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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Digimon in Death Battle: Charizard V. Greymon

YES, YES, YES, WE ARE FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY GETTING A DEATH BATL BETWEEN BOTH Greymon and Charizard! I mean I have been waiting for a Death Battle with a Digimon for a very long time and for us to finally have one now just excites me so much and this is going to be an amazing battle for the ages. Ok enough of me fan boying over this (for) now, today the Death Battle between both Hawkeye and Green Arrow happen today (I was neutral on both sides really do not know much about either charter to have a strong option of 1 particular and could go either way on any of them) but after the battle they announce a fight between both Charizard and Greymon and my mind freakin exploded from the awesomeness what is going to be Charizard V. Greymon.

My predictions for this Greymon will be the winner with no doubt he could win. This is not just me saying the oblivious "DIGIMON IS SO MUCH BETTER THEN POKEMON" argument I'm saying he is more powerful because of fact. Greymon has size advantage and almost as tall as a big building while a Charizard fully grown adult is like 5'7" and he is a pretty small guy (heck I'm 6'2" I'm taller then Charizard). Yes Charizard has things like speed and also flying especially more with Charizard Y with is more faster and has a stronger defense, but as MetalGreymon he can fly shoot fire, have misses and has a hook hand. Finally is their powerhouse forms Charizard X and WarGreymon, Charizard X which is the most powerful form (more proven in the design with blue flame being the most powerful flame) and yet is more weaker than anything with defend is not that good as Y Ver. And then we get to WarGreymon who will wrecked him so hard, WarGreymon is one of the biggest powerhouse Digimon there is with him WarGreymon who has Chrom Digizoid for his armor and Chrome Digizoid is like a super rare metal that is hard to break, and he has taken on some of the most powerfulest Digimon like Venommyotismon and was the final blow that defeated him, defeated 2 of the Dark Masters like MetalSeadramon who pierced him from the inside out, or Machinedramon who sliced and diced him (I know he had some help too but still).

So that is how I strongly feel about this death Battle and I'm more then excited for this and I do strongly feel this Death Battle and excited for it this coming December 23rd. Also a little more update sorry but my finals happened and that got in my way, but come this Monday I will be posting my fresh thoughts on Digimon Tri, and then the week after that what I actually had planned for December my month of reviews pertaining around Kamen Rider Faiz.

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