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Friday, April 1, 2016

Digimon Savers Review Part 1

The Overview
Digimon Savers (or Digimon Data Squad in the Dub) is the Digimon series that nobody watched, if you looked up Digimon as a whole you hear people talking about like Adventure, Tamers, HECK even Frontier but hardly Savers. A reason do to that is that this is a Digimon season VASTLY DIFFERENT from like any other season (which I will go over in this review as we go on). Now a thing that Savers was going to be originally was a reboot series for Digimon since it has been like a total of 3 years since frontier happened and now it's 10 years old now (YOUR OLD!), but sadly that did not happen because of it not being popular enough with people so a lase it is just that Digimon season that is just there. Even I am guilty of this in my rewatch of Digimon I ignore this season But then again I was getting a bit tired of Digimon at that point and needed a break for the time... So, why did Savers not catch on with other Digimon Fans? How come no one talks about it? And more impotently is it worth a watch? Well then it is time to finally give a look at Digimon Savers.

Episode 1 "I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Strikes" 
In the first episode we are already introduce to one of our man charters Yoshino Fujieda or just Yoshi (Please don't sue Nintendo). Voiced by Yui Aragakiin the Japanese Ver. and Colleen O'Shaughnessey in the Dub, making Colleen O'Shaughnessey be the most reoccurring female Digimon Voice actress their is. She see a bunch of people knocked out and also sees a Agumon fighting against this guy (again this was going to be a reboot for Digimon and they went with a Agumon again since Tai had one just this one has things on his arms). 

Now this guy is like the most badass and ballsiest guy there is since… well… HE TAKES ON A DIGIMON! They both punch one another and surprise this guy’s face in not clawed off h punches and even after getting kicked in the balls he still is fight Agumon, not even 5 minutes into the show and already I love this guy. And the name of this incredible bastard is named Damon Masaru or Marcus Damon in the dub which I shale refer to I'm in the review (voiced by Soichiro Hoshi in the Japanese ver. of the show and voice by Quinton Flynn in the dub). After the 2 finished their brawling both accept each other as equals and introduce themselves and from today on Agumon calls Marcus Aniki which means both brother and boss and in the Dub they just call him Boss.

Yoshi is still around and she is about to take Agumon and she has her own Partner Lalamon but both escape. She meets up with Marcus later that night and say (TO US THE AUDIENCE) Marcus Bio with Marcus lives with his mom and little sister, 14 years old (I CALL BIG BULL SHIT ON THAT HE LOOK HE IS IN HIGH SCHOOL) and gets into a lot of Trouble because Yoshi is with D.A.T.S.  D.A.T.S. (Digimon Accident Tactics Squad) is a highly funded origination which main job is to capture Digimon and to stop them from causing havoc AND THIS is more or less the soul reason why people gave up on Savers. You see Digimon was about some kids who were destined to be chosen to come to a Digital World where in here they are a highly funded origination and anyone can have a Digimon which makes them just like Men in Black, and also even the art style is different. And by far what makes it even more of a disconnect from every other Digimon season no Goggles, the main charter has no Goggles! Now while I can see why people would get mad and upset about this, honestly I don’t mind all that much and it is a bit of a refresher to see something different for once I know not like the old shows but it does still feel like Digimon. As for the art style I really don’t mind it just looks a bit off at first but still Digimon just the main charters older, but the main charter not having goggles still bugs me a bit at the end of the day.

D.A.T.S. is led by Commander Satsuma or Commander Sampson (voiced by Jamieson Price in the Dub and voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in the Japanese Ver.) with his partner Kudamon. He tells Marcus Demon up front that Digimon are dangerous and need to be sent back to the Digital world or he can join with D.A.T.S. Marcus refuses and when he stick up for Agumon and says he is fine an attack happens where Marcus hid Agumon and go and see it is just another Digimon attack and not a Agumon attacking. Agumon try’s and attack but fails so Marcus goes and attack him and manage to Punch the Digimon. Yet another complaint about Savers is Marcus punches the Digimon in the season, I will get to my thoughts at the end with the charters and good and the bad because even for me I am rambling on a bit now so wait till the end.

When Marcus punches the Digimon an old man gives him his Digivice for the show called the Data Link. I really like the Data Link it shape may just be a box but with how the angles it has on it really helps it looks better from being simple and boring, and that is a lot from me since I hate the boxy and long Digivices. But the Digi vice only works with their partner having a Digi soul and Marcus can only do that by punching his enemies and we see Agumon Digivloving once again into Greymooooo OH GOD GREYMON you so scary (also fun fact did ya know that the sound the Digivice makes is the same sound that was used in Denkou Choujin Gridman or better known as Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad). So it’s not Greymon this time it’s GeoGreymon with abs and a crap load more spikes to him and making Greymon looks more like a monster then anything. So they defeat the enemy Digimon that was attacking the city but Yoshi still needed to arrest Agumon for attacking those kids but it was Marcus and it was all a bit misunderstanding is all HERP A DERP A DERP ADERP!

This first episode was good and not too much to complain. I fell in love with Marcs Damon as a kid I know he was like head strong and all but he punches things which made him awesome. I felt that this world did a great job explaining its universe rules very well and how stuff works in this world. I also like the relationship between both Marcus and Agumon where most time the Digimon and human partner click quickly here they argue and it takes time for that to happen which I like and is unique for Digimon.

