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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kamen Rider Ryuki Review part 3: The Final Verdict

The Charters
Shinji / Kamen Rider Ryuki: Shinji is for a lack of a better term is an idiot, both from the audience option and from the show writers. In the beginning of the show Shinji begins out pretty week and not really all that strong and well treated like a bitch. He is also sadly the shows butt monkey where basically all the whole world craps on him and it happens to no one else which is Inoue’s way of saying the asshole is always superior (or that is what I get out of this) and it gets real old real fast. But over time (and some help from Kobayashi’s writing) he becomes more stronger as both a charter and fighter. What I like most about this guy is that he never gives up when it comes to trying to stop riders from fighting each other, (and considering Inoue’s always want his charters to fight for no absolute goddam reason) it is  good here to see something different instead of the Riders automatically fighting each other just BECAUSE! I MEAN YAH SURE it never works out for him that he does make the Riders stop fighting each other but still he made an attempt, and even the other Riders do admit that he is a much better man then they are. And you can bet that Shinji Death was a Main Rider main part of his charter, I mean a main Rider dyeing and sacrificing himself to help his fiend this is just a wow moment. Sure the reseat things were fucking awful but it is still great to see such a thing form a charter and something different.

Ren/ Kamen Rider Knight: Ren is an asshole; Ren is an asshole with a heat of gold. And well that kinda sums most of his charter, he begins off as a real big jerk to Shinji and the only person he is actually is nice to is Yui. But he is doing all of this for his girlfriend Eri, and his contract beast was the one that put Eri in the comma (yah irony). And he is a jerk just to build up his feeling so there is a reason on why he is a jerk. And in the 2nd half he is a bit more of a friend to Shinji and more friends to people in general. and well him dying to let Eri to keep on living is well I think is sweet in my eyes.

Shuichi/ Kamen Rider Zolda: Shuichi is basically Gai from Jetman (not a bad thing in this case though), he's a realest, free sprinted, he know he is going to die but he's all like "SCREW IT I'm gonna whatever I want to do”. He is defiantly one of the better and enjoyable charters in this show and it’s hard to like not like him. The reason on why he became a Rider is that he wants immortality and to live forever, but he does still die and learns the impotents of living.

Asakura/ Kamen Rider Oja: Asakura is just a 1 note asshole and in all honestly just kinda of a boarding antagonist. He does not change through the whole show and just fights because he is pissed off all the time. I mean this could have been the Kamen Rider Ver. of Abarekiller but they do not and is well Boring and it would have been nice to see why he always get his 2 added sealing vents and unite vents but NONE IS HERE.
The ore journal cast: all of the ore journal members were just OK, the editor and chief I cannot hate him just because of that speech he gave with Shinji near the end of the show, Rekio started out as bad but at lease got better latter on as the show did, Shimada was just their and really did not do that much at all, and finally Megumi, the less said about her the better said about her.

The Music
When I heard the soundtrack I notest that there was a lot of piano used in most of these songs, also was it me or did the music feel like rave music (you know that type of techno beast or I’m I making no sense, it's probably that one). The opening is something to note about since this was the first time a female did a Kamen Rider Opening and it is also done by Rica Matsumoto who was ash from the Japanese voice actor for Ash from Pok√©mon (small world) and it is a good example of what I mean about the techno beats. And most of the Rides and including Yui did sing in the show which I always like when like a rider get to sing a song (I man the Riders doing their own songs was like hardly used and I think Ren was like the only one truly used in the show, but it is still their). One thing that I did not like was most of the songs were used in not a good timing, an example of what I mean is the show used the final form theme song pretty much in all of the 2nd half of the show and even sometimes it happen when Ryuki and Knight did not even go Survive or just about to go survive form. Or just used a song once and totally never heard it again like with the awesome Hateshinai Honoo no Naka, and well it sucks. Digital-ranger jukebox recommendation: Revolution, and super badass mood for a final form. And special recommendations for Hateshinai Honoo no Naka because you people should hear it, it’s awesome!

The Good
Kobayashi's writting
It sadly took me this long to finally realize why people really like Kobayashi is a really good writing and I finally see why. She does a great job at things like human emotion and such good heart to her charters that she writes, and a thing I now notest wither show always do something with her reds (think about it Ahank, Raia, Ryuki, and finally EEEHHHHH RIGHT all having the color red and unique to them, WEIRD), I mean not everything she does is perfect but DANG IT when she does something good it is enjoyable and this is what kept me watching the show, and I can full heartedly say now that now I have become a following of her writing now.

The Rider Designs
I really enjoy a lot of the Rider designs for this show and do like how they all look. There are a lot of Riders in this show every single one of them all look unique and different and yet they still all fit with in the same show. All of the Rider's designs for the riders are knight theme with caps but even then with that all of them look all different and unique, some of them all have this 1 part that is unique to them Ryuki is like the most blandest one sadly but I theorize that he was the base body all the riders hade, Raia has a ponytail tai, Imperor was the first rider ever to have fir on his costume, Zolda has this light up eye, there are more I can go into but that is just  on how I feel about these costumes, My favorite design would have to be Odin just so empowering and majestic, lease favorite design is Gai, just not my cup of tea. Heck evens the monsters I also like their designs as well as the riders to.

