman, and I mean like silver age not like the current DC where turn Superman to a villain, REMEMBER THIS FOR IT WILL BE IMPORENT IN THE FUTURE). After that Axe goes crazy and starts hearing voices in his head (see why I mention Micchy before, and starts losing it and in his final act he pretty much dies saving a father and his son and in the newspaper he said he died a hero, but is still an irredeemable asshole "Take A Shot” 1 he no longer has an interest of closing the mirrior world and quite possibly killing millions in the process and 2 well I’m gonna explain that now.

A Rider introduce 4 episodes before the final story are of the show is Kamen Rider Imperer Mitsuru Sano and despite the fact that introduce named Mitsuru Sano and even tho he introduce himself kindly to the riders, wanting to join the riders, excited to be a rider in general, and also calling Shinji his Sempai this guy IS STILL AN ASSHOLE "Take A Shot”, all because of the fact that betrayed Shinji and Ren just because Alt and Axe offered him a better deal. And the thing is he just excited in these 4 episodes and they pretty much treat him like crap like he could have been inserting developed charter but he died off early and introduce to late in the show. His death is tragic from Oja, in his final words he said "Why is this happening? I... I... just wanted to be happy..." and it is a sad death. What is made worst he became an Rider because he world pretty much crap on him costly losing his job, his girlfriend dumping him and just wanted to kill himself and these 4 episodes were all written by toshiki inoue -_-. While I have complained a bit about something in this part of the review my stance about the show is this still this is where things got a lot better. There was some actual plot, the charter motivations were not just one sided as before, true 3 new charters were introduce and all just died in the end, but it just felt better in general and not like work to just try and watch. More of these new grunt monsters are attacking the Raiders and there is just too many of them, and then they are evolving

Episode 50: A New Life
The ending for the show begins with it almost being Yui’s birthday but she then starts feeling funny and she then realize that she is disappearing, a little girl from the mirror world saying to her that when Yui is 20 years old she will disappear and also that kid it’s Yui. Because (OK STAY WITH ME ON THIS) (read really fast) the real Yui died when she was a little kid where and a mirror world Ver. of her enter into the real world which she fused with the real world Yui and that somehow created an explosion that then destroyed their house and killed their parents and also her and her brother created the mirror monsters and they somehow exits now because of the situation that has happen. I so wish this was a joke because this makes no sense like OK the mirror world has always excited and can somehow bring people back to life and this is just really hard to figure out and is just confusing as all heck and on top of all that somehow by god sake they somehow created the mirror world monsters well (also when Shrio was asking help their parents quickly locked the door and were abusive to worse them "Take 4 Shots" 2 for both being assholes and both for being irredeemable)? Shrio now implements a time limit for 3 days left for all the Riders to defeat each other or else Yui will die. And for the next few episodes it is inserting and also intense seeing Shinji make the ultimate decision either trying to kill Ren and to an extended kill Eri and his whole belief of not killing the other Riders just to save Yui or let him be killed for Yui to live this really is a tough decision, but ulitmely in the end it does not matter since. When Yui does find out about this she does not want Shrio help and then well she dies "Take a Shot". Shrio still believes she can still be saved and the time limit still stands. But another problem is also present as well reiko saw Shinji Henshin and now knows that he is in actually is a Kamen Rider. In the morning Shinji talks to his Editor n Chief talk about his revolution of him finding out he is an Rider and I’m not gonna lie a very good pep talk for shinji for him to hear what he needs to here of basically it is up to Shinji to do what he thinks is right and believes which is why I say he really is an asshole with an heart of gold because he really helped Shinji when he did needed the most and heck it was even well directed which I do not say that often in this show. So monsters from the Ryuki movie are in the show now (those white monsters to Blue monsters that can fly) and then they start attacking the city and before the final fight Shinji is heavily injured from protecting a small child, and after both him and Ren finish off all the monster Shinji well Shinji dies. This has never happen before ever the main Rider of the show actually dies and probably this will be the only show that will have this with Toei and their current crossovers. The protagonist Rider dies and Ren is just surprise by all of the, Ren the asshole who did not wanted to be Shinji friend and treated him like crap is with him with another really great scene that is also just emotional as well. Before I get to the finally there is something to mention for the final battle there is Asakura and Zolda. In that final battle Asakura is the one that wins but it is a hallow victory because Goro was the one who fought Asakura as Zolda "Take a Shot". The reason why well Shuichi die (and also in a chair "Take a Shot") and Asakura is pissed off and does not like this at all and then go out and he is gunned down and dies. In the final fight it is between Odin and Knight with a one sided battle of Odin looks like he is about to kill Knight Shrio snaps from his sister not wanting his help which somehow destroys the mirrors and also somehow kills Odin in the very confusing process. Ren just barely survives to get his wish and bring Eri to life and then Ren dies (in an upright position "Take a Shot") do yah a very bleak and depressing ending something almost like what a modern DC movie would have but nope what happens next is Eri is alive (sourta) and tell her brother let’s start a new world again where her and her brother both old and young are creating a new world, which if you guess it then yes the show pulls a Dallas ending. For those of you that don't know in the TV show Dallas Season 10 Episode 1 "Return to Camelot part 1" is basically where the charter Bobby die in season 8 and when fans of the show were outrage by this he came back in season 10 pretty much erasing season 9 like it never happen and making season 9 like it was a dream. Which means everything that has happen in the show was for nothing and was useless "Take A Shot” everyone is alive and still acting like themselves which again everything that did happen in the show was for nothing and that includes Shinji being treated like crap from that really good scene from his boss and also the world keep picking on him.

And the show ends with Shinji going to the café that is in the show which also the place where he lives and him talking to Eri aunt and oriding coffee with a close up of a picture of both Eri and Shrio enjoying themselves. The ending well the ending just plains SUCK. I MEAN the episode before this was great the main hero dieing, a battle between 2 rivals were going to be put to rest, and finally, just great build up with the whole charters. But all of that is waste and makes the whole show pointless. What is worst in the scene where Ren was deigning I think it could have been better if they just left Eri dead and Ren could have brought back Shinji. I know that would have had also been bad but both of them could have done a Romeo and Juliet style of death where both of them die and lived happy tougher in death, and this is where Ren could have had an ultimate redemption. I also do not like it that Shinji is the show’s punching bag again I mean how he die was great and very heroic in a sense but now were back to how we begin at the beginning at the show again. Also are Eri and Shrio Gods? I mean it is just an convoluted thing to add and do I don’t want to sound harch but it would have been better if everyone just die, at lease they brought Tezuka.

Additional Shots
  • Episode 4: Ren did not tell Shinji what Dark Winger was doing they had a bit of a little fight
  • Episode 11: Ren has Amnesia for just only 2 EPISODES
  • Episode 15: it was supposted that this random woman charter we were just introduce just got killed,  AAAAHHHHH!
  • Episode 28: their was this kid and he was an ass hole and he was never seen again
  • Episode 29: a girl dies
  • Episode 43: sxe jumps into a body of water
  • Episode 47: a girl and a guy dies
Total Shot count Tally
76 shots

Best Episode 49- Very well done writing for the charters and the main rider dyeing.

Worst episode 30, 41, and 44- These were the episodes that made me finally realize that I do not like toshiki inoue's writting.

Part 3
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