Episode 3 "Genius Tohma has Returned! Beat Meramon"
Both Marcus and Agumon Join D.A.T.S. but they and Yoshi are not the only members of D.A.T.S. introducing Thoma H. Norushutain or Thomas H. Norstein voiced by Hirofumi Nojima in the Japanese Ver. and voiced by Crispin Freeman in the dub. His partner name is Gaomon and (speaking of which I shale get to Gaoranger eventually, also did you know that the voice actor for Sampson voice actor was Master Org in Gaoranger) and he is a puppy/ wolf with boxing gloves which you can’t go wrong with a wolf... with boxing grovels... it's genius if you ask me. Gaomon champion Digivloution is Gaogamon AND since I am on the subject Lalamon turns into Sunflorwamon and no one gives a crap about Sunflowramon. And finally he is a rich person but at lease he is not like a Seto Kaibam where he is like but more like Batman where he uses his knowledge and money to help D.A.T.S.

Both Thoma and Marcus butts heads with each other a lot in the begging and have they typical rival that Digimon is known for with the leader and the blue color team mate, but here is what I love about Savers they do that but put their own spin on it. You see Thoma does something reckless and stupid that will almost get him killed which (and he is the SMART ONE), this is something Marcus would do (which he still does anyways but still). And it is there that Marcus does something smart that he earns respect and Thoma sees him as an equal, which is a reason why I like this show so much compare to like other shows. So with all 3 working tougher our group dynamic for them is Yoshi the straight man, Thoma the by the books guy, and Marcus the Wild card, these 3 group dynamic is good to see with them and this type of group effort. H

Episode 14 "Digimon Boy Ikuto - Forest Guardian, Jureimon"
It is not until Episode 10 where the true plot of the show starts with D.A.T.S. finding out that the reason the Digimon come to the human world is because Digimon feed off of human emotions, more specially the 7 deadly sins like pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. And while that was happens at Marcus Home a Digiegg has fallen from the sky and hatched and it is a Piyomon. D.A.T.S. then does some test on her and she is not comparable to be Piyomon partner but she wants Piyomon to stay and Marcus being a responsible brother request to fight Piyomon to see who can protect his sister. But the fight is then stopped by the arrival of the show’s first (I don’t really wanna say villain but more antagonist, yah that is the best word to describe him an antagonist) Merukimon.

Merukimon is a very powerful Digimon and knock away all of the champion Digimon with ease and takes the Piyomon and turns him back into an egg and then just lets him pillage on the human world. But that is OK since Marcus stand strong for his sister and is able to make him Digivolve further into his Ultimate form Shine Greymon. While I have Nostalgia for Metal Greymon I have to say Rise Greymon is much better looking of a form with the wings and well having an awesome gun arm. So with that he defeats Garudamon and now the 3 members have all agreed to go ahead and go to the Digital World to stop Merukimon, but there is a new obstacle for them now.

Within the Digital World Marcus and the others meet a boy named Ikuto/ Keenan voiced by Rie Kugimya in the Japanese Ver. making her one of the few people to be in both Digimon and Pokémon since she was in Pokémon as well it was Hoopa in the Hoopa movie WHICH SUCKED, and her dub voice actress Brianne Siddall, and his partner Falcomon voiced by Chie Kojiro in the Sub and the very awesome Steve Blum in the Dub. And also in the Digital world both Thoma and Yoshi get their Digimon to caption form as well with MachGaogamon and Lilamon. Back to Ikuto when he was a baby his parents were working on the Digimon portal until he was absorbed through the gate where he is then adopted by Digimon and are tough their way. He is just like a Digimon Ver. of Tarzan (and they committed with the Bad too even tho Digimon speak cohesively) until 1 day where the Digital world was attacked by someone but more on him much later.

The 3 then take Ikuto back to the Human world and also bring him to see his parents and they now have a baby girl now and Ikuto father ask his to not come back here again just so his mom would not freak out forgoing through so much. And it is not until an attack from a Digimon that his father and his mother both still miss him and do love him so much. Except for the fact he is now a wanted criminal by D.A.T.S. because of that Digimon attack and now live with Marcus.

This was a very good arc. In the digital world we got to see more for the charters like Marcus and fears, Yoshi and her not being able to stand on her own and by far the best one of all Thoma losing his mom which shale be expanded more on the charter analyzes at the end. Ikuto was good to see a human who lost his digital mom to humans and now hate humans with no idea of being human in the first place. And like how like one of the Digimon tried to kill him with Ikuto still thinking strongly he is a Digimon is a sad thing as well. You could tell this is when things started to pick up in the show and advancing the plot.

Another Human hatting Digimon comes to the human world and it is Saberleomon and he dies just being 2 episodes into the show.  It has been a while since I said this but "OH MY GOD THEY KILLED LEOMON (sourta) YOU BASTERS! And he is killed by this purple green robot. What is this robot and how did it permanently kill a Digimon? Well come back next week and we will get in to things like Mega forms, the best moment in the show, and the most evilest Digimon villain to date.

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