Shinji's Death
This to me I thought to me made the show for me I mean never before and probably never again. The fact of even thinking about killing the main charter is an obscure thing to think of. But this this right here was just a wow factor to see that I’m impress that the show creators even decide to even think about this but you know what this is the type of things that will be remember. I mean yah the ending of rebooting everything made this even less worthless but still this was good to see and sadly never again.

The Bad
Inoue's Writting
It took me this long to finally realize THAT I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY JUST REALLY DO NOT LIKE TOSHIKI INOUE WRITTING AT ALL. I mean GOD THIS LONG IT TOOK ME TO REALIZE THIS AND I’VE REVIEW BOTH   Faiz and the 2nd half of Hibiki which he was the head writer for both shows. I mean his writing is just the same from his previous works, introduce a charter just to kill them off that charter being an asshole, a toy coming the hell out of nowhere and finally treating a girl like a week and not strong at all and finally rinse and repeat for about forever. I really do mean this I really did not absolutely like this at all and it was a dreed getting through this part of the show.

Shinji Idiot moments
I could not absolute not fucking stand, in fact I just absolutely hated a lot! I mean when you pick on someone and treat them like your butt monkey throughout the whole show that is not comedy, what that is, is just a desperate for comedy. It gets old real quick real fast and honestly does not make him progressing as a charter. This is just not comedy. It would help if you spreader it around to others but when you are doing this just for shinji it makes it like your trying to be a comedy that is not funny (kinda how I feel about the show really).
SHRIO IS JUST A WALKING POLT HOLE. I mean ok he is doing this for his sister which is nice and doing this all for her but there are just SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT SHRIO. Like for example how did he create the Decks, how did he created the Ride shooter, the Advent cards, and just so many more questions that just raises that it is just lazy writing (did I mention that most of this was in the first half done by INOUE) but granted though some of was explain (which was in the 2nd half of the show and again the 2nd half of the show was all done by Kobayashi (just saying). Most impotently HOW THE HELL DOES HE HAVE THE ABILITY TO GRANT PEOPLE WISHES! Or as a matter of fact the more impotent one revive his sister!?!
The Ending
The ending is just a pile of crap and overall just a dissepiment. I DO NOT LIKE AN ENDING WHERE THEY REBOOT EVERYTHING, it basically makes everything that has happen in the whole show seems pointless (I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the ending because the end is hated among many fans). And even sadder is the fact that all the charter ae reset and basically everyone started out like how they all began AN ASSHOLE, SCREW YOU INOUE (I know that Kobayashi did the final episode but I still feel like he is the one that actually wrote the ending). But this is not the only ending that exits for Ryuki, no, no, no there are still at least 2 more endings to talk about and well get to them soon.

The Gray area
This is a new thing that I'm adding to my blog called “The Gray Area”. This is basically where I think about something is not good but is not that bad, this may or may not be in every single review I’m putting out now just to let you people know.

The Riders being the main Antagonist
Now this was a very unique that no other Rider series before this show with the Riders being the cloest thing to being the villains. I would not mind it that much but there is just 1 thing that gets in the way from me liking the show from doing this. ♪EVERYONE'S AN ASSHOLE, NO ONE CAN BE FRIENDS WITH ANYBODY, THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF TOSHIKI INOUE AND HIS CRAPPY ASS WRITTING♪. And that’s just it with everyone being just an asshole there is like no difference between each Rider and it makes all the Riders the same,  (with the only exception being Shinji and Tezuka ) and it is just boring overall just to see the same Damn Rider just introduce and then killed off for like the whole show. Maybe having all Rider as the antigens wasn’t a thing not ready to do, maybe it was to radically different, or... or maybe it was just something to early to do something like that.
Final Verdict
This show is passably, BUT just slightly

Favorite Rider List
Yet another new thing added to my show is Digital-Ranger favorite Rider list where now that I finally have review a total of 5 Rider series I'm now organizing the 5 shows that I have had review and put them in order from favorite to lease favorite. Black is number 1 on this last for being very well done story, charters, and strong villains. Black RX is 2nd because it is still a good show it is just held back from some bad villains and also some more weaker things in this show as well, BUT it did end the Showa Riders on a high note. Hibiki is number 3 because I really enjoy this show more than others, the first half and also the strong bond between asumu and Hibiki, but brought down just because of the 2nd half of the show. Ryuki is #4 because of pretty much having only a few good charters and that piss poor ending but is saved from the main Rider sacrificing himself in order for others to live. And Finally Faiz in at #5 on this list because FUCK FAIZ, FAIZ IN NOTHING BUT A PILE OF SHIT. I totally hate this show and as of now I think this is the worst Rider series period (I would have had just gone ahead and went back and just changed the rating on it to give it the X virus award like I did with Abaranger and giving it the Prodigious Award but I’m waiting to give Faiz that award in the future and you will all know when I will do that).
Ryuki is a show that I consider to be a mix bag because while this shows that I do not consider being all that great but it is not really that bad either. There are some Highlights for this show like the main Rider dyeing rider design, and in my own option having Tezuka. But also a lot of bad things as well, which are all boils down to Tokeshi Inoue and his very poor writing. But I have also have seen people put this series higher up on other list which I can say well from them. So this show is not good but also not bad either and hey looks on the Bright sides of things after this show Koybishi would more better things like Den-O a show many adult and kids really enjoy and OOO one of her critically acclaimed series. While Tokishi inoue well he would do Faiz next year and he has not stop writing Faiz ever since.